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Happy Monday, Jumble fans! Although there weren’t any new clue words to start off the week, we did get three new anagrams to play with. MACAW was the only one that we’ve seen in gameplay before way back on 5/14/14. Today’s words were all instantly visible upon first glance making it hard to choose one as the most difficult. I’ve attached a poll down below where you can vote for the one that troubled you the most.

Our cartoon panel brings us to a farm where we see a truck, a tractor, and a couple of gentlemen having a conversation. The man on the left, dressed in a turquoise blue shirt, black pants, and a safari hat, seems surprised to see his neighbor getting ready to haul away an old tractor. He inquires where “Betsy” is going with the response being that she needs to go into the shop for repairs.

The cartoon sentence informs us that the owner of the tractor is a former truck driver and that he’s decided to pursue farming as a new career. He seems to have trouble breaking the truck driver mold though with his attire seemingly better suited for hauling rigs. He’s wearing a red flannel shirt, blue jeans, and a trucker style cap. Also noticeable was an oversized belt buckle with a picture of a big rig on it along with a wallet attached to a chain in his back pocket.

The farm scene was well drawn with a shaded barn and silo in the rear. We see approximately 20 rows of tilled earth with the curvature of the land starting out flat near the barn and rising into a steep hill near the parked truck. My guess is that angle was too much for ol’ Betsy to handle and that’s why she finally broke down. The truck hauling the tractor has an antique look to it. The “J” logo on the grill was a a terrific detail to find along with the hula dancer bobble on the dashboard.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 14-letters. What jumped out at me were the three R’s and two T’s all nestled together in the layout. This made TRACTOR come instantly to mind leaving TRAILER to be found almost as fast it the remaining letters. Although the puzzle was a cinch to complete, the vintage machinery in the cartoon along with their hidden details made today’s game a gem. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. 🚜

20 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/03/2018

  1. Putting a MIRROR in the cage for the MACAW was not a TOTAL success because the bird saw his image as a BITTER rival.
    Interesting Jumble for Monday. Not sure if everyone will be familiar with TRACTOR TRAILER referring to a SEMI but the play on words is wonderful.

    • What a mighty fine sentence, Earl! Absolutely brilliant!!! πŸ™‚

      Looking back at the cartoon, I noticed a slight error. Remember the spot the difference game? Well on the truck there’s a square around the two headlights on the drivers side but it’s missing on the passengers side. Whoopsie!

  2. Good morning. Thanks Mike for an interesting post. The hardest word was the first. The other three were instant reads. After writing down the letters for the cartoon answer, that also came rather quickly. However,I expected the answer to be related to the broken tractor. Yea I know you have to get it towed but I was thinking more of his crops that now are not getting done. Now the more I’m looking at the answer the more it’s growing on me. Oh well, until tomorrow stay well. Could the song choice from Angela be “Rubber Ducky” In order for me to find out, i’ll just say adios.

    • Good morning, Paul. That’s sort of what Earl mentioned a few minutes ago, and I agree with both of you. It wasn’t a β€œtypical” Monday gimme but it was fun nonetheless. Have a great start to your week, my friend! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Brooklyn! Good Morning…Nice pick! But back on June 24th, when we had the Trucker puzzle. “IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL”, I used it then. I did have something in mind early this morning, but I UNLOADED it, and didn’t do any writing…In fact I’m “on the road” now…I’ll get back to you LADEr on when I get back home….and let you know what CROPped up! πŸššπŸ™‹πŸ»

    • 🎢 Somethin’ ’bout a TRUCK in a FARMER’S field…A no trespass sign, and time to kill…Nobody’s gonna get hurt, so what’s the big deal…Somethin’ ’bout a TRUCK in a FARMER’S field…🎢 – “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck” – Kip Moore 2012 https://tinyurl.com/ycs3qm7p

      🚚 He decided to stop truckin’, it began to take a toll…
      The nights and days began to blur…it got too hard to roll…
      Before he turned a BITTER man, he thought real long and hard,
      And figured he could farm instead…and handed in his card.
      He looked into the MIRROR, saw a face a little beat…
      The TOTAL package not that bad…still strong upon his feet.
      Then Pete his pet MACAW flew by and landed by his side…
      And looking out the window he saw Betsy, his Pa’s pride…
      His mind made up, he rolled his sleeves and went outside to her…
      From now on Farming it would be, and hence TRACTOR TRAILER!🚚

      Hey Paul, not sure how much you enjoy Country, but it’s an adorable song about a happy man with his TRUCK out in his FARMER’S FIELD…I hope you enjoy it! Have a good one, Brooklyn! πŸššπŸ™‹πŸ»

  3. Wow,I was the only vote for mirror being the toughest.Macaw came at first glance,though total was looking like “alott” at first.Tractor trailer was a quick solve without even looking at the available letters.The snub of the Buckeyes and the Big 10 conference was a bitter pill to swallow for this Buckeye alum.

  4. While looking into a MIRROR the MACAW saw a TOTAL mess and decided to change his BITTER outlook on life.

    • But Chuck…Maybe the MACAW won’t be so BITTER looking into the MIRROR after “she” gets that TOTAL makeover….Just a little PARROTy on your thought! πŸ¦πŸ’‡πŸ»

  5. Hi all – Today the five letter words gave me trouble. TOTAL took an extra look, and MACAW took longer. I wondered if the farmer had a DRIVING AMBITION? Or was he operating a TRUCK FARM? When I wrote the letters, TRACTOR jumped out and then the answer was obvious.

    I’ve never named a vehicle, and the only one I could think of was β€œNellybelle” the Jeep on the Roy Rogers show. It turns out though that October 2 is β€œNational Name Your Car Day”, and I found this:
    β€œRoughly 27 percent of US pickup drivers have named their truck as well, Chevy says. The most popular pickup name in America is Betsy. The second most popular is Big Red/Little Red/Old Red.”

    Wishing you all clear roads and smooth driving.

    • LOL! Coached the NY Giants ’16-’17….Ok, I’ll do it your way. I’ll stay with the Mets…
      I wonder if Tom Seaver ever had a pet Beaver….πŸΏπŸ™‹πŸ»

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