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Happy Wednesday, Jumble players! Today’s puzzle marks the halfway point of the week and the Jumble creators have decided to challenge us once again with a word in quotes. All of the clue words were recycled favorites, but the anagrams themselves were new. PERSON was the only word to give me some hesitation making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. It’s also the oldest clue word in the lot with its last appearance in gameplay on 4/22/15.

Jumble artist, Jeff Knurek, brings us back once again to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina for a cartoon featuring the Wright brothers. Regular players of the game will almost instantly recognize the caricatures of Orville on the left and Wilbur on the wright, but who’s the gentleman in the middle? No, it’s not a third brother (although they did have one named Reuchlin). My best guess is that it’s Charles Taylor who was an employee and friend to the brothers.

Before the Wright brothers began their aeronautical pursuits, they first opened a bicycle business. They opened their shop in a building owned by an uncle of Mr. Taylor’s wife. Charles eventually went to work for them and was hired to build and fix bicycles. As the Wright brothers spent more time on their aviation endeavors, Charles was entrusted with running the place in their absence.

The Wrights turned to Taylor to build an engine for one of their Flyers when they were unable to find one that met their needs. Taylor built the engine in only six weeks and became a vital contributor to early Wright brothers’ airplanes. He’s often unmentioned and overshadowed by the successes of the brothers, but his mechanical skills were an integral part in the history of engine-driven flight.

There weren’t many details to be scene in today’s panel with Jeff relying on his caricatures to make it visually captivating. The attire of the characters gave it the feel of a period piece as did the paper schematics on the table.

The final solution was an enormous 14-letter anagram with one word in quotes. David did a sublime job in the layout making sure all of the words were kept cryptic. I decided to solve the middle word first with AND appearing to be the obvious choice. PLANE was easily deciphered next after noticing the visual clue in the cartoon. That left SIMPLE to complete the puzzle leaving us with a stinky, well thought out pun. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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    • Are you guys talking about the Red Sox? You mean the Orioles can’t catch them? Last I looked, they were only trailing by 56.5 games with 102 losses. Good, they won’t be so motivated playing the A’s today and tomorrow.

  1. 🎶 WOODEN PLANES, PROPELLERS spinning in the West Texas wind…We ran behind. You know we laughed, we thought our little FLIGHT would never end…You were my BROTHER and I knew you were my friend…I wish we were chasing after WOODEN AIRPLANES…once again…🎶 “Wooden Airplanes” – Art Garfunkel 1977

    ✈️ I think a Jumble PERSON may be fond of aviation,
    ‘Cause once again the Wrights are here…What is the fascination?
    So far this year they’ve managed to CRIMP into our day,
    On February 7th, and again the 7th May!
    Today we see the Brothers with a blueprint lying there,
    And as part of the AGENDA, talk’s of rising up in air…
    Should more be added to the wings? What speed will it ALLOW?
    Wilbur the voice of reason saying…”Let it go for now…
    It’s good the way it is, our plans are ready to enkindle…
    We’ve done enough, it’s fine this way…lets leave it “PLANE” AND SIMPLE”! ✈️

    After assuring two of my early morning Jumblers that PRONES will never FLY as part of this puzzle, I took all of today’s Sweet Repeats and moved on to that third PERSON of interest in our cartoon. Having established that he’s CHARLES EDWARD TAYLOR, the bicycle mechanic turned inventor, who in just six months time, built the first engine used by the WRIGHT BROTHERS, I was ready to WING IT! Speaking of…As I’ve mentioned above, we’ve seen the WRIGHT BROTHERS here in our cartoons on two previous occasions this year. On February 7th, the answer to our puzzle was “PLANE” AS DAY, and on May 7th, WINGING IT brought us in for a LANDING…So if anything, today’s puzzle is a RETURN FLIGHT…

    Ok. Enough GLIDING down Memory Lane…Let’s solve this…The year, 1903. The location…A workshop at KILL DEVIL HILLS, four miles south of KITTY HAWK, NC. We see ORVILLE WRIGHT, left, going over the Blueprints for the prototype of their PLANE, “FLYER”, with CHARLIE TAYLOR, center, and his Brother, WILBUR..WRIGHT. I mean Right…I mean…Hmm..WRIGHT- RIGHT…You get my DRIFT…We hear that ORVILLE’s having a little SPEED RESISTANCE, and Charlie’s a little UP IN THE AIR about the propellers…But, WILBUR, has the Horse Sense to realize that they’re good just they way they are. He wants to leave it alone, you know A NO FRILLS FLIGHT. So, he’s saying…”Let’s just keep what we have…and it’ll definitely FLY… Let’s just keep it…”PLANE” AND SIMPLE! And there it is! Good one, David…we have LIFT OFF!

    OK, eye candy…Clothing? Nothing to adDRESS…It’s all period appropriate. Mustaches…Jeff’s HANDLED them perfectly. This is a pretty PLANE panel…Except for maybe that little CRIMP at the top corner of the paper? No, it hardly causes a WRINKLE…Hmm. There’s really not much here. Would you believe I even got CARRIED AWAY, and looked up how many buttons men had on their WAISTCOATS back in 1903? Well I did…and all I came UP with was that..Yep, 6 buttons is it…I should have known though, WRIGHT? Let’s face it, Jeff does take a VESTED interest in his drawings…So, I guess I’ll just PASS OVER the eye candy today, and PATENTLY wait for tomorrow. So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…And let’s all get out there today and do the WRIGHT thing! ✈️🙋🏻

  2. No PERSON should ALLOW another to put a destructive CRIMP in their daily AGENDA.
    Mike, you and I must have similar thought waves–PERSON also gave me the hardest time. Unlike you, I began the solution with “PLANE” and went from there. So many letters again today!
    Thanks for the background on the Wright Brothers.
    Angela– Thanks for the S and G song, not one of my favorites but one worth listening to again. 🎼 😊
    Poem, Prose and Puns flying high this Wednesday. Way too witty but wonderful.

    • Your sentence did double duty today, Earl. Not only did it flow exceptionally well, but they were great words to live by as well. Major kudos.

      To be truthful, PLANE was too obvious so I began with the middle word to increase the difficulty of the solve. It didn’t end up any more challenging, but the end result was the same which was a smile left on my face. Have a wonderful day, my friend!

    • Good Morning, Earl. I do like the way you think..I’m all for the independence! Great sentence! The songs by far not a favorite of mine either, but it just fit so well. Its a SOLO FLIGHT of fancy by Garfunkle..and don’t the words sound like they could have been him extending the olive branch to Paul? Hmm. Sad that they gave up on that collaboration. I always felt that they were brilliant together. Thanks for the Shout Outs, it was a easy go of it…The words just TOOK OFF by themselves. And the alliteration is doubly appreciated! 👏🏻👏🏻 You’ve SOARED this morning! Have a good one, Earl! ✈️🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Thanks Mike for interesting facts. I wasn’t aware of the third person who should have had equal accolades. These past two jumbles really had me stumped. Yesterday I threw in the towel after a half hour because I didn’t even get one word. Today was almost as hard. I was stuck on Person and Agenda. Finally after awhile that light bulb went on and it came to me. Then when I got to the cartoon answer I hit another road block. But this time after quite some time I got that V-8 moment and came up with the answer. Some struggle for me these two days. Angela,going to have to check out your song,I have no idea. Nice poem and puns as always. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • You’re welcome, Paul. I welcomed the challenge of the past couple of days because the puzzles have been too easy this month. I’m happy to hear you stuck with it today for the finish. Great job!!! 🏆

    • Hey Brooklyn, Good Morning. Thanks for the Shout Out. Paul..I can tell you now, you’re not going to enjoy the song much. I don’t think it’s your taste..But I could be wrong, so you let me know. Funny thing about the mechanic, Taylor..He wasn’t treated very well by the Wrights…Look at this quote of his I found…”I always wanted to learn to fly, but I never did. The Wrights refused to teach me and tried to discourage the idea. They said they needed me in the shop and to service their machines, and if I learned to fly, I’d be gadding about the country and maybe become an exhibition pilot, and then they’d never see me again…”…Sad that they never helped him achieve his dream. What a coincidence that Earl’s sentence could have been written for him, WRIGHT? Sorry you’ve had a few snags with the puzzles…Let’s blame it on the rain! Have a good one, Brooklyn! Hang in there…✈️🙋🏻

  4. A couple of quick things that I thought you might enjoy:

    It happened again yesterday…I got two e-mails within a few minutes of each other with one person saying yesterday’s puzzle was too hard and the other person saying the puzzle was too easy. E-mails about the same puzzle just moments apart with complete opposite feedback. That happens a lot. Probably about once a week. I found yesterday’s e-mails to be particular interesting because of how adamant each person was and because they came in so close together.

    Also, I posted this video on Facebook and Twitter of an appearance Jeff and I made on a TV morning show a few years ago. Thought I’d share it here too in case anyone wants to check it out:

    I love watching Jeff draw. It’s mesmerizing. He’s so amazing.

    Thank you for playing Jumble and for giving us fun job! We really appreciate it!

    — David L. Hoyt

    • Hello again, David! Yesterday’s puzzle was the perfect example of why the Jumble continues to fascinate me. The combination of unique clue words and a “pun-ny” surprise answer made for a quite a challenge.

      Thanks for sharing the email feedback you received and it proves that Jumble players are very passionate about the game. I watched that particular clip quite some time ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m always searching for new Jumble material on YouTube and particularly enjoy the ones where you both appear together.

      I’ll continue singing the praises of the Jumble!


    • Hi David…I just passed this clip on to a few friends across the country on Monday, I found it in a folder of Jumble stuff I was saving…And they passed it on, and they passed it on!!! Who knows where it’ll end up…It’s a good one! As for the too hard, too easy? Vive le differencè, right? Thanks for this! And I agree, Jeffs’ drawing is amazing…As is your word play! Have a good one! 🙋🏻

  5. Person gave me pause too, Mike. I also found “and” first and then “plane” so the rest was indeed simple. My book group read the Wright Brothers a few years ago. They really were an “aero”dynamic duo. Hope none of you are in the path of this latest hurricane. We’re still on fire in California. Mother Nature is not happy. Have a good Wednesday everyone.

    • It sounds like we were thinking alike, Betty! I know it was a few years ago, but do you remember Mr. Taylor being mentioned in the book? It was rather difficult finding quality information about him which is a shame.

    • Hey Betty…No, she’s not…And I’m still praying for all of you out there…Stay well. 🙏🏻🙋🏻

  6. I originally was trying to make person into prones,but after realizing it was person,and plane was a given as well as ‘and’ being the middle word,plane and simple was a done deal for a quick solution.

  7. Hi all – I’m back from my eye appointment where all went well, and I can see well enough to post again. My Jumble solution sounds like everyone else’s; a second glance for AGENDA, then PRONES before PERSON, figured AND must be in the answer but had to write the letters to see PLANE and the rest.

    So, two wrongs don’t make a right, but two Wrights make a flight?

    Mike and Angela, you have me wondering. I assumed that because they’re still looking at plans, they were in their bicycle workshop in Dayton, Ohio, but you both thought Kitty Hawk.
    Thank you both also for the details. Despite my brother’s life-long expertise in avation, I’d never heard of Charles Taylor. I presume he’s not the dude whose name is on my sneakers!

    Betty, your salutation sounds like James Taylor, “Fire and Rain”. Best of luck to all affected.

    Angela, never heard that song. I wore out all the Paul Simon solo albums, but never got into Art. “Angel Clare” just didn’t do it for me.
    Here’s a song parody for you:
    🎵”I can hide dilated eyes
    No one’s wise to my thin disguise
    Thought by now you’d realize
    Those eye drops Can’t prevent my Jumble-cize”🎵

    • Hi, Steve! I’m happy to hear that your eye exam went well. My reasoning behind Kitty Hawk being the setting was the simple and exposed wood frame in the back left of the cartoon. I assumed that it was some type of makeshift tent as indicated by the angle of the top beam pointing almost straight up. I hope they used extra fasteners to avoid a “tents” situation!!!

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