Jumble Answers for 09/11/2018









Happy Tuesday, Jumble friends! All of today’s clue words were old favorites, but David kept us on our toes by giving us all new anagrams to work through. Right from the start my Jumble solving prowess was put to the test with ALIAS. At first glance I thought the solution was ASAIL but it just didn’t look right. A few extra seconds of mental gymnastics was all it took to bring the correct solution into view. INTACT took the longest to decipher which made it my choice for the most difficult anagram of the day. UTMOST was a close second but the U and T placed next to each other in the layout gave it away.

Today’s cartoon brings us to a campground where the idyllic setting of the background is quickly overshadowed by an argument that is taking place. The dialogue and sentence lets us know that these campers are accusing each other of making too much noise which has resulted in a shouting match. Even the dogs are getting into the fray with each one appearing ready to pounce at any moment.

It’s easy to understand why this confrontation is occurring after noticing how close the tents are to each other. Even though the cartoon isn’t drawn to scale, we can reasonably assume that there’s less than a foot of space between the campsites. The tents in the rear appear to be more generously spaced apart so perhaps these campers ought to complain to management instead of taking matters into their own hands.

Jeff added a few subtle details to the cartoon to make it visually interesting. Besides the two tents in the front, we can see all of the other tents are different shapes and sizes. The one in the back left even has the US flag waving next to it! My favorite detail of the piece was the t-shirt that the camper on the right is wearing. If you look closely you’ll notice that it has the Twin Towers with a pentagon around them. This symbolizes the tragic events of September 11th which took place seventeen years ago today.

The letter layout for the final solution was an enormous 14-letter anagram. I thought David did a remarkable job keeping the words well hidden which made us use some extra brain power to get the job done. The wording of the cartoon sentence brought TENSE to mind while the visual clues and the quotations led me to TENTS. With those letters crossed out, SITUATION was easily found making for a very satisfying finish. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/11/2018

  1. Good Morning, Everyone. First look this morning immediately struck a familiar chord. The Jumble for Kids this past Sunday had a similarly themed puzzle. A family rained out at a campsite and the question was…”Camping during the thunderstorm was”? With the answer..”IN-TENTS”. My Little Ones thought it was so funny. “They’re stuck in the TENTS”. Do they all know the meaning of the word INTENSE and get the pun? No, not the real little ones yet…but it’s a start. The spellings, the witticisms, the imaginations. I’m working on it, and I use the Kids Jumble each week to help teach them. And they’re learning. (The empathy/compassion angle…seems I’m working hardest at teaching them that…I think they laughed a little too much 😉)! But yes, it’s a start…And, Today. Jeff, Thank you for the T-Shirt. However small the remembrance, I feel it’s one we’ve been entrusted to uphold..😢 I did a song and poem, but I’ll save it for later, after I fulfill the obligations I’ve vowed to keep today, We will NEVER forget….Have a blessed day, Everyone…🇺🇸🙋🏻


  2. The reformed parolee, now a piano TUNER, used an ALIAS in his ads and did his UTMOST to keep his reputation INTACT.
    Mike, I used your technique to study the cartoon and saw many of the things you pointed out but not the 911 symbols on the chaps t-shirt. I noticed that the tent stakes crossed each other—a clever way to show the conflict between the campers.
    Clue words slowed me down and TUNER was the hardest for me— kept seeing. RETURN? The solution with the quotes came easily even though there were lots of letters to work with.
    I am sure Ms Angela will comment on the camper’s crocs and the matching hatch marks on his cargo shorts and the tent’s interior.
    I shall check in later to read more comments.
    Pause for a moment or two of reflection for those whose lives were lost 17 years ago.

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    • Hi Earl…Crocs✔️…Guy Lines✔️ Matching Hatch Marks? You got me….I’ll need your help on that one. But I definitely knew you’d call me on the shoes…Brilliant sentence, as always. Kudos. Tough day for me, but I’m back home, and I hope you’re doing well with yours. 🇺🇸🙋🏻


      • Angela— look at the cargo shorts and the
        Interior of the tent. They look the same to me No?
        Loved your poem and post and hope things get better.

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      • Hi Earl. By “hatch marks” do you mean the design? The dotted effect? You have to forgive me, I’m not running on all cylinders this afternoon…Visited too many gravesites, opened too many old wounds, blurred a lot of my vision! 😢…Yes, I see the matching dotted look. You’re right. (I wasn’t following the word “hatch” at all though. I’m still unsure of it. Is it a British term, or am I really out of it today)? But see, when you go to the finished product, in color…His shorts become Khaki, and the tent interior a mottled light brown color…i go back and forth between the two visuals of the cartoon…I think that’s why I wasn’t following…Want to laugh though? These Crocs are Khaki-colored too! 🙄 Thanks for the Shout Outs…it was a cute puzzle to work with. Did you happen to see the Kids one on Sunday? That was very cute also…As for today, Tks. Things will get better..They always do. When it becomes September 12th…Just a few more hours to go..I hope you’re having a good day…😘🙋🏻


  3. Hi all – For me, this was one of the hardest puzzles I can remember. I got ALIAS right away because it’s a term I often used in my job. Then I saw TENTS and the answer because of the old joke. (Guy says to a psychologist “I feel like a teepee. Psy says, can you elaborate? Guy says “I feel like a wigwam.” Psy says “That’s. your problem, you’re two tents.”)
    Then I couldn’t get any of the last three words. Had to get the letters by elimination and got in order, INTACT, then UTMOST, then TUNER, the hardest for some reason.

    See you all tomorrow, take care.

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    • Hi, Steve! The 5-letter words were quite a challenge this morning and I agree that this is one of the most difficult puzzles we’ve had in some time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it appears on the page-a-day Jumble calendar next year. 🙂


  4. 🎶 Be wise, be smart, behave, my heart…Don’t upset your cart when she’s so CLOSE…Be soft, be sweet, but be discreet…Don’t go off your feet, she’s so CLOSE FOR COMFORT…Be firm, be fair, be sure, beware…On your guard, take care, while there’s such temptation…TOO CLOSE, TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT please, not again…TOO CLOSE, TOO CLOSE to know just when to say “when”…🎶 “Too Close For Comfort” – Frank Sinatra 1958

    🗣That’s the problem with these campsites, privacy they don’t afford,
    And it takes a lot of effort to achieve that common chord.
    It’s the UTMOST sort of challenge, canvas walls your only due,
    Your dignity not so INTACT…With others hearing you.
    You’re taking on an ALIAS of someone that you’re not…
    If you are forced to curtail what you say? Well it’s a lot!
    Like the TUNER on a radio, adjustments must be made,
    But the best that you can hope for isn’t much I’m still afraid…
    Hope your neighbor isn’t snarly, doesn’t ruin your whole vacation?
    This ain’t the Ritz…What this is, is a real “TENTS” SITUATION! 🗣

    The solution today was a bit of a gift, no TENTSion there…And with all our words Sweet Repeats, I just looked for eye candy…Aside from what I mentioned earlier, the 9-11 T-Shirt on our guy at right, I have to adDRESS his shoes…CROCS on a man, to me, are a CROC…It’s just my opinion, and I’m not looking to STAKE out any trouble here, but I do believe that if we CANVASSed the audience, we’d have more people against them than for them. Just Sayin’. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that the campers have CROSSED their GUY LINES, (which is the name for the cords that secure a tent into the ground). So, maybe that’s another reason why our GUYS are CROSS! It is WOOD for the FIRE…There’s just not enough SPACE here for these GUYS to fit! I also found it a really cute touch that the Bull Terrier at right, had that ubiquitous Spuds MacKenzie thing going on! The “Bulls-Eye”! Whether from the beer commercials, or Target, we all recognize this dog, right? And the Target mascot IS named “Bullseye” (all one word), after the Target Corporations’ logo, although she was formerly named Spot. (Yes, she’s a she)!…Both FITting names to say the least…Lastly, I’m getting happier day by day to see that our women characters aren’t perennially dressed in purple…That’s about it, Folks…God Love and Bless America…Today and every day….🇺🇸🙋🏻


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