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Good Monday morning, Jumble friends! All of the clue words that we see today are recycled favorites with PRIZE being the oldest of the group. Last used on 9/30/14, it was jumbled the exact same way we see today. RODENT had me stumped the longest making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. I initially skipped it to solve FUNGUS and then came back to work on it a little more. Breaking it into two words (ROD and TEN) brought the solution into view allowing me to move on to today’s cartoon.

The setting for our panel is a city street where we see two Jumble characters standing next to a vehicle. They don’t look happy and the dialogue and sentence informs us that they’ve just received a parking ticket. The male half can be seen looking at the ticket very closely and explains that he didn’t think it was necessary to feed the meter on holidays.

Since the cartoon mentioned a holiday, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out which one Jeff was alluding to. There weren’t any obvious clues in the drawing but I did notice that both of the characters were wearing short sleeve shirts. My guess is that the holiday was most likely Labor Day since it just occurred on September 3rd and the weather is still pleasant enough to wear such attire.

My search for clues about the holiday lead me to discover two other details within the panel. The first was the rather large “J” emblem on the front of the vehicle. Jeff likes to brand the vehicles in his cartoons with a “J” and it probably stands for Jumble Motors. The second detail was so tiny that you’d most likely need a magnifying glass to spot it. On the bottom of the ticket that the gentleman is holding, you can clearly see the cost of the infraction written out as $70.00. There were also some squiggly lines written under the amount which brought the solution to the surprise answer instantly to mind. Have a magnificent Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!


29 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/10/2018

  1. 🎶 I think I’m gonna be sad, I think it’s today, yeah. The girl that’s driving me mad, is going away…She’s got a TICKET to RIDE, She’s got a TICKET to RIDE, She’s got a TICKET to RIDE…But she don’t care…🎶 “Ticket to Ride” – The Beatles 1965

    📄 You come out of the movies, perhaps a restaurant..
    And sitting on your windshield? The last thing you would want…
    A Traffic Agents’ PRIZE of sorts, I think they get such glee,
    While writing up these Tickets that cause us misery.
    Your mind begins to ORBIT, a FUNGUS feel prevails,
    You’re looking at the ticket and your head begins to reel.
    And trapped just like a RODENT you stand reading as you squint…
    Like maybe staring at its gonna change all that FINE PRINT! 📄

    Monday morning, and our words are all Sweet Repeats…Running almost four years apart, though! PRIZE from September 30th, 2014, FUNGUS, last seen June 27th, 2018. That’s a big SPACE in between, right? Anyway, easy, breezy…The cartoon. Easy solve also, between the wording “PARKING TICKET” and “READING”? Ironically, today’s puzzle is a perfect FIT for the situation here in NYC, and it’s boroughs. I’ll explain in a bit. But first…We find ourselves on a city street, by a PARKING METER. A couple is shown discussing the $70. PARKING TICKET they just received. The woman, doing a classic “I TOLLED you so”, probably not for the first TIME, hears the man say that he didn’t know the METERED RULES were in effect on Holidays. I guess they don’t have PARALLEL thinking…And as a result, they got FINED. But I’m wondering…No Street Signs posting the PARKING RULES? That would have helped…Like today, here in NYC. Since it’s a Jewish Holiday, the RULES are amended…Here’s what we’re TOLLED: The “Street cleaning RULES are suspended, but the METERED RULES are in effect”. Translation: The alternate-side PARKING’s off the table, you don’t have to move your CAR from one side of the street to the other, so that the Sanitation Trucks can blow the dirt from one side of the Street to the other… BUT: You’re at a METER? Put that money in now…or you’ll METER TRAFFIC AGENT with one of those $70 PRIZES later! Gotta love the cities, huh? Holiday or not, if you see a sign saying ..”FINE FOR PARKING HERE”…Trust me, it’s NOT a kindly invitation! And that 🎶Lovely Rita, Meter Maid🎶 you may remember from the 60’s? She’s long reTIREd! So, in answer to HOUR question? He was READING the…FINE PRINT! My READ on it, though? Even with the spelling being exactly the same, I think if “FINE” was in quotation marks, it would have DRIVEN the pun home a little better…But of course it’s a good one, David! It’s just FINE the WAY it is!
    Ok, eye candy…I love how just by arching the eyebrows differently on the characters, Jeff conveys their feelings of annoyance, (her’s) and incredulousness, (his)…You got those BROWs BEAT, Jeff! And of course, looking closely, the $70 is visible on the TICKET, along with all the “squiggly lines” under it…The FINE PRINT! But it’s an easy one today…At the front of that cute little red car, under the little HOOD emblem…That LICENSE PLATE? There’s Jeff’s ubiquitous “J”…for JUST PERFECT! I mean for JUMBLE!…Or…WAIT a MINUTE…Maybe it STANDs for JEFF? Hmm…Has he had us HOODwinked all along? Yea, maybe that’s the TICKET! So, There you have it, Folks! Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…HANDICAP PARKING doesn’t mean turning your hat over to the next guy…NO PARKING means NO PARKING. And you can’t say nobody TOWED you! 📄🙋🏻


    • Happy Monday! With the weather changing, I figured it was time for the sand drawing to go. My graphic art skills aren’t the best but I think it came out ok. If there’s a follower of the blog that’s proficient in graphic design, maybe they could help create a better one. 😉

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  2. Good morning. Thanks Mike for all your information. I commend you for your powers of perception regarding the picture. I wish I could train my mind to study art that way. For me,when I look at it I go eh,that’s nice or gee that stinks. Oh,by the way how are your bees doing. In yesterday’s Sunday news a bakery was making their own honey for the Jewish holidays. Angela,good song choice and nice work on poem and puns. Today’s words were easy with just a slight hitch on Rodent. The cartoon answer was an instant read. It was too easy. I didn’t even use the letters to give me an idea. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good morning, Paul, and happy Monday! My trick is that I cover up the cartoon sentence and the dialogue as best I can. It leaves the raw art that I then try to interpret and find clues about what’s happening.

      I sometimes play the online version and wish there was an option that you could click to reveal the speech bubbles individually and then the cartoon sentence. It would make the puzzle more difficult, and to me, more entertaining.

      The bees are doing well and it’s just about time to harvest the honey! I’ll let everyone know how it goes in another week or two. We added another box with a queen excluder a little over a month ago so the workers can get up and store the honey but the queen can’t fit through and lay eggs. That’ll be our portion, so I hope it’s full. The other frames in the boxes below were almost completely covered and capped which is a very good sign. Fingers crossed!!!


    • Hey Brooklyn. Good Morning! Thanks for the Shout Outs! And I still have to get back to you on your other posts..I’m just juggling a lot this morning…It’s pouring buckets here..the flooding’s begun! Catch you later..☔️💦🙋🏻


  3. After winning a NASA PRIZE, the students had to select either the classroom RODENT or a FUNGUS from the playground tree to send into ORBIT on the Internatiional Space Station.
    No time right now to read or comment or earlier posts–maybe later?

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    • Well done, Earl!!! I tried my hand at making a sentence this morning but kept having to make PRIZE past tense for it to flow correctly. I really enjoyed the NASA spin on yours. I know that Monday is your volunteer day so all my best for a wonderful week. 🙂


  4. Rodent tripped me up this morning as it seems to do every time it appears in the Jumble. Had to back into it. In “Show them no mercy San Franisco” our parking meters operate every day except Sunday’s,Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years. For a while we even had to pay on Sunday’s. There was such a hue and cry from the churches and citizens that the city finally backed off on that policy. Happy Monday everyone and watch where you park

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    • Good morning, Betty! I was searching this morning to find the average citation amount for an unfed meter. SF and Metro Los Angeles were tops at about $50. Boston was $40 and NH was $10-$20. It was very interesting reading, and I’m glad to hear that SF came to their cents-es!!! Have a great start to your week. 🙂


  5. We have prices based on peak demand. It can cost more depending on the time you park and the area in which you park. For example high tourist areas such as Fisherman’s Wharf can cost as much as $5.00 an hour. Fortunately we have these parking debit cards that you can purchase otherwise you have to carry so many quarters you feel like you’re at a casino feeding the slot machines.

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    • Betty, before they developed the “Trans-Link” and then Clipper cards towards the end of my commuting days, on the days I took public transportation to work and back (AC Transit to BART to Muni) I had to make sure I had eleven quarters with me. If it hadn’t known that a roll of quarters contains $10 from playing pinball, I would have learned it from that!


      • We would have felt like Anthony Ulasewicz, the guy in the Watergate hearings who said that he had to make so many phone calls to arrange payments that he had a “bus guy’s” change-holding device.


      • 😂😂 🎵”I can see clearly now, the pain is gone”🎵
        Because I’m retired and have my Senior Clipper Card!


    • Ditto here again, Betty..We have the NYC Parking Card…You wonder what the City paid someone to come up with that FINE creative name! 😉 I’m sure there were surveys done! They get us coming and going, Betty 💸 💸 Literally!😉 Have a good one! 🚗🙋🏻


  6. Hi all – A second look to put the O first to see ORBIT, then the UN trick didn’t work so I just tried to evenly separate the U’s and FUNGUS grew between them. My hardest word was RODENT, though, and it seems like I’ve been stuck on that before but haven’t learned anything from the experience.

    Mike, thank you for the wonderful new term “Queen excluder”. That must have about a million interpretations! I also recently saw some strange terms about beehives like “squogy” or something – should have written it down! Apiary jargon, who knew?

    Well, at least their car didn’t get towed. Out here, they’d add on an additional charge for not having a proper front license plate, add court costs and fees, and it would probably cost him about $350.
    I think our meters are not quite as bad as Betty’s, and for the past few years, Oakland has actually encouraged holiday shopping by making the parking free during Saturdays in December.

    Angela, you made me laugh with the street cleaners blowing the dirt from one side of the street to the other! 😂 The street sweepers come to my side of the street on the first Wednesday of the month, then to the other side the next day. There are a couple of signs, but many people miss them, and don’t take the hint that there’s a reason there were so many parking spots.
    I also like the Ticket To Ride and Lovely Rita, Meter Maid refs. Must be all those video links between you, me and Mr. McCormick yesterday. And speaking of outside cleanup, “I look at my driveway and see it needs sweeping”. My pushbroom is not “gently weeping”, it’s shouting at me.
    Have a great Monday, all!

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    • Good morning, Steve! I’ve never heard of “squogy” and did a quick search but didn’t find anything close. We do have a few pun-ny terms that we’ve “made up” this year. One example is when a bee falls into our pool, we skim it out so it can bee-habilitate itself. My son came up with that one and I thought it was pretty darn clever.

      I hope you’re adjusting well to the new banner! 😉
      Have a great week, my friend.


      • “Bee-habilitate” is great! You should check my post from yesterday where I point out that “change is good!” 😂 Thanks to the Sox for salvaging one game for us!

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      • Didn’t watch much of the game last night because it was on so late and the ESPN announcers are just dreadful to listen to….

        I tried muting the game at first but lost interest and read a book instead. 🙂


      • My sentiments exactly, Mike! I used to love Sunday Night Baseball with Jon Miller and Joe Morgan; now I literally can’t listen to it. Have a good day!


    • G, if it wasn’t so true, it’d be funny…But it’s like a joke…They do it 2-3 times a week, and the dust just flies… People scramble for a spot…back and forth from one side of the street to the other…Except out here by me. We don’t have alternate side out here. Remember our “forgotten borough “conversation? 😉 My tax dollars at work! 😂 And thanks for the Shout Out, but LOL..it had nothing to do with the “Beatles Speak” we three had. 🎶TICKET🎶 was just a perfect fit, and I’m always singing 🎶Lovely Rita🎶, because it’s the name of Lous’ sisters dog…(don’t ask)! and the little cutie is used to me singing it to her…She actually waits by my feet, wagging her tail..(the dog, not Lous’ sister), and once I do, she jumps all over me. I don’t know who enjoys it more..me or her! 😂😂 Have a good one, G! 🐶🙋🏻


      • Woof! 😂 Very funny! Activities for a dog day afternoon, right?
        And sometimes it’s great to be “forgotten”, “flying under the radar.”
        Going out this PM – have a good one!


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