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Good Morning, Everyone!           📻 THE FAB FOUR! 📻

🎶Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you…Tomorrow I’ll miss you, remember I’ll always be true….And then while I’m away, I’ll write home every day…and I’ll send All My Loving to you….🎶

🎸 With hair never beFOUR seen, and guitars they would STRUM
They just took on the world…The Beatles, they had come!
Singing songs never heard of, a whole new ORIGIN
And what was called British Invasion now would begin…
Record sales off the charts, they’d KNOCK artists all down
As they stole young girls hearts and the fame came renowned.
Parents thought they were crazed, there were fears to allay
As the whole generation joined the Beatles BUFFET.
And they never looked back, it was clear, it was blunt…
Music changed for the better with them at the “FOUR-FRONT” 🎻

I think BUFFET may be the blink word today, with STRUM possibly causing a tic or two. KNOCK and ORIGIN we’ve seen not too long ago. This morning Jeff’s brought us to a Record Store of days gone by. The 1960s. Vinyl. The only way to get your music back then. We see FOUR patrons shopping. Two in particular, a young guy and girl, are selecting BEATLE’S albums from the bins. She has RUBBER SOUL, he chooses MEET THE BEATLES. They’re both excited for what they’ve found. The dialogue tells us that she’s quite taken with the FAB FOUR’S new look, on the album released in 1965. The album he’s holding came out in 1964, so it’s funny that he’s saying “what they’ll do next”. They’re standing in the FRONT of the cartoon… Our question states that the Beatles were…at the “FOUR-FRONT“! No HELP needed here…Good one, Dave! Ok, eye candy. Jeff’s caricatures of the Beatles on both album covers are totally amazing. The young guys Beatle hair cut BOWLed me over. The name of the store WAX TRAX RECORDS is a great pun by Jeff. But I’m going with the shop keepers BOW TIE. Something you just don’t see anymore..Shop Keepers dressed so nattily! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’m sure a lot of you can agree with me saying…The Beatles…Some of the best music…🎶In My Life…🎶 🎸🙋🏻

25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/28/2018

  1. The ORIGIN of the spooky KNOCK seemed to come from under the BUFFET table and stopped the guitarist mid STRUM.
    Clue words were not a challenge although ORIGIN slowed me down for a TIC or two—perhaps because of my desire to combine I N G in the usual way. Once that failed, ORIGIN came through. The solution was obvious given the cartoon and all the hints.
    Great post Angela and appreciate your citing one of the Beatles’ finest songs–although it is hard to pick any ONE as better or more memorable than the rest. For those who use one web site—which is in color–they have made a mistake this AM—the solution has two five letter words and no quotation marks. It’s the Seattle Times puzzle.
    Enjoy a warm end of February—- for those of us in the Northeast.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Love the tone of your sentence this morning. A taste of the macabre! The Old “ING” , you may be right. Hmm. I just thought of the 🎶old ennui🎶…😉 Thanks for the shout out, but I’m disappointed in my work today. I just couldn’t get going. And you’re so right, the song selection was practically impossible. I just went with something personal…Yes, these on-line sites do have their quirks, so be careful…Warm here too…Such strange weather for us..Have a good one, Earl! 🎸🙋🏻

  2. Angela–posted my comments before I read your second paragraph. I noticed that you said you don’t see bow ties any more. I have seen some young men wearing them occasionally—-not as much as in the mid-50s and 60s but showing up on some of the more fashion conscious millenials.

    • Hi again! Oh no, Earl, I see them. What I meant was seeing a shop keeper “dressed up”. Today, unless you’re in a high end establishment, you don’t see much of men dressed “nattily” as my Mother would have said. I love a man in a shirt and tie, but it’s just not the norm any more. Don’t you agree? 👔 🙋🏻

      • Misunderstood your comment. And yes I do agree about salesmen not being very nattilly dressed.

        • No, Earl. It’s not you, I wasn’t perfectly clear in my statement. I should edit it. Nattily! I like that word! 👔🙋🏻

  3. Origin caused me trouble again and I had to back in. I agree, Angela, about Jeff’s excellent Beatles’ portraits. It’s in the 50’s today, but snow is expected for Thursday and Friday.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. As I told Earl, I didn’t realize that the “ING” might rear its ugly head. I think it caught people last time also. Jeff? Unreal! Amazing likenesses, really. Same with us, Caroline. Nor’easter coming. Crazy March living up to its reputation! Have a great day! 🎸🙋🏻

  4. Good morning. Had three of the four words in seconds but got stuck on origin. It’s hard to get “ing” out of your head once it’s inside. The cartoon answer was also a quick solve seeing two Fs for the words. I didn’t even realize they were on the albums giving us a good clue. Since I knew the two letters I needed I finally got origin. Angela and Earl great job as always. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good morning, Paul. I missed that ING today. You’re the 3rd one to mention it so far. I guess it’s going to be the tryING word of the day! The art work on the album covers is unbelievably amazing…It’s some of Jeff’s best work, IMO. If you’d like to see it in detail, I’ll send you the link. And thanks so much for the shout out. Hope you gave a great day, Brooklyn! Ciao! 🎸🙋🏻

  5. No helter skelter here this morning. A blind solve and straight through the CWs, with my “blink word” being ORIGIN, (tried IRONING first!)

    Have a great day!

    • Good Morning, John. Great song choice! Very apropos. Looks like it’s RAINing Origin today….A regular REVOLUTION! Glad you got the WRINKLES out, and were able to COME TOGETHER for the CLOTHES! Have a good one! 🎸🙋🏻

  6. Origin came readily to mind,but buffet was a little troublesome as I wasn’t sure of the spelling.Front was a quick solution,followed by four.
    As far as bow ties,I have seen them recently,even worn by my cardiologist , for one of my regular check ups.

    • Hi Chuck, Good Morning! I’m with you, I thought BUFFET was going to be the SMORGASBORD word of the day. (Guess it was an unWARRENted fear)!
      Because, so far we’re lagging behind, with ORIGIN START-ING all the trouble! I was a little unclear with my mention of Bow Ties earlier, and I’ve since corrected the sentence in my post. I’ve seen them “HERE THERE and EVERYWHERE” too lately. Maybe “IT WON’T BE LONG” beFOUR they’ll be making a comeback! And your cardiologist? ❤️ As I said earlier, I like a man in a shirt and tie, so I can “DIG IT”! 😂 Have a good one, Chuck! 🙋🏻

  7. Count me in with the “ing” group. I too thought of ironing at first. Figured out the cartoon answer so knew what letters I needed. No specks on my paper or eyeglasses this morning so didn’t have to rack my brain making up words. Redemption from yesterday!! We’re supposed to finally get some rain the next few days. Keep your fingers crossed that it actually happens. It’s nearly spring and we haven’t had winter yet. They’re starting to use the dreaded “D” word around here. Happy Wednesday everyone.

    • Hi Betty. I’m so glad you had a better outING today. Y’day was not your doING! I’m sayING a prayer that you’ll have some rain. There’s no rhyme or reason to the weather anymore. Who’s dealing with flooding, and who’s desperate for any rain at all. Good luck. Happy Wednesday to you too! ☔️💦🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – Ironically for a puzzle about a guitar group, the only thing to slow me down was the word STRUM. I was distracted by just having watched our ex-SJ Shark Marco STURM coach the German hockey team to a silver medal in Korea.

    Well then. Beautifully done drawings of the instantly recognizable “Meet the Beatles” and “Rubber Soul”, and unlike our last visit to a record store, the shoppers will probably be able to afford their purchase this time since the $900+ version of “Yesterday and Today” doesn’t exist yet. But Buddy, if this is late ‘65 or 66 and you’re wondering what they’ll do next, you better fasten your seat belt good and tight cause you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!

    🎵” Here comes the rain again“🎵 – our biggest storm of the winter starts tonight, they say. 🎵”When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads”🎵

    Have a good one!

    • You got that right., Grasshopper. They just got better and better. Eight Beatle albums in my cache. Not the $$$one, but I wouldn’t part with any of these. Hope you and Betty get the rain. We’re due for enough trow night and Friday to float any boat.., but we don’t need it like you do. Rooting for you, Bud. 🎶Don’t Pass Me By…🎶 Good luck! 🙋🏻

    • Thank you, David. I will. And incredibly talented is right. Today’s cartoon is a masterpiece. Take care. 🙋🏻

    • Amazing to see the most minute details come to life. Thanks again, David. And major Kudos, Jeff. 👏🏻🙋🏻

    • Oooh! Ooooh! I do! 😂
      Seriously, thanks! I wonder how long that took in real time.
      Suggested soundtrack – Bob Dylan’s “When I Paint My Masterpiece” 🙋🏻‍♂️

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