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Good Morning, Everyone!           ❤️ THE HEART OF THE MATTER ❤️

🎶 When I feel you put your arms around me…Baby, Baby, can’t you hear my HEARTbeat? Then I’m glad, I’m mighty glad I found you…Baby, Baby, can’t you hear my HEARTbeat? 🎶

❤️ I could understand the reasons why this poor guy would stress
A lot of FACETs are involved when you’re faced with this mess…
No one can hardly fault him for getting so upset
It’s kind of FUTILE to expect the man not fuss and fret.
I’m trying hard to look for some TOKEN humor here
When deep inside it saddens me, the subject hits too near…
I feel like I’m HARASSing the serious side of me
I’m wrestling with words here, cause I feel the fear of he.
But it’s a cartoon, it’s a game, so I’ll just do my part
And entertain the best I can though I feel FAINT OF HEART! ❤️

Last time we saw Futile, I think we did a lot of Flutie. Doug Flutie…Former NFL Quarterback. But not a word. And Harass just looks wrong. Great anagram, though, because the mind tends to favor SH. But not today…Our cartoon. What can I say that I haven’t already? Serious subject matter David’s given us today. And odd that it’s March 1st, and we’ve just ended the Heart Health Month of February. (Hmm. Maybe not so odd though…were the Guys thinking LEAP year)?…Anyway…Jeff’s showing us a middle-aged man, Mr Jones, not responding so well to the news that he’s HEARTly healthy. Hit with the fact that he’s in need of Bypass Surgery, his first thought…”Uh, I think AORTA sit down…”. But…All in VEIN, obviously, because, he FAINTed first. Can’t blame him. I mean here’s a guy who probably went through life thinking..ARTERY? The study of fine paintings. VARICOSE? Nearby. NITRATES? Usually better than day rates. TRIPLE BYPASS? A lot better than a Quarterback sneak…(Flutie again)? You catch my drift… And now it’s all caught up with him…His HEART’s had enough, and now there MAY NOT be enough TICKER Tape left for that parade…So. Our question asks…What was he when was told? FAINT OF HEART! BOOM! ( Poor choice of word)? Lay me down and check the PULSE, because Dave didn’t miss a BEAT! Good one, Guy! Ok, eye candy. Hmm. Cute cartoon, but nothing really CELLS. Pretty CUT and dry. The only thing might be the Sphygmomanometer, but it’s putting a lot of PRESSURE on me to get the SPELLing right…I’ll go with the Doctor. He kind of resembles Dr Oz, no? Now there’s a HEART THROB! So, There you have it Folks. Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I just want to say, that even though some of these puns may seem TACHY, please know that my HEART was in the right place. ❤️🙋🏻

31 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 03/01/2018

  1. Good morning Angela. You put your HEART into the post. Can’t BEAT
    that. Enjoy the sun while it lasts.

    • Good Morning, Bello! Two for two…Batting 1000! Thank you, Moose, you know I try. Enjoy it is right…They’re talking 30+ hours of storm…Have a great day, Caro! ❤️🙋🏻

  2. As a TOKEN of respect, she vowed not to HARASS the gemologist over a flawed FACET because it was patently FUTILE anyway.
    No problems with the clue words or the solution—great play on words with “faint of heart”
    And Angela, your heart is always in the right place, no VEIN glory with your puns a pumping.
    Thought you might go with “Heart of My Heart” as the song today but your choice hits just the right note.
    Enjoy today—tomorrow seems to promise some stay at home weather for me.

    • Good Morning, Earl…🎶Heart of my Heart, I love that melody…Heart of my Heart, brings back a memory…🎶 Good choice! But you know most of the time it’s not up to me! LOL..The HEART wants what the HEART wants…And Thank you. I do believe my HEART is always in the right place, sans any VEIN glory! (Good one)! l sincerely try! My thoughts on your sentence? Eloquent, and I’m hoping she passed on the ring. Just beFLAWS!
      And, I agree, today’s solution was the flawless GEM your girl deserved! Tomorrow, Earl? “Fasten your seatbelts..It’s going to be a bumpy night…”! Have a good one, Sir! ❤️🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Had a glitch with futile. In fact I gave up and looked for the answer. When I looked at the cartoon I was stuck again so I decided to read the paper to clear my head. When I went back to the cartoon answer it just appeared without looking at any letters. Double checking proved correct. This is the second day in a row I’ve missed a word. Angela,you put a big smile on my face today,enjoyed your post. Great job all around. Earl,you never waste words,nice work. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Smile? You mean you weren’t already with No Alternate Side Parking today? We used to do the happy dance every time they announced that! That’s one of the good things about Staten Island, we don’t have it here. I think some people moved out here from Brooklyn for that reason alone! 😂 Glad I added a little sunshine to your morning. You always manage to do so to mine! ❤️ So, FUTILE proved FUTILE, huh? No biggie, it’s not a word you hear/see every day. Give yourself a pass…And second day in a row? Who’s keeping score? Certainly not me…(And Paul, you do realize we’d never know if you didn’t tell us, right)??! 😂 Enjoy your day, Brooklyn…T’row we do penance! ❤️🙋🏻

  4. Thanks Paul and sometimes going away and coming back to Jumble is all that it takes

    • Good Morning, CK..And thank you very much, Sir! I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure. Welcome, and you have my HEARTfelt invitation to please stop by again! Have a great one, Charles! ❤🙋🏻


  5. I’m gonna harden my heart
    I’m gonna swallow my tears
    I’m gonna turn and leave you here…

    Easy puzzle today; blind solve and no hitch on the CWs.

    Have a great day, all.

    • Good Morning, John. Always liked Quarterflash, and LOVE the song. But personally? The poor guy’s a wreck…I couldn’t be that HARD on him. 😉 Any chance you’re familiar with Julianne Hough? She used to be on Dancing With the Stars? She sings too, and she did a pretty good cover (IMO). Yes! It was an easy, breezy one today. Didn’t even get the BLOOD CIRCULATING! Have a good one, John! ❤🙋🏻

  6. Easy solve today. And it’s finally raining here to boot. YAY!! Have a good Thursday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Betty! And HOORAY!!! Said a prayer for you! (Hmm…Maybe you’re lucky it wasn’t fire and brimstone)!!!! 😂😂😂 Have a great day! ❤️🙋🏻

  7. Harass looked like harsh,but we were lacking a second h.Futile came quickly,and heart was a given in the solution,so faint of heart came quickly.

    • Good Morning, Chuck. You hit that nail on the head! RASHSA? As I said in my post, it just looked sooooo wrong! David really put his HEART into that one! 😉 And how amusing, that just y’day you mentioned your Cardiologist, right? I couldn’t help but TIE it together this morning! Glad you enjoyed it, and I wish you a great day, Sir! ❤️🙋🏻

  8. Good Morning, John. Always liked Quarterflash, and LOVE the song. But personally? The poor guy’s a wreck…I couldn’t be that HARD on him. 😉 Any chance you’re familiar with Julianne Hough? She used to be on Dancing With the Stars? She sings too, and she did a pretty good cover (IMO). Yes! It was an easy, breezy one today. Didn’t even get the BLOOD CIRCULATING! Have a good one, John! ❤️🙋🏻

  9. Hi, all! Jerry has 5 prescriptions that have no more refills so off we go to the doctor as soon as I post.

    I knew HEART would probably be one of the 5-letter words in the answer but had to quickly solve the clue words to get FAINT OF.

    Mike, if you are ill, please get well soon.
    If you are working on a project or job, good luck with it.
    If you are taking care of a family member, best wishes.
    If you are on vacation, have fun.

    As we leave, Jerry will say, “We’re off!” and I will say “Yes, we’re off our rockers.” That is our elderly attempt at being funny. Enjoy your day, all, and bless your pea pickin’ hearts!

    • Hi Lelia. Mike’s fine, he’s on vacation. I posted it on Tuesday. Good luck at the Dr’s. Have a good one! ❤️🙋🏻

      • Angela, thank you!! That puts my mind at ease. There are several ads after your daily post so I read everything you write & then fast forward past the ads to the first group comment. On Tuesday I fast forwarded too fast, not seeing that one more sentence you wrote telling us about Mike. I’m glad I asked, and thanks again for letting us know he’s on vacation.

        Your “good luck at the Dr’s” wish came true. He was in a good mood, listened to what we were there for, and gave us Jerry’s RX’s written correctly for a change.
        Then Jerry took me out for a huge, delicious lunch, and I took a long, wonderful nap. Yum and yea!

  10. Just like Lelia, I had to solve all the words before I could get “faint of.”
    🎵I left my heart in San Francisco🎵 I think it was Colbert or Stewart who said this was the greatest case of malpractice. I’m glad to hear from Betty that it finally rained there.

    • LOL…Good one! And great song also…I’m happy for Betty too, they so desperately need the rain. We on the other hand may end up with more than we bargained for…Good luck to us all on the Easten Coastline…Stay safe, and have a great day! ❤️🙋🏻

  11. Hi all – Got the answer, but I also saw FLUTIE at first, and FACET took the longest.

    Nice Herman’s Hermits heartbeat 💗, Angina — I mean ANGELA!

    I know why the cartoon guy is having problems now. He spent too much time here – a link to a very early music video filmed at a long-closed hamburger drive-in in my neighborhood – Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen doing “Two Triple Cheese, Side Order of Fries”:


    🎵”Raindrops, so many raindrops
    It feels like rai-aindrops
    Falling from my eye-eyes
    Falling from my eye“🎵
    “No more tears” from us though. Welcome rain and wind here; in the Sierra, 3-5 feet of snow and gusts to 100 MPH. Clearing up later. Stay dry!

    • Uh..Grasshopper? ..Hmm. Never heard that one before…Typo? At least you saw enough to put the Angela in caps! 😂 Dee Clark. Songs in the vault, but I always felt he was underrated, right? Although, there was a lot of up and coming competition at the time. And, I’m pretty sure you and I PASSED around the Doug Flutie last time…we know it’s not right, but it just pops into your head. Local newscast mentioned the snow in the Sierra…also Italy, the French Riviera… What was it you said on IOW? Climate change? Climate strange…very, very strange! Enjoy the rain, Bud! Talk to you later. Have a good one! ❤️🙋🏻

    • Steve: Campy and hysterical! But not very palate pleasing, huh? At least not from the looks of the video! Although, the grease may have been the key, huh? 😂 Did you notice that there’s a comment there that claims the video is in the permanent collection at MOMA in NYC? We need to check that out. The one good shot of the outside of it reminded me of a Burger Drive in place that we had in Brooklyn when I was a little kid. I’m going to shout out to Paul….Paul.🗣Do you remember there was a place on Coney Island Avenue, I think between Avenues U and V that sold burgers and fries, and had this parking lot where people ate? I think it was called Big Daddy’s? It’s the only one of its kind that I ever remember. 🍔🍟

      • I would have put the french-fry shaped guitar in the museum! 😂
        And I love the french fry version of the Rockettes!
        This place was called “Kwik Way” and there are pictures on Google. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Save for the looks of the food itself, the whole thing is a trip! I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, cooking, but I’m going to look into the MOMA thing. AND the Big Daddy thing…😉 🙋🏻

          • “Videowest” did a lot of early stuff like this in the Bay Area, much of it extremely funny. There was one notable satiric commercial for cologne that I remember, with a woman walking past an outdoor café, and every guy spit out his drink, vaulted the fence and went running after her on all fours like dogs. 😂 Precisely the desired effect, I imagine. 🙋🏻‍♂️

            • ROTFL..Yea, if she worked for the ASPCA! Old commercials in general were so campy..🙋🏻

          • The band’s entry at Wikipedia mentions the MOMA claim, but without any references.

            • I can’t get over that. Wild, right? I mean it was funny, but there must be more to it…
              I’ve been there so many times…Imagine what’s in THOSE vaults? 😉 🙋🏻

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