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♦️I like the sound a shuffle makes, I even like the feel
Of holding cards within my hands before I make the deal
I like the glossy red and white, the pips a shiny black
I deal real fast, I call the cards, I’ve developed quite a knack
But sometimes if a new seats’s filled, I often get a glance
While dealing with my left hand while I play the game of chance
I shake it off, I’m not deterred, I let the cards unfurl…
‘Cause being “Lefty’s” not the rub…The rub’s that I’m a girl! ♦️

POKER playing! Where trying to PURELY OUTWIT your opponents can be FAIRLY easy, as long as there isn’t a GLITCH, like a DEFACEd deck of cards. I love a good game of POKER! And I loved today’s puzzle. The words were easy BETS, I could TELL the minute I CHECKed them OUT; and I BLINDly went through them real FAST. I just wanted to RUNNER RUNNER STRAIGHT to that cartoon, and get ALL IN. Jeff’s DRAWing gives us a POKER TABLE, and there’s NO LIMIT to it’s ACTION! The one player, wearing the Jumble CAP, is like…”COME, HAND me the CHIPS”! He’s just been DEALT a ROYAL FLUSH, and it’s PAYd OFF big! As he RAKEs in all the CHIPS, the other players are a little BURNed up, because he’s TOKEn everyone’s money! And he now has a “GREAT DEAL OF CHIPS”! And we have the solution! With a great pun, as a little SIDE POT! You hit the JACKPOT, Guys! Oh, eye candy. ODDS have it, that at least a PAIR of the players are “real” people. I don’t know who they REPRESENT, but maybe one of you can make the CALL. I just know that the pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon is a HIT with me.
So, that’s it Folks, done!…I’d love to stay and discuss POKER, but I’m expecting a FULL HOUSE today, and I’m UNDER THE GUN. This POST is way too long, there’s no TIME to edit…and I’m still eating a donut that’s TOO RICH FOR MY BLOOD. And…my coffee’s RUN COLD…It’s just not STACKing up to be the greatest day. I think my BEST BET may be to FOLD…And you know that never SUITS me…I don’t even like to FOLD my laundry…
Have a great day, Everyone! I hope you’re all DEALT a WINNING HAND!
PS: WALRUS? It was a FLOP! 🎶”You gotta know when to hold ’em..know when to fold ’em…Know when to WALK AWAY”🎶

25 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/24/2017

  1. When the graffiti guy tried to OUTWIT the police and DEFACE the
    WALRUS enclosure at the zoo, the only GLITCH occurred when he was FAIRLY and PURELY foiled by the alarming barks of the neighboring seals.

    Words came easily for the most part but solution had me stymied for some time before I looked at the cartoon again and again and saw the “chip” hint embedded. When I started the solution from there, things fell in place.

    Not a great Sunday but I shall not burden you with mundane aches and pains.

    • Earl, good morning. Sorry to hear you’re feeling UNDER the weather. But I’m glad the CARDS FELL INTO PLACE! I don’t know where you RAISE up the ideas for your sentences, but once again, you’ve BEATEN THE HOUSE! My MONEY’S on you! Hoping you feel better. With this beautiful weather, I’m BETting you will! ❤️🙋🏻

    • LOL…No, I HEDGED my BETS this morning, and went to Mass first…I replied to your msg on IOW…♦️🙋🏻

  2. GUYS, I’m SITTING OUT this HAND. RUNNING to the store. Leaving my CHIPS on the TABLE. Don’t DEAL me out yet! ♦️❤️🙋🏻

      • Hot is right! 90°already here…Hot like Hernandez!
        Yankee pitching + Hernandez= Guaranteed Home Run!
        What’s up with that?
        And I ran slow….♦️🙋🏻

  3. Words were an easy solve this morning. Cartoon took a bit longer but I was able to figure it out. Happy Sunday everyone!

  4. Good morning. All six words were a cinch but the cartoon answer was another story. I did get “of” at least. With other words like heart and place. I decided to give up and look for your answer. Moose’s wit had me laughing, could not bluff my way past those lines. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hi Paul. At least you tried your HAND at it, that’s what COUNTS!
      And I agree, Moose is a regular PIP!
      Enjoy your day! ♦️🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – Got all the words, but almost gave up on the answer, thinking one of the words was CARDS. Finally saw CHIPS, and the rest fell into place.
    Enjoy your afternoon!

    • Hey Steve. I’m sure they LAYed it out that way..That we’d think it was in the CARDS…very clever endeavor on our Boys part…They definitely PLAYed this one CLOSE TO THE VEST! ♦️🙋🏻

      • Thanks, Moose. I don’t think I have any other option, so I’ll try to make the best of it!

      • LOL…Hey, Big Guy…You’re giving me a RUN for my MONEY! I may have to change SEATS! ♦️🙋🏻

    • Steve, congrats on getting the answer. Jerry & I stubbornly held onto the word “cards” and gave up, but the good news is that my omelet turned out both beautiful & delicious so I’m happy. I’m still obeying your advice to catch up on my rest. I slept until almost noon. Enjoy your day!!
      I am not hinting for a detailed answer because I have received so many wonderful comments from you, but I just want to know if you saw the post I left for you yesterday asking for a favor. Thanks.

      • Hi Lelia, yes I’m happy to let you know anytime I leave something on IOW for you. I’ve been catching up on some sleep myself this morning after not felling great and it helps a lot!

        Now I have a new image of you at a poker table wearing a green eyeshade, bantering and filpping cards. Can’t bring myself to add the cigarette hanging out of the mouth, though!

        I could never deal well like that. When my family played Canasta with three decks, we bought a card shuffling machine.

  6. Angela, great post under comments, as usual, and I gave you a star yesterday & today. Glad I finally figured out how to do that.
    I, too, like playing poker. When Jerry took me with him on an out-of-town job, some of the burly male construction workers mumbled about having a girl at the table, but after I shuffled & dealt like a whirlwind, played well, & used some poker lingo, as you did in your post, they accepted me.

    • LOL…Thank you, Lelia. I’ve come across a few men who may not even realize we vote!! I just start singing…🎶Anything you can do, I can do better..I can do anything better than you….🎶
      Hope you’re enjoying your day! Be well ♦️🙋🏻

  7. Hi, Steve! Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well earlier, but isn’t it wonderful to be retired & free to get caught up on sleep. When I was teaching, I had nightmares of crawling up onto my desk & falling asleep with the kids in the room.

    Thanks for your O.K. for IOW. I don’t want to miss a word from you to me.

    Steve, eyeshade, but mine is pink. Bantering & flipping, many years ago. I now use the card shuffler, too. I smoked 50 yrs ago playing poker Fri nite with Jerry’s family. Jerry had to quit from a pack a day, me from 3 cigarettes per week.

    I loved Canasta with my cousins. Keep resting. No answer needed. Thanks again for IOW O.K. and your hilarious new image of me.

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