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Good Monday morning my friends and welcome back to another week of Jumble fun!  Excellent clue word choices today with SALARY being my pick for the most difficult anagram to solve.  EMCEE would be the runner up.  We’ve seen it so many times in the past and the three E’s give it away instantly, but it still might snare the novice player.  Moving on to the cartoon, we see a farmer tending to his horses by offering up an early morning breakfast.  One horse is already chowing down while the other can be seen with a smile on his face.  I’ve never seen a horse smile, but I guess anything is possible down on the Jumble farm!  The key word for me in today’s Jumble dialogue and sentence was greeted.  The hay was the visual clue to tie it all together leaving this one an instant solve.  Writing out the clue letters, it was funny that it almost spelled HEARTY.  Have a marvelous Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Today’s shoutout goes to Lelia!  A member of our forum for quite some time, Lelia always has an interesting if not incredible story to share.  She always takes the time to give a detailed and heartfelt response to anyone who sends a comment her way and she always delights with her wit and charm.  Thank you for being a wonderful friend to this website, Lelia, and enjoy your day!  🙂

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  1. Good morning, Mike! You’re REINing supreme with your POST! And nice shout out to Lelia. 🐴🙋🏻

  2. 🎶”HAY THERE, you with the stars in your eyes, Love never made a fool of you, you used to be too wise….HAY THERE, you on that high-flyin’ cloud. Though he won’t throw a crumb to you, you think some day he’ll come to you….”🎶

    🐴 🐴 Boy, that’s some happy horses is the first thing came to mind
    The farmer’s not just friendly, he must be very kind,
    The next thought’s a real old one, I smile and the cause is…
    I used to hear when very young…”Because Hay is for horses…”🐴 🐴
    A Monday puzzle..Let’s get right to it without any FOALing around! Our words are easy, breezy, took MAREly a minute to FILLY them in. Moving RIDE along to the MANE event, our cartoon, we see that Jeff gives us a farmer dressed in NEIGHvy, two brown horses, and a lot of green terREIN. It’s morning, it’s FEEDing time, and both horses have a look of unBRIDLEd enthusiasm! One’s already eating, while one may have STALLed a BIT, and is just HOOFing it over. STUDying the pic closer, you can see that WHEY PASTURE farmer, is a house and a barn. It seems to be a big piece of property; for sure this guy’s financially STABLE. That’s a good thing, because for a while we HERD that a lot of farmers had problems, and had to BALE. But this is not the time to LAMEnt…We need our solve..So, the farmer’s greeting the horses, it’s FEEDing time…what is he saying? “HAY THERE”! Do I hear a little gROAN, Folks? NEIGH! It’s a WHOAnderful pun! Ok, let’s look for some candy. HOOF to admit, another tough one. I really can’t SPOT anything…I guess I just MUSTANG it up for today. So, there you have it Folks. Enjoyable puzzle for a Monday morn. Like my song choice, it brought back some memories of a guy I once dated. FURLONG as we were together, he was always up on his HIGH HORSE. Thought he was a STUD, but he was really LAME, and he was always NAGging me. We’d go out with friends, and he’d never PONY UP; I was always SADDLEd with the bill…And I was going for some big BUCKS. My friends kept telling me. “Take the BLINDERS off”, and it finally SPURred me to make a decision. I definitely needed a more STABLE relationship…So, I got myself a HORSE. Still cost me money…but he was no NAG!
    Have a great day, Everyone! Enjoy the RIDE! 🐴🙋🏻

    • You really had thick blinders on. Thank goodness your friends finally got through to you. You won that race clearly.

      • LOL…Hi Paul, Good morning! Yea, it was one of those cases of unBRIDLEd passion. Good thing I REINed it in in time…Got some good old-fashioned HORSE sense before it was too late…And I did win the RACE in the end, even tho he put me thru my PACES…CUD have been a nightMARE otherwise…😂
        Always a pleasure speaking with you…Have a great day! 🐴🙋🏻

    • 🎵”Won’t you take this advice I hand you like a mother?
      …Is it all going in one ear and out the other?”🎵

      I hope that advice to you wasn’t about Rosemary Clooney’s nephew – then you’d *never* have listened. Didn’t know until now that the song was introduced by Bonnie Raitt’s father.

      • HAY, Bud. You left out…🎶 Or are you not seeing things too clear…Are you too much in love to hear…🎶. Beautiful old song. Gets me every single time..I didn’t know about John Raitt either. Now that was one handsome dude…And you’re 100% right about George…🎶MUSTANG..Come back, Georgie…🎶 🐴🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Normal Monday puzzle. The whole puzzle was solved in quick fashion. Isn’t life funny. I always wished we lived on a farm that one of my cousins had upstate and they always wished they had our life. We always want to see the other side of the coin. Makes us normal,I guess. Great shoutout to Lelia. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • I don’t think I’m cut out for farm life, Paul, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give it a try. Have a great day and awesome work on the quick solve! 😎👍🏻

  4. When he was asked to EMCEE the charity auction with no SALARY provided, he felt that he could JUSTLY ask for a special deal on the HUTCH donated by the Van Rensselaer family.

    A Monday morning delight–did not have to write anything down. The clue words were easy and the solution came when I realized from the cartoon that HAY would be part of the answer. I don’t know if real horses smile but Mr. Ed on tv certainly did.

    Have a wonderful week everyone.

    • HAY Earl. Good morning. The Van Rensselaers! Definitely a HORSE of a different color here! Elegance and class, IKEAmagine anything else from you! 😉 And I still can’t imagine where your ideas come from. NEIGHcly done as always. I hope you’re feeling better today, I never HERD back from you yesterday. Wishing you a great day..🐴🙋🏻

      • Angela–stayed off the computer yesterday. Did not mean to ignore you. Better today thanks for asking–hope it stays that way.

        • Earl, no problem, I didn’t feel slighted. I was just concerned with your mentioning the aches and pains…And I’m glad you’re feeling better. Hoping you stay well also…😘 🙋🏻

  5. Mike, thank you so much for your incredibly sweet shout out to me. I went to bed before 10 p.m. last night so I could get up earlier to read your post and accidentally slept late as usual.
    When I first found your site, I loved your kind words so much that I said nice things back to you on such a regular basis that we sounded like a two-member mutual admiration society. I am glad that hasn’t changed.
    Keep up the good work. All of us on your site think you are a very special man.
    Thank you for greeting us so warmly, sharing how you solved the Jumble, and telling us a little about what’s going on with you & your precious family.
    I can solve the Jumble much faster after more than a year of reading your tried & true techniques and still consider it a happy way to start my day. Thank you for your site & thank you for being you.

    • Mutual admiration society was a great combination of words to sum it all up, Lelia! The Jumble is the fabric that connects us here and we choose how much further we wish to take it. Thanks for everything you post here. 🙂

  6. Hi all – Easy today. I agree that EMCEE would have taken longer if I hadn’t seen it before.

    Count me in on the shoutout to Lelia, of course. Lelia and Angela were the first two people to encourage me to continue posting, so you all have them to blame!
    And Lelia, your example in telling some of the unexpected and delightful details in your stories has made it much easier for me to sometimes follow suit. I’ve lost count of the times when my finger has hovered over the “Post Comment” button, and I’ve thought “Well, Lelia said it was ok, so here goes – GULP – PRESS!” And I almost always get a reply that’s even better!

    (Mike, your encouragement to speak freely has always been a great gift, also!)

    • Hi, Steve! Well, between you & Mike, my head is a blimp again, and I can’t thank you enough for it. I’m going to hold on to this feeling to remember on a day when I am feeling blue or ill. Your words cheer me up.

      I haven’t posted my solve yet, so I’ll tell you. Cartoon answer immediately and all 4 words before eating 4 bites of grits. Done.
      Grits makes me laugh thinking of My Cousin Vinny asking, “What is a grit?”

      A huge thank-you to the others of you who concurred with what Mike said in his shout out to me. We are just one big happy family!!

      • I meant every word, Lelia. There was so much more that escaped my mind before I posted, but I believe I said “just enough”. We hold you in high regard around here! 😊😊😊

  7. Mike, I’m so glad I snuck back here and found more posts from you. I loved what you said in your shout out to me & thought it was perfect just the way it was and “just enough.” Now if I could learn to say “thank you” in less than a hundred words, we’d both have it down pat.

  8. Mike, the night I invited Steve & wife to our house if theirs got any hotter, you said I was a generous woman & gave me a red heart emoji. I wrote a thank you but didn’t know where to post it so I’ll just post it here.


    Your words are magic, music to my ears.
    They make me smile and dry up my tears.

    I have loved them since I first heard you say,
    “My Jumble friends, have a wonderful day.

    I loved your words then, and I love them still.
    I always have and I always will.

    • Heartfelt thanks, Lelia! I use my heart emoji sparingly, and you definitely deserved more than one for that kind gesture. It really shows how much of a caring person you are and how we should strive to be more like you. Have a wonderful day! 😊

  9. Mike, last year you told me you’d like to solve the Jumble on YouTube. I got excited & posted a list of your Jumble solving techniques, and you were excited about that. You brought the idea up again recently. Is it still in the works?
    If not, you could write a little booklet entitled SOLVING THE JUMBLE, Tried and True Techniques. What a fun booklet that would be!!

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