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Happy Monday, everyone! Are you bready for another week of Jumble fun? David was on a roll this morning, and he baked up four brand new anagrams to try and get a rise out of us. HECTIC was the only word that brought my game to a grainding halt, and left me feeling a bit crusty, too! GOUGE was our most recent repeat and it’s been barley five months since we last saw it on 4/12/19. SQUISH is our moldy but goodie and was last featured on 12/23/13.

Taking a quick look back at the poll answers from last week, it looks like we had quite a few good stumpers to give us a challenge. Here are the results listed in order from Monday to Sunday. Maybe you’ll do batter the second time around!


Today’s cartoon lands us in a kitchen where we see two women busy making bread. The woman on the left can be seen kneading a dough ball while her friend is removing some freshly baked loaves from the oven. I bet that kitchen smells sooooo good! There’s nothing quite like the aroma of fresh baked bread to make a home smell warm and inviting.

These woman looked a bit cramped in the tiny kitchen and the cartoon sentence reveals that this baker has her sights set on opening up a bakery. When I read “need some investors” in the last line of the dialogue, DOUGH instantly came to mind and I was sure it would be part of the final solution.

Looking at the 14-letter final anagram, DOUGH was there, and THE jumped out at me too. RAISE was found in the remaining letters to complete the puzzle and tickle my punny bone. Have a terrific Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!





19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/16/2019

  1. Good morning. And it is good morning even though the Mets are done for the season. Wait till next year has become all to familiar with us. I actually told my friend they were done when they were on their hot streak. Now it’s confirmed. Today’s jumble for me wasn’t our ordinary Monday one. This one made you think a little. I was stuck on Hectic and looked at the cartoon and got a complete blind solve which left me with the three letters of THE to get. Knowing that helped me achieve my goal. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. In my HECTIC effort to SQUISH the fly as it DRANK from the sink, i almost managed to GOUGE my eye on the faucet.

    I had an instant blind solve on the puzzle, but HECTIC took a bit of study before I saw it.

  3. Like everyone else who’s posted so far, I had a hard time with hectic and had to back in.
    Mike, I smiled at “naan of them.” I actually had some of that good bread yesterday at an Indian buffet.

    • My wife introduced me to naan after bringing some mini ones home from the grocery store. I warm them in the toaster oven and then put avocado spread on them. They’re out of this world!!!
      Have a great week, Caroline! 🙂

  4. As he DRANK his favorite beverage at his favorite bar after another HECTIC day, the day got even worse as the fly he was trying to SQUISH landed inside his glass and the bartender tried to GOUGE him on his tab.

  5. I went with a different slant. (You know how I feel about bugs)! 😉🙋🏻

    💰 Realizing that they were trying to GOUGE him on the prospectus, he DRANK it all in and decided to SQUISH the entire HECTIC situation, and RAISE THE DOUGH himself…💰

    🍷 He DRANK a little too much, he felt it in his head…
    That SQUISH and squash sound deep inside…a feeling that he dread,
    Knowing from his reflection it’d take a GOUGE to clear his eyes…
    This HECTIC pace that he pursued… the cause he did surmise.
    He definitely needs to slow down and reconsider though…
    There has to be a better way for him to RAISE THE DOUGH 🍷

  6. No foliage color here in WIllinois as we’re having an upper 80 low 90 degree heat wave.I too had to pause over hectic,but the final raise the dough solution was pretty much a blind solve.As far as the Mets being done, my Indians, after being swept by the Twins in a double header on Sat,are pretty much done in their division but are still hoping for a WCard spot,

  7. Hectic took me the longest to figure out as well but the cartoon answer was easy – good Monday puzzle.

  8. Hi all – Putting IC at the end made getting HECTIC much less so.
    Then what a fun last word! Not only is SUSHI spelled out, but it took longer than usual to solve for a word with QU in it, and it brought two songs to mind – “Susie Q” by Creedence Clearwater Revival”, and “Sushi Girl” by the Tubes
    🎵”Su-su-sushi; Mushi-mushi
    Cherry blossom .. and rice
    Su-su-sushi she’s so nice”🎵
    The answer was obvious.

    Hey Mike, since we’re revisiting KOSHER from yesterday, I’ll CHALLAH back atcha for all the bread puns. I wouldn’t pan any of them. So she’s raising the dough because she kneads it, eh?
    Caroline, I also love Indian food, including naan.

    Have a great day, everyone. Our Oakland A’s come back home from a week in the 90-degree and humid Texas weather to low 70’s and rain. It should stop later today and then probably not rain again until November.

    “He got so HECTIC after he DRANK too many Red Bulls, he managed to GOUGE the pomegranate and SQUISH that red juice all over his white ascot”.

    🎵”let the good times roll; let the good times roll …
    let the stories be told; they can say what they want
    let the photos be old; let them show what they want”🎵
    ”Let The Good Times Roll”; RIP Ric Ocasek of The Cars, one of the greatest rock bands to come out of Boston, along with J. Geils and the band actually named “Boston.”

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