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Happy Tuesday, Jumble geniuses! The celebrity in today’s panel, although dressed in a scarf, fedora style hat and sunglasses, somehow managed to be a shade more incognito than the four anagrams that we encountered this morning. All of the clue words were old stars from David’s playbook, but two of the anagrams shared the spotlight by coming up as new. TUACE was a tad bit harder to spot than PNSYAP, but neither of them were camouflaged as well as RECCAS was. I saw ACRES, RECESS, and CARES at first, and it wasn’t until I found SCARE that the extra “C” kind of fell into place. The fact that it was our most recent Jumble and in the exact same layout as its last appearance on 11/30/18 didn’t help one bit! ELDER sure lived up to its’ definition and wound up being the most seasoned clue word to complete our talented ensemble.

Jeff must have worked overtime on this panel as he delivered an impressive cast of seven unique Jumble characters! The individuality of each Jumblezen was quite remarkable, and it always boggles my mind as to how he can fit them all into one tiny space.

Speaking of tiny, the setting for today’s cartoon is a quaint little coffee shop, and the lucky customers seem to have spotted a reclusive celebrity in the wild. The sentence didn’t clarify which talent he’s known for, but my first impression was that he was most likely a movie actor. His facial features seem to match those of Johnny Depp, and his aforementioned hat adds a cool style and suave that perfectly accentuates his mystique. If you take a look at his left forearm, you may have noticed the tattoo of a Jumble “J”. I’m sure David and Jeff would be truly honored!!!

Let’s change things up a bit this morning. If you’ve happened to bump into a celebrity or two, why don’t you take a moment to share your encounter below. I’ve met Richard Simmons at the appropriately named Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport and we had a quick conversation that was nothing more than passing the wait time for our flights. I’ve also crossed paths with Kevin Nealon of SNL fame. He was in downtown Portsmouth, NH, and he explained that he flew in for his Grandmother’s 100th birthday! I’m sure some of you have better stories to share, so let’s hear them!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 11-letters. For whatever reason, the layout didn’t hide the final solution as much as I would have liked. CAUSED jumped right out at me as the 5-letter word leaving A and SEEN to follow in its footsteps. The solve was set-up to be harder by the addition of a word in quotes, but SCENE being spelled out near the end of the anagram made it all come into focus without a hitch. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!




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  1. Good Morning, Mike! Good Morning, Everyone! SEEN One…Take Who? 🙋🏻

    🎶 There’s a world where I can go and tell my SECRETS to…In my room, in my room…In this world I LOCK OUT all my worries and my fears…In my room, in my room…Do my DREAMING and my SCHEMING…lie awake and pray…Do my crying and my sighing…Laugh at yesterday…🎶 “In My Room” – The Beach Boys 1963 https://tinyurl.com/y6k45ohp

    🤦🏻‍♂️You know how certain words trigger an image in your head?
    And you can be transported from here to that place instead?
    Well what’s in today’s puzzle…Celebrity Recluse…
    It always make me think of the eccentric Howard Hughes…
    A Hollywood figure years ago, a venerable cache of talent,
    Successful in so many ways…but his ELDER years not gallant,
    Where once a SNAPPY dresser, brilliant with a mind ACUTE…
    He chose to be SCARCE later on…and became a recluse.
    The years went by and took its’ toll…and Hughes lost all his sheen…
    And the few that caught a glimpse of him said Howard CAUSED A “SEEN”…🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Today’s words weren’t challenging as far as working well together, but the wording ‘Caused’ a “Seen” instead of ‘Cause’ a “Seen” made it much harder for me to form both the sentence and the rhyme. I had to keep changing the tense to make it sound right…
    It was a case of SEEN One…Take 2 and 3… and 4! 😉🎬🙋🏻

    🏐 Whenever the ELDER group of men got together to play Bocce, the guy Nick, who swore he had the most ACUTE eye, always CAUSED A SEEN by crowing..”C’mon, c’mon…make it SNAPPY” as his opponents took their turn…and they wished he’d make himself SCARCE…🏐

    🗣 He liked things done real SNAPPY, he ran a real tight ship,
    And it was SCARCE to ever hear somebody give him lip…
    He hired a few ELDER guys, but that didn’t work out…
    He had no patience in him…and at them he’d often shout…
    He was too rigid, too ACUTE…in fact he was quite mean,
    And hardly did a day pass where he hadn’t CAUSED A SEEN 🗣

  3. This is like yesterday’s solution, which had another “shadow” solution within two or three letters of it (COOL WITH THAT, but also LOCO WITH THAT). Today, the shadow solution was CAUSES A NEED. Maybe the guy needed someone to talk to. But it does change the tense, so it is not as good a solution.

  4. Good morning. Back from my second funeral in a week. Left Sunday morning early with my youngest son to Florida with brother,wife and niece. My sister was married 63 years. My brotherinlaw was a great guy. It’s the first time I saw my sister in 22 years. A lot of emotions. It was a quick turn-a-round. Landed late last night. Today’s puzzle was pretty easy. I had no trouble with the words or cartoon. Thanks Angela,loved your post. My room would be the kitchen where my wife and I spent many hours together. The chair that once held her is empty now but not the fond memories or her images that still remain. And Angela,your Nicky in your Bocce story reminds me of my friend Nicky who I became friends with 4-5 years ago and taught me how to play. He got hit by a car while walking 2 years ago and is still in a wheelchair. I know age is against him but I hope he can get to play again because he loved it so much. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Brooklyn, You have me crying..I’m so sorry for your loss. I told my friend this morning that if you didn’t show up here today, I’d take the ride into Brooklyn with him and pass by the Park. I was really concerned about you..Again, so sorry for what you’re going through…When I go to Church tomorrow, I’ll light a candle for your intentions…The room? Your beloved wife was Italian…it’s ALWAYS the kitchen with us! We’re alike in so many ways. We did the same thing with my Fathers’ chair after I lost Him. At the time, I moved back home to take care of Him and my Mother, and we never used His chair again, And after I lost my Mom a few years ago, I followed suit. I’m looking at her chair as we speak… And I know it might sound ridiculous to some people, but it is what it is. Period. Anyway, you know I wrote the Bocce sentence for you…(I figured that maybe you might just be bored or something with the blog…and I’d DRAW you out..you know..bait you) 😉 But damn, I can’t believe you have a Nicky too…I should be this on point when I’m betting Football! …I patterned “Nicky” after the guy you always speak of, the know it all…but I had no idea about your friend…You’re killing me..this is really a trip this morning…I think I’ll light a candle for him too. Ok, ..So..Phew! I’m just going to thank you for the Shout Out, and give it a rest, because it’s a lot to deal with. And I wish you a peaceful day, Brooklyn…you’re in my heart. ❤️🙋🏻

  5. It’s very SCARCE nowdays to see an ELDER of the church dressed in such SNAPPY clothes with an ACUTE British accent to boot.

  6. Easy puzzle again this morning even with those “ marks. “Jumblezen” – good one, Mike. I saw the late reporter, Helen Thomas at a Mexican restaurant in Washington D.C. and met Dan Rather at an airport in Rapid City South Dakota. He is smaller in stature than I thought he would be and a bit feisty when discussing the current administration. Locally, my family and I ran into Robin Williams and his family at a neighborhood restaurant. My daughter who was about 8 years old at the time was just wide eyed with amazement. She said to him, “Are you Mork?” And he just said “Yes”. To which she replied “WOW”. He actually appeared very quiet and low key in person – just another fellow having dinner with his family.

    • Thanks for being the first to reply, Betty! I loved your stories and the yes reply to your daughters question melted my heart. Thank you for sharing. 🙂🙂🙂

  7. I shared an elevator alone with James Earl Jones. We spoke about the cold weather and furs.
    I stood on the steps outside my office and had a cup of coffee and a conversation about music with Paul Schaefer.
    I had a conversation about the homeless with Joe Kennedy II outside the Garden at the Democratic National Convention.
    I met Joe DiMaggio at a Baseball Show, and spoke about NYC…he kissed my hand
    I had seats a few rows back from Gregory Peck at a Sinatra concert, (I think at Carnegie Hall)…And I took a shot…we spoke about “To Kill a Mockingbird”
    And I met and spoke with Sinatra Himself at an after show cocktail party…(he too kissed my hand…And asked me why it was shaking…)!

    And living and working in NYC…you sooner or later get to have a chance encounter with just about everybody…
    Richard Gere, a smile and a nod…
    Marisa Hargitay, a beautiful smile and a “Hi”..
    Peter Jennings…a handshake…
    Tony Bennett…A “Hey”…
    Joan Rivers…a smile…
    Regis Philbin…a handshake…
    And a lot more, (but I’m having a really hard time thinking after the Sinatra memory)…

    And after numbers 1-4 and 6, I was administered oxygen and treated for hypertension…😉🙋🏻

    • GREAT stuff, Angela, especially the hand kissing, Sinatra(!), Joe DiMaggio and Gregory Peck. And I bet James Earl Jones’ voice filled the elevator! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

      • LOL! Thanks. One would think it had, and it definitely resonated, but the blood was rushing through my ears so badly, that I don’t think I heard half of what he said! 😂 I know I told you about this before…that I could hardly speak. He asked what kind of fur I was wearing…and I couldn’t remember! But I do remember blithering like an idiot! 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

    • That’s quite a list, Angela. James Earl Jones & Sinatra – really cool. My husband and I moved to this neighborhood the 1970’s Joe DiMaggio lived around the corner from our home.. The children and I were in our car one day and he was in the car ahead of us. My son, said, “Look Mom there’s Mr. Coffee”. I said, “Yes, it is but he was actually a very famous baseball player before he became Mr. Coffee”. Neighbors who lived here in the 1950-s said the whole hood was buzzing when he was married to Marilyn Monroe. Everyone, especially the men, were eager to get a glimpse of her.

      • Hi Betty…Yes, I’ve had my moments! 😉 LOL! Of course I wish I could “re-do” the Sinatra, the Jones, and the DiMaggio, because I was surely lacking any intelligent verbal skills as they unfolded…😂 but.. C’est la vie…DiMaggio was in his 70’s at the time, it was the late 80’s, but so handsome with the most piercing eyes…From the pictures that I’ve seen I never thought him to be good looking when he was young, but he definitely improved with age. As a lot of men seem to do…I love the story about Mr Coffee. How cute was that? From the mouths of Babes, right? (And your daughter with Robin Williams is a keeper too)…And I can only imagine the excitement of he and Marilyn as a couple. My Parents said it caused quite a ripple here in NY at the time too. I hope you’re having a great day, Betty. Enjoy! 🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – The last word was the hardest for me. I was looking for a word like ACCESS as I always do when ACC is there, but today it made itself SCARCE.
    Then I was puzzled, because the answer didn’t seem like a pun. I thought it would be CAUSED A STIR, but nobody was actually stirring their coffee. Had to write down the letters to see it was A SEEN, and a pun indeed.

    Probably my favorite of the early Beach Boys songs, Angela, thanks! (Although there were so many others.)

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The kid got an ACUTE scare and made himself SCARCE after the SNAPPY ELDER yelled at him on the lawn”.

    Ok Mike, since you asked, I’ll 🎵”Ramble On”🎵 a bit. In July of 1969, I found myself standing on the opposite side of a chain-link fence from Led Zepplin who were waiting to go onstage at the Newport Jazz Festival (lots of rock acts that year.) I wrote “Welcome to Rhode Island” on a scrap of paper, signed it, and passed it through and shook hands, so I always say I gave Jimmy Page my autograph. 😂 He seemed quite less than impressed; he just looked at it quizzically for a second, stuck it in his pocket and walked off.

    I was once in the same backstage room with Rod Stewart when he was the lead singer for The Jeff Beck Group, but I had nothing to say.

    Shook hands with Neil Young and told him I liked his music at a very small coffeehouse in RI when he was touring to promote his first solo album after leaving Buffalo Springfield and before joining CSN&Y. Hardly anyone showed up. (Funny coincidence you should ask this; I was just reading about that record yesterday).

    And at a small bar in San Rafael CA, we were sitting up front waiting for the show to begin when we heard BANG BANG BANG on the fire door beside the stage, so I pushed it open and there stood Al Kooper (one of my very favorite musicians of Blues Project and Blood Sweat and Tears) with his band, carrying his own guitar and amp, trying to get to the stage.

    And I didn’t kiss any of their hands! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

    • No kissing? How cold! 😂😂 I remember your Jimmy Page story, but I still laughed just now..You never know, he may still have it..Nice memories…The Beach Boys…a wealth of music in that Songbook, and it’s one of my top 5…I think because of the tempo and Brian’s falsetto…And nice job on the sentence…👏🏻👏🏻! Wishing you a great day too, Gl 🙋🏻

      • Same to you Angela! I may have to go listen to “Don’t Worry, Baby”, “Wouldn’t it be Nice”,”When I Grow Up To Be A Man” …… no, better not; that’s how whole days disappear! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Tks. But disappear?.🤔I have Rod Stewart and Cher playing for hours while every burner plus the oven is going full force for tomorrow…You’re doing it wrong! 😉🙋🏻

            • Ah…you’re a man of leisure! 😉 🎶Nice work if you can get it…🎶 We’re not all so lucky! 😂😂🙋🏻

  9. A friend of mine and I left HS early to see a Cleveland Indians opener.We ran into Lou the Toe Groza,the place kicker for the Browns,outside of the box office.He gave us box seat tickets adjacent to his seats,and treated us to hot dogs and sodas during the game.I also ran into Ernie Banks,the Cubs star,at a Chicago golf outing and asked him if he’d give an Indians fan his autograph.He said of course he would ,and I added it to my collection along side of my Groza autograph,

    • “Let’s play two!” – Ernie Banks. 😂 The Giants recently played a game that was so bad and lasted so long that one of the writers said “Even Ernie Banks would have said ‘Let’s just play a half of this one.’ “ 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

  10. Hey there missed the J on Johnny’s arm but love the puzzle though I did think my solve with “caused a stir“ was even better! So, I grew up on the West Coast and was raised in orange county and had the honor of bagging John Wayne’s groceries at the Market Basket in Newport Beach where he had an account. I also once stood next to Ringo Starr (he was seated) once in 1975 at the opening wings concert with Paul McCartney at the Inglewood Forum. And on my honeymoon in 1986 I had the distinct honor of sitting nearby and meeting the great Leonard Bernstein at Tanglewood where he kissed my hand(!) after I thanked him profusely for his “concerts for young people” which I grew up watching during the 1960s. While waitressing at the Coco’s coffee shop in Newport Beach I also waited on Ruby Keeler (married to Al Jolson) though I did not know who she was at the time. Also saw bit and it did not meet Jude Law in Santa Fe while we were both shopping In the same boutique.I know there are other route and amazing example of my brush and some celebrity but that’s all I can think of for right now love The Jumble!!!

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