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Happy Wednesday, Jumble friends. With 9/11 being the somber date of one of the greatest tragedies to befall our Nation, I’ve decided to keep it light and shelve the puns and jokes for another day. My thoughts and prayers go out to the relatives of those who perished 18 years ago today, and to the survivors of the senseless attacks that are living with continued physical and psychological pain. And to the brave men and women who died in their service to others, may God grant them a perfect rest among the souls of the righteous.

No new clue words today. SNUTT was the only anagram that we’ve definitely seen before. It was also our most recently used clue word (8/27/19), while MIGHTY was the oldest (2/11/19). None of the anagrams were overly difficult to solve, but HAMPER gets my vote as the hardest of the group.

Fun tennis cartoon showing a major upset. The logo on the shirt was a tennis ball balancing on the tip of a “J”. The player on the left had an Amercan flag with 11-stars on his right sleeve. Since the victor has his arms up, we can’t see if there is a matching one on his shirt, but I’d assume it’s there. The scoreboard shows the points and how close the match was.

The final solve was the same length as yesterday’s. The layout of the anagram hid the words pretty well, but the cartoon gave it all away. No problems with it at all. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.







10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/11/2019

  1. Good morning. Another easy jumble. Possibly done on purpose because of the somber reminder of 911. A day that touched the hearts of Americans forever. Thank you Mike and Angela for your kind words. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • You’re most welcome, Paul. We’re all friends here and I’m positive that everyone had you in their thoughts and prayers.
      Today is definitely not a day for joking around and I’ll keep my remarks brief.

  2. This is the third day in a row with a shadow solution. I came up with SET HIM MATCH, which has more tennis terms in it than MET HIS MATCH. I think these jumble people are being tricky. (There is also THE MIS MATCH).

    • Good morning, Jim.
      First off, let me express how much I enjoy your aptly named “shadow solutions”. Taking the time to explore alternative answers is no easy feat, and you always provide interesting arguments to support your case.
      My only issue is that you continuously, and incorrectly, assume that the creators are trying to deceive us in some manner. It might just be me, but words like “cooked” and “tricky” come off as disrespectful to both Jeff and David and I sincerely hope that that isn’t your intent.
      Keep up the good work, and I think MISS MATCH would have been very good too, but we would have needed new clue words for it to work. 🕵🏻‍♂️

  3. Hoping to deter her son from trying to move the MIGHTY heavy CHAIR by the HAMPER, she told him if he continued to do same, it would STUNT his growth.

  4. Definitely an easy Jumble day.A remembrance of 9-11 ,our first grandaughter,Emily,had been born in July in San Antonio,so she is now 18. My wife,Linda,was in San Antonio baby sitting Emily on 9-11, and I was teaching class at WIU in Macomb,a day we all will remember.May ll the victims RIP.

  5. Hi all – The two short words were the ones that took me an extra look today, with CHAIR taking longest. I thought the last answer word might be FAULT, but the letters weren’t right, but looking at the layout again showed MATCH and the rest.

    See you all tomorrow.

  6. Adding my thoughts and prayers for all those who died. May they Rest In Peace. And a virtual hug to all those who survived but whose lives were changed forever.

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