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Happy Monday, Jumble fans! The puzzles from last week proved to be much easier than anticipated, but David did try and turn up the heat by adding a few new clue words and anagrams. The start of the week seemingly leaves us right where we left off, with one new clue word as a challenge and three old favorites that we’ve weathered over the years. WHEAT was the new kid on the block, but I used my triticale thinking skills to chop it down and avoid a migrain. My only challenge came from THOUGH because of the double H’s at the end of the layout. CABIN wound up being our most recently used word, and it was jumbled the same way we last saw it on 2/8/19. LOCKET was our golden oldie and graced us with its presence almost two years earlier on 2/6/16.

Since Sunday didn’t feature a cartoon celebrating the return of football and the NFL’s 100th season, I thought for sure that Jeff would kickoff the week with a panel featuring a pigskin pun. Instead he blitzed us with a throwback to the lazy hot days of summer where we encounter our first Jumble characters of the week.

The trio is standing outside of a home and the dialogue and sentence clues us in to the fact that the air conditioning unit has gone kaput. The technician on the left, dressed in a shirt and hat bearing the logo of the company’s mascot, hands the couple an estimate to replace the unit. The price at the bottom was a whopping five grand, but the laid back couple agree that the price seems reasonable. Doing a quick search revealed that the average replacement cost of a central air conditioning unit is $5,472 so perhaps these folks have already done their homework.

Jeff included a few fun details to make his cartoon visually appealing. Upon looking closely at the panel, the first thing I noticed was the overall laid-back vibe of the piece due in part to the casual clothing worn by the characters. All of the Jumble-zens were drawn with their eylids half closed which amplified the mellow feeling even further. The woman looks to be wearing a thin summer dress along with a headband to keep her hair partially pulled back and the sweat out of her eyes.  Her partner, whom I’ll nickname baldilocks, has a goatee and seems to have put on a few extra pounds over the years. My favorite detail was the a/c unit itself with the lower panel only partially attached and a crumpled corner to indicate that it has probably exceeded its life expectancy.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 12-letters that would transform into three words. Working the jumble backwards, I immediately saw HOT, but it was too short to work. COIL also came into view, but luckily I spotted the double O’s and settled on COOL. The WHT mashed together in the front brought WITH into view leaving THAT for the finish. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!






19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/09/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone! WHEN THINGS START TO HEAT UP..🐧🙋🏻

    🎶My Mama told me…You better SHOP AROUND…Ooh yeah, a-try to get yourself a bargain son, DON’T BE SOLD ON THE VERY FIRST ONE……🎶 “Shop Around” – The Miracles 1960 https://tinyurl.com/y6sxcbue

    ☀️ The guy looks kind of shady, and you have to stop and think…
    If he’s got you ‘gainst that proverbial wall…assuming that you’ll sink…
    Your early morning breakfast with it’s WHEAT was ruined for sure,
    When the CABIN got so hot that you knew you’d never endure.
    So you’re fingering your LOCKET, it helps you concentrate
    And you’re thinking maybe shop around…But is it worth the wait?
    You could make a few phone calls, THOUGH you’re not sure they’d respond…
    You could wait for awhile.. take a dip into the pond? .
    It just seems so expensive, and that penguin on his hat?
    Just looks a little too contrived and you’re not COOL WITH THAT…☀️

  2. Trying to blend the words into something coherent, I found WHEAT to be the restrictive one, alTHOUGH LOCKET wasn’t a total breeze either…I’m curious to see which, if any, of the four tied anyone else up🙋🏻

    °They thought there’d be supplies at the CABIN, THOUGH all they found in the pantry was Shredded WHEAT and a broken LOCKET…but they were COOL WITH THAT….

    °She couldn’t find her LOCKET, THOUGH she searched the CABIN through…
    And she hoped she didn’t lose it when that WHEAT field they reviewed…
    She signed up for this agriculture jaunt with him but yet,
    Her intentions all along were wrong…she just really lost a bet.
    And unless she finds her locket, she fears there might be a spat…
    Until he offered her a new one… and then she was COOL WITH THAT…

  3. A ‘cool’ solution for sure.The anagrams were kind of a Monday cinch,but 3- 4 letter words were problematic in the final puzzle solution.I was thinking heat as one of the words but alas there was no E available,”so cool with that” came to mind.We’re still on the road so I’m still dealing w the online version of the puzzle.

  4. Even THOUGH they searched the CABIN time and time again, they couldn’t find her LOCKET which contained a scenic photograph of a pastoral WHEAT field. A bit like yours, Angela, but the best I could come up with!

    • Good Morning, Chuck. Maybe a bit, but not really…Considering what we had to work with, we really didn’t have too much wiggle room! So the CABIN had to be a given. But your use of a “scenic pastoral WHEAT field photo” WITHIN the LOCKET is brilliant! 👏🏻👏🏻 Major kudos! I really like what you’ve done! And even though they took a bit more thinking to meld, they were interesting words, don’t you think? 🤔🙋🏻

    • Chuck…I just thought of 2 more…alTHOUGH I cheated🙄 on the first one. But now that I’m thinking…wouldn’t it make a good Jumble solution?… David?…Anything? 😉🙋🏻

      He wanted to store the WHEAT in the CABIN, and she was COOL WITH THAT, even THOUGH they had no way to LOCKET! 🔒

      She took her LOCKET off while gleaning the WHEAT, because even THOUGH she flung it over her shoulder, it kept getting caught…and she now wished she’d have left it back at the CABIN…but at the time worrying about theft, she wasn’t too COOL WITH THAT…🌾

    • LOL! I could ask you the same! My head’s so full of scenarios…and they’re all fighting to get out! 😂😂 And a great day to you too, Chuck! 🙋🏻

  5. Easy Monday puzzle. Nice to be off to a good start. We’ve been on a roll this past week. I’m sure there’s a stumper down the road. Hope all of you have a good day.

  6. Hi all – No problem with the words – I’d just seen LOCKET in the Jumble Crosswords app. I thought COOL WITH IT for the answer, so had to look again to get “THAT”.
    It made me smile to remember our previous conversations where I learned that a 5-ton air conditioner doesn’t weigh five tons! 😂

    Mike, your (excellent) triticale thinking pun makes me wonder if you knew that the cargo that the Tribbles were eating in Star Trek was “quadrotriticale grain.”

    Great song Angela, and I’m all for puns like LOCKET for “lock it”. It made me laugh – that’s what I enjoy the most here.

    Have a great week, everyone!

    • LOL! Thought the same thing with the X-word coincidence! Unfortunately, I only have 2 left out of all the new ones. I’m angry that I didn’t pace myself….And tks for the Shout Out. I always liked the song. Have a good one, G! 🙋🏻

    • Only you could remember an obscure (but interesting) fact like that, Steve! But I do recall the 5-ton A/C gaffe and Lelia’s “swamp cooler” stories. 🙂

      • Yes, she assumed I was making a clever joke, but I was just dumb! 😂
        Nice when it works out that way. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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