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Good Morning, Everyone!📚CARPE LIBRUM 📚

🎶 If they ask me, I could write a BOOK…About the way you walk and whisper and look…I could write a PREFACE on how we met…So the world would never forget… 🎶 “I Could Write A Book” – Harry Connick, Jr. 1989

📚 You open up a book and you’re transported anywhere,
A MUDDY field with its suspense, a SERMON you might hear…
The story of the OCTET that played for Presidents,
Or maybe of a CHERUB…an angel Heaven sent….
There’s nothing quite like a good book…how wonderful to read,
And loving books leads to a path where we’re BOUND TO SUCCEED…📚

So, what do you know? Another one for the BOOKS! While we’ve READ three of our words before, it seems like David has dug up yet another new one for us today. SERMON. And with all new anagrams, today were seeing OCTET come in as our most recently used word, on 06/28/18, MUDDY being in play a few times, but most recently on 09/09/17, and CHERUB, seen on 01/22/17, but going as far back as 2014. And according to the Early Birds, the only word to cause the slightest pause was SERMON. Ok, now let’s READ on…

Today the Jumble brings us back to Ancient Rome, and BOOK BINDING. We see three Jumble characters, two men and a woman, all present at a shop called CARPE LIBRE. Carpe Diem, a Latin aphorism meaning “Seize the Day“, may come to mind…So we have…“Seize the Book“, I guess. But even though it’s been a long time since I’ve studied Latin, I think the sign should READ: Carpe Librum. But I could be wrong, so I’m not going to CARP about it…The proprietor, seen presenting a Book to his female shopper, is overheard telling her how fast they’re selling…and how he can’t BOOK enough orders…She in turn answers that she can see why, which tells us that these Books must be of the highest quality, (I can’t help hearing…”fine Corinthian leather“, but it’s a little Greek to me)…and obviously in great demand. Which leads us to believe that the business is a SUCCESS, and they must be BOOKED solid for orders. And nearby at a workbench, is a craftsman, hand sewing the Book BINDING, since by adding PAGES the BOOK now needs to be BOUND. So, in answer to our question? “Carpe Libre” is…BOUND TO SUCCEED! Good one, David! It READS well!

Ok, eye candy. Some buildings are silhouetted at back, and to the right is either a statue on a pedestal, or an orator on a soapbox, making a speech…(You know…”Friends, Romans, Countrymen…lend me your ears“…that sort of thing). But since no one seems to be close enough to have ears big enough to hear him, I’ll go with the statue. At left, we see a group of people…four in fact. Perhaps a Roman FOURum? And the BOOK BINDER, while wielding a large needle, is doing that concentration thing with his tongue jutting out. But what really caught my eye today? The woman’s laced-up sandals…I have a pair exactly like them…So I guess it’s true what they say…Everything comes back in style if you just wait long enough! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone..And remember…READING can open up all new worlds to us…Trust me, it’s BOUND to happen! 📚🙋🏻



18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/23/2019

  1. Good morning. Hey David, please don’t punish us for the complaints about the cartoon answer by some of us yesterday. You brought me to my knees with today’s jumble. I got stymied on two of the words which was Octet and Cherub. I was so mad at not getting them that I gave up on the cartoon as well. Slide an easy one in for tomorrow, so I can feel brilliant again. I’ve been wearing the dunce cap too often lately. Angela, always enjoy reading your work. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn. Good Morning..Thank you…but I overBOOKed this morning, and I’m way behind schedule. My post will be available to READ in about a half-hour….🙄🙋🏻

    • Hey Brooklyn…Don’t READ yourself the riot act! Take a look at the poll numbers, you’re not alone. Wishing you a great day, and thanks again for the Shout Out. 📚🙋🏻

  2. The SERMON this morning was about one CHERUB from an OCTET whose past was a MUDDY life, but had turned it around to become a model angel.

    • Good Morning, Chuck. Nothing like those second chances, right? 😉 Love the sentence, 👏🏻👏🏻love the sentiment. Have a good one! 📚🙋🏻

  3. Hi Everyone –
    I thought I was going to have to give up on this one. I kept returning to the picture, trying to think of a relevant word. The word sew finally came to mind and then bind.
    Wishing all a fun weekend.

    • Good Morning, Caroline! Great pick up on the Sewing! 👏🏻👏🏻. Hoping you have a great day! 📚🙋🏻

  4. I re-READ this four times, and I still can’t get the meter straight on SERMON! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    ° At the outdoor concert, the new OCTET, who everyone knew was BOUND TO SUCCEED, finished their last song, (which was reminiscent of a SERMON), just as the little boy who looked like a CHERUB dashed from his mother right into a MUDDY pile of water

    ° He looked just like a CHERUB, with hair of wavy curls,
    And sparking eyes that turned the heads of many of the girls…
    He just had joined the OCTET, and all during the SERMON,
    The girls all stared at him alone…one even whispered “Hey, Hon”…
    Determined to do well here though, there’d be no MUDDY tryst,
    For all too well he knew they came carrying a heavy price…
    This time he’d play his cards right, and not on compliments feed,
    He knew now that that wasn’t how a man’s BOUND TO SUCCEED

  5. Sermon was the word that took me the longest to solve. I got the cartoon answer without difficulty and then had to back into sermon. Happy Friday to all.

    • Good Morning, Betty. Same thing with two of my friends…It’s a masterful anagram. Have a great day…📚🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – I thought CHERUB would be the hardest word, but SERMON took me about as long for some reason. Once I SCROLLED down to the picture and saw the worker stitching up the book, BOUND was obvious and led to the answer.
    The dialog “producing books with pages” made me wonder whether the bookbinder could be a PAGE himself.

    I don’t know, Angela, I think I could wait 2,000 years and never be in style, especially compared to Ricardo Montalban.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The CHERUB took the “chubby” look a bit too far and caused his OCTET in the choir loft to collapse into the baptistry during the SERMON, getting them all MUDDY since they hadn’t expected to use it”.

    • LOL..Yea, Ricardo was quite the fashion plate, wasn’t he? Nothing PLANE about him! 😂 But I fear most mortal men would pale in comparison…although it would do many of them good to take a PAGE from his BOOK! 😉 …Your baptistry? Muddy? LITERALLY? I’m trying to picture it, but I just can’t get a READ on it! 😉 Nice take👏🏻👏🏻. Have a great day, G! 📚📚

  7. Morning everyone. I got the words pretty fast, but got stuck on the answer. The sign read Carpe Libre Which I took to mean take for free. I then went to the little guy binding the books as fast as he could. Still couldn’t get the answer. See what we get when we complain. So until tomorrow, Carpe Diem to all as we once again are placed in the breach dear friends. Sonny

    • Hey Sonny…Good afternoon. Well, it’s afternoon here anyway….So funny you’re saying this. As I said, it’s been a while since I sat through Latin classes, but I translated Libre to be Free also. But as I said, I wasn’t up to CARPing over it. ..Hmm. Maybe it was a BIBLIOTHECA? 😉. And you’re sounding like Paul! 😉 Do you guys really think David would ever do anything unscrupulous? I’d never make BOOK on that! The man’s a pussycat! 😉 And anyway, these puzzles are submitted around 6 weeks in advance, so that CHAPTER’s already WRITTEN!.😉 So, until tomorrow…yes…We’ll LEAF it at that! 😉 Looking forward to it! Have a great day, Sonny. 📚🙋🏻

        • Sonny. Please don’t think I was being flippant or anything. I only mentioned it because we have a lot of West Coast members, so the time difference comes into play…It’s STILL morning there! 😉🙋🏻

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