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Have a super Saturday!!!

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  1. 🎢”You’re so vain….you probably think this song is about you, you’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you. Don’t you?….Don’t you”?🎢

    The words were no problem, I did them with ease…
    The model? Can’t help it, I’m just thinking “sleaze”
    His posture, his smugness…the “Devil may care..”
    The style, the ombre? Please, what’s with the hair?
    He’s making a living, yet I find him mundane…
    Carly’s right when she says, “Man, you ARE so vain….”

    HANDSOME as it is, I just couldn’t get into the puzzle this morning. The model. Just something about his attitude I guess that got to me. Something about the Pretty Boy. And I mean that in the most heterosexual way. I’ve never been attracted to the pretty boys. Well maybe just that once. You know…Those men that while you’re walking together past a store window, and you stop to look…And you’re looking at rust colored suede heels, while he’s looking at himself in the reflection. Or you’re shopping for hair products, and you glance over, and notice he’s got a conditioner in each hand and he’s doing some serious research! And you realize that it’s the first time you’ve actually seen him read! Or you’re getting ready for a night out, and despite the separate bathrooms, you’re ready an hour before he is! I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but that was enough. I remember I started waking up hearing a lot of bells…and they weren’t the wedding kind! They were more like sirens blaring…”Run, Forrest, run…” So I did. And I never looked back. Oh, the puzzle! Sorry, I got lost there for an INSTANT…The cartoon: The model’s getting paid to be handsome…”PAID HANDSOMELY”. Great pun. Ok, the eye candy? Ironically, you’d think today of all days, it would be the model, right? Uh, no…See right there on the contract, the dollar sign? Talk about a “money shot”! And it looks like David agrees with me: He’ll be making a “PRETTY” penny! So, there you have it, done!
    Have a great day, Everyone, and PIC your role MODELS wisely! πŸ’°πŸ™‹πŸ»
    PS: I never did get my DevaCurl Devafuser back. I should probably FOLLOW up on that…πŸ™‹πŸ»

      • Good morning! Somewhere around there. I’m not the best sleeper…How lucky are you, tho? You fell asleep happy! I left you a msg on IOW. πŸ™‹πŸ»

  2. The models’ BURLAP dresses did not SHRINK when the clothes racks AROSE from the MUDDY water after the unexpected flood in the basement.
    No Problem with the clue words but the answer to the puzzle gave me some difficulty, even after I wrote the letters out—didn’t hit on the “handsome” bit until after glaring at the cartoon for some time.
    Hmmmmm, Angela, seems you have some history with the metrosexual type men.
    A few weeks ago I mentioned burlap as a term many youngsters would be unfamiliar with. I associate burlap with bags to hold grain and other farm products, but I do recall one designer trying to use the material for dresses, hence my sentence.
    Have a super Saturday everyone. Beautiful day in Western NY.

      • Hey Moose. Chilly here, too. It’s invigorating. I hope we get a real Fall, and not just go right into winter, like the past few years. Have a great day…πŸƒπŸ™‹πŸ»

    • Good morning, Earl. Beautiful here, also. A bit crisp at 53. But you look at the news, and you shiver. I can’t imagine what Irma is going to do to people’s lives. It’s a nightmare. πŸ’” You’re right about the burlap, I have items of burlap clothing. And I also have burlap sacks that I keep potatoes and onions in. They stay so fresh. So you’re “spot on” with that once again. As is your sentence. The metrosexual men? LOL…There’s metrosexuals, and there’s metrosexuals! Moderation is the key! Wishing you a super Saturday also…πŸ™‹πŸ»

  3. Good morning. “Happy teddy bear day”. Knew that failure would come sooner rather than later. I got the first three words rather quickly but stumbled on burlap. You just shake your head when you see the word and wonder why it didn’t materialize in your brain. As to the cartoon answer,seeing all those letters just froze me. After fifteen minutes I just gave up. Looking forward to Sunday. Until then stay well.

    • Good morning, Paul. Happy Teddy Bear Day to you too! Understandable, Burlap isn’t an everyday word. Have a great day! πŸ™‹πŸ»

  4. Hi all – Paused for a second at BURLAP, but AROSE actually took longer – word starting with a vowel, I guess. And today, the puzzle stumped me. I think there were too many options – the first word could have been MALE or MANY; the second could have ended with ‘S’ or ‘ED’ or ‘LY’. PAID never jumped out, and I didn’t think he was handsome, just creepy. Fun answer!

    Angela, you made me literally LOL saying that the guy with the conditioner bottles was the first time you’d ever seen him read! πŸ˜‚

    • PS – will the ‘Angela poem’ become a regular feature like the “Earl sentence”? Today’s was a good one.

      • LOL..Thank you. LOL…I got rhymes in my head all the time. I don’t know about the post. Maybe. But I could do one for you, if you’d like, along with the quiz…No charge..🎢 Him Hymns..🎢. πŸ˜‚πŸ™‹πŸ»

        • LOL No, no – it’s like bringing gum to class – “Only if you bring enough to share with EVERYONE”.

          • LOL…You brought gum to class…? You forget, Catholic School…No gum..(no fun…). πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Let’s do the rest on IOW, ok?
            Uh oh, Judge coming up…..

    • Good morning. Steve. I have a feeling today the women will do better with the Handsome than the men. He’s holding up his phone, his face is pictured. He “thinks” he’s so handsome…Hence the 🎢”You’re so vain…”🎢, one of our favorites. Once you got handsomely, Paid remained. It’s a classic example of 6 degrees of “EGO..this way, and I went the other”! And, no lie…I’d never seen him read before..He just looked at the pictures….πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‹πŸ»

    • Steve. I was distracted by the game. I forgot to add that he’s bragging about how many followers he has. = $$$ πŸ’°

  5. Hi All – I had no good ideas for the answer, so I tried making four letter words beginning with all the consonants. I was giving up hope but the last one – P – led me to paid and handsomely then came to mind.

    • Hi Caroline. How are you? How’s the computer search going? You know what I think may be part of the problem with the answer? Instagram models and celebrities make money with their accounts. They can just post a pcture of themselves and it’s money in their pockets. Dave used the term “Photogram”, but he meant Instagram. I’m thinking maybe a lot of people may not know about the accounts. That’s why the model was mentioning how many followers he had.. PAID…KA CHING!!! πŸ’°πŸ™‹πŸ»

      • Hi Angela, thanks for enlightening me and others about Instagram because I didn’t understand how the model was making money. I’ve never looked at that site myself. My computer search is progressing. Mine still works OK at times, like now. I’ve had it for 15 years and anything new is going to be an adjustment.

        • ..LOL. You’re very welcome. I was starting to think that may have thrown people off, especially after Steve said that PAID never jumped out at him. I should have mentioned it in my post, but I just took it for granted. Instagram models are out there with a vengeance! And getting unbelievably rich! It’s mind boggling. It’s funny, because the clues were so on point, with the mention of the 2.5 million, the word “Photogram”, and the agent saying he’ll make a pretty penny. (She’s blonde and dressed in purple by the way)! LOL…I dropped the ball on this one as far as explanation goes. But, it really did “ruffle my feathers” ( How’s that for a old time phrase)! because it sooo reminded me of Mr X! I’ll make you laugh…After that window shopping experience happened, I told my Mother πŸ’”β€οΈabout it. She just looked at me and said, “I could have told you about him. Open your eyes before it’s too late. He’ll make you crazy. The man thinks he’s prettier than you..”!!! ROTFL..I died! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚She always knew me better than I knew myself…
          I know getting a new computer is a big step. And I know how hard change can be sometimes…But you’re going to be “kicking up your heels” (Another one)? when you finally get it. The speed, the features, the ease…technology’s come a longgggg way in 15 years. Take a deep breath..It’s going to be fine! 😘 Hope you’re enjoying your night! Be well…πŸ™‹πŸ»

        • Thank you, yes she was. β€οΈπŸ’” She kept me on my toes….And she always made me smile. Mothers, with that unconditional love. Nothing comes close…
          I’m laughing myself thinking about it again…πŸ˜‰ Be well. πŸ™‹πŸ»

  6. Very tough puzzle for me. Got first 3 CWs with ease. Put paper down and went to golf, got second in our Men’s Club tourney but it wore me out. After lunch and a short nap or 2 picked up puzzle and struggled several times with Burlap. Sometimes putting it down clears mind and a solution comes quickly with a refreshed mind. Not so fast today. Burlap finally came but no luck at all with puzzle answer. Am I the only one that post the fact that I cannot solve them all?

    • Hey, Stranger, how’re you doing? Long time. I just left a reply for Carolyn that may shed some light. The puzzle was kind of “trendy” today, and I probably should have explained it better. But in all fairness, today was Mike’s day! LOL..And I allowed my personal feelings to overshadow my Jumble duties! LOL..Mr X marked the spot! If you care to, Google Instagram models..It’s amazing what one little picture can do today…
      Second in the Men’s Club Tourney? Congrats! But it wore you out? We should all be thankful you didn’t come in first…it might have killed you!!… Too soon? We’re not back to that point yet? Should I delete it? Ah, I’m a gambling woman…Let ‘er ride…
      πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚ Good to hear from you…πŸ™‹πŸ»

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