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AND DINERS –  – – 


Good Morning, Everyone!             🧀🍾 BON APPETIT! 🍾🧀

🎶 There’s a BISTRO where we would dine each evening..CANDLE LIGHT and California wine….Love is holding hands across the table. I still go past each night…Look for his car outside…🎶: Whispering Waves. Donna Summer. 1975

🧀🍾  A bistro holds distinction as a place that’s dim and small,
No KNOTTY pine you’ll find here, instead Art Deco walls…
One’s VOICE is usually lowered, no OCTET will you hear…
The music’s usually rich and drinks are wine more than they’re beer.
Quite often you’ll see couples, engaged in quiet dalliance,
The setting always ideal, with romantic ambience…
We see one woman feeling just a little out of place,
The look of “I can’t FATHOM“…is so evident on her face…
The stylishness, the coziness…yes elegance to wit…
It’s obvious these diners all TOOK A FANCY TO IT! 🧀🍾

So, once again today we see all Sweet Repeats…three of our words taken from the second half of 2017, with VOICE, not having been HEARD since 2016. Excellent anagrams all, and I think OCTET may be the most difficult word on today’s MENU. Looking at our cartoon, we find ourselves in a newly opened French BISTRO. Two tables are shown… The women seen at front, seemingly NEWly seated, look to have two different reactions to the place. The one at left, is seen smiling, marveling at the restaurants’ elegance. The one at right, not so much. Dressed casually, she’s claiming she loves the place, but feels too underdressed to be dining there. The place is very “FANCY“. The table at the rear, is occupied by two men, enthusiastically enjoying their meal. Obviously, everyone likes the place. And our question hints…That the diners…TOOK A FANCY TO IT! Magnifique, tres chic, and Garçon par non! Touché, David. You always know how to SERVE up a good one!

Ok, the eye candy…The women have elegantly folded Bird of Paradise napkins, or are they CRANES)?…but EVE seen better…And I’m going to go right past the GARÇON, with his tray of steaming meats, because I really think there’s a lot more at STEAK…The two male diners? SACRE BLEU…is it you? Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce? Frasier and Niles CRANE, dining à deux? By candlelight en plus? Why yes, I think it is! Now that’s a SIGHT for sore FRIES! So, There you have it Folks, Fini! Have a great day, Everyone! BON APPETIT!🍤🍾 🙋🏻



17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers 06/28/2018

    • Good Morning, Early Bird. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I’ve lost count of the things I’ve already messed up this morning…Sorry to hear you’re still having tech issues…Hang in there, HM. Have a good one…🙋🏻


  1. The Naval OCTET had a KNOTTY problem in trying to FATHOM where the phantom VOICE was coming from.
    No problems this AM in spite of the large number of circled letters. The cartoon and the dialogue gave plenty of clues.
    Great song choice Angela and your poem was more than a little delectable and deserves 5 stars.
    Thanks for pointing out the Crane Brothers, I didn’t notice them. Too bad they weren’t with Maris, but she was also a “phantom” right?
    Have a good day everyone.

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    • Good Morning, Earl! “FATHOM… the Phantom VOICE”! Brilliant! 👏🏻 I agree, it was TRES SIMPLE! ( Spelt the same way in French)! Thanks, once again, so much for the Shout Oot and Poem Nom…And..LOL..I WAS going for delectable! 😉 I could be wrong about the Cranes, but that forehead’s quite an afFRONT! 😉 And yes, Maris was a Phanthom! Hilarious!
      Have a good one, Kind Sir! …🎶Frasier…Has left the Building…🎶 🍤🙋🏻


  2. Good morning. Angela,thanks for the great post. I’ll check out the song after this. I have no clue right now. I never noticed the brothers until you said it. That was a funny half hour show. The hardest word for me was Octet. Even when I had it down I wasn’t sure till I checked. I’m thinking “Duh,I should have had a V8. The remain words were quick reads. The cartoon answer took a a little time shuffling the letters around. I didn’t even see your error but don’t fret. I won’t tell anyone. As far as I’m concerned you aces in my book. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Today you get a pass on the song. I doubt if it ever went mainstream. It’s taken from her 🎶Love to Love You Baby🎶 Album. And I don’t think you’ll be alone…OCTET may put a few of us behind the EIGHT ball today. Agree, Frasier was a great show..I was so upset when it ended. Thanks so much for the Shout Out, but I’ve counted 9 errors already, and that’s without CRANING my neck! Not my best morning so far…But as far as telling anybody, the proof’s in the SOUFFLÉ! That email’s done and gone! What can I say? I’m the first to admit that I’m far from perfect…And Brooklyn…Thank you…😘 I’ll see your Aces, and raise you a King! Have a good one, Bud. Stay dry…It’s been storming out here since 3 AM! Oh, one more thing…When you went to the V8? Did you slap your forehead? You know it don’t count unless you do! 😉😂🙋🏻


      • You’re welcome! Always aim to please, Brooklyn! …But phrase what? My amazing screw up tally so far today? Stay tuned…It’s still early..😂🙋🏻


  3. Octet was a problem,but should not have been for a musician like myself.A multiple word puzzle can be a problem,but the multiple o’s and c and y,yielded a quick solution.As far as 100 degrees in Az,Illinois is to have a THI at or above 100 degrees the next several days.

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    • Hey Chuck..I felt OCTET might be the stumper today, but as you said, the rest was a breeze..Which I can see we’ll both be in need of the next few days…This morning they were clocking us at a THI of 110 for the weekend…Pool to A/C and vice versa. I don’t even think I’ll attempt to go out on the water…So Chuck…Math professor, musician, avid golfer, without the eraser on the pencil…A regular Renaissance man, huh? Kudos, Sir! 👏🏻👏🏻,Have a good one! 🍤🙋🏻


  4. Another easy one today – nice!! Not to worry about your original post, Angela. You and Mike do an amazing job keeping us informed and entertained day after day. Have a good Thursday everyone.

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    • Good Morning, Betty. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, but this morning I really dropped the ball…Incorrect information, misspellings, the whole magilla! A plethora of poor performance! Mea culpa!…And on to tomorrow! 😂 Wishing you a good Thursday too! Ciao! 🍤🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – I stumbled onto OCTET by accident. KNOTTY actually took me the longest after having to get TONKA TOY out of my head first.

    The answer give me a real laugh, because there was a cartoon awhile ago where a car wash employee liked his new female co-worker, and my guesses at the answer were
    “Made a pass at her”?
    “Took a swipe at her”? (Which I believe is still Angela’s favorite of my wrong guesses)
    “Took a SHINE to her”!
    So my first thought for an answer today was “Took a swipe at it.” Writing down the letters made the answer obvious.

    Making errors is the inevitable risk of having the courage to post for general consumption – what Chronicle sportswriter Bruce Jenkins calls, when he writes a column of predictions, “Dead Wrong in Public.”
    I’ve been here since March 2017 and in all that time, I can only remember Angela and Mike posting an incorrect word once each. You’re doing fine, especially when I remember the times I’ve been stumped for the answer and imagining the cold sweat I’d be having if I had post an answer for the world.
    Thanks for all you do.

    Have a great day and stay cool, all!

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    • Hey G, Thanks a bunch, Bud for the Shot in the Arm. ❤️ Very much appreciated. Even though I don’t sweat the Jumble, I do feel badly putting bad information out there. And today I slipped…But, that Dead Wrong in Public is a Keeper, and I’m putting it in the vault for future use. You can always count on Jenkins! Once again, Thanks, Grasshopper. You’re Stand Up! Have a good one! ❤️🙋🏻


  6. PS – About that California wine –
    🎵”We haven’t had that spirit here
    Since Nineteen Sixty-Nine”🎵! 🙋🏻‍♂️

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  7. FYI: Chuck B – Hi Chuck. I’m not sure if you’ll see this. The page you posted to in reply to the second Email I sent out this morning 06/28/2018-2 was deleted. Thank you very much for your kind words. No one plans on making a mistake, but they do happen. I just had the phrase in my head, and I typed it without thinking. Again, Thank you, Sir, and have a good night.🙋🏻


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