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Good Morning, Everyone!       🌿 SAGE ADVICE 🌿

🎶 Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, and THYME…Remember me to one who lives there…She once was a true love of mine…🎶 “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme – Scarborough Fair🎶   – Simon and Garfunkel 1966

🌿This chef was never GRUMPY as he prepared FILLET
To him it was POETIC to make these meals all day.
He taught his protégés with care, so not to get them CANNED,
He told them SALARY alone should not be their demand…
“A SHROUD of scents important…your spices will be key…
You need to love the food you make…if success you’re to see”…
And students all enrolled with him…they followed his sage reasoning…
Because they trusted he’d advise when it was “THYME” FOR SEASONING…🌿

Our six ENTREES, I mean entries on the MENU this morning are all old favorites. SHROUD, which caused the Early Birds a tic or two before it was unVEILed, appears to be our most recent word, last seen on September 7th, And while each of our words appeared last year, POETIC’s been in play 8 times, and goes back to 2015. Within it’s 7 previous game plays, it’s anagram was repeated on 4 different occasions, (which is understandable with that many appearances), but today’s anagram is new, as are all our others…Ok..By now, I think we’ve HAD OUR FILL with  our words, don’t you? Yes, I think it’s THYME we move on to our cartoon…

So, what has Jeff COOKED up for us today? Bringing us into what looks like the commercial kitchen of a restaurant, we see FRANC, our CHEF, offering some SAGE advice to his new, young, wide-eyed apprentice. She’s asking about “aromatics“. AROMATICSI just call them spices, SEASONINGS..Sure, they do “release” certain aromas, and “flavors“, but I’ve just never referred to them that way…and I’ve cooked up quite a few dishes in my day…I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I think words like that are HALF-BAKED, you know, pretentious…Anyway…By Franc’s dialogue “you have to wait for the right moment“…and the sprig of herb we see in his hand…in answer to our question? It was..”THYME” FOR SEASONING! Ah, David, another good one…Very WELL DONE! This is why I hold you in such high eSTEAM!

Ok, eye candy…Let’s START OFF WITH FRANC…With his name embroidered across his jacket. He seems to have a rather distinctive look about him. But I’ll leave that on the BACK BURNER for now…The kitchen is completely shaded in gray. The only colors we see today, are the faces and hair of our three characters, the brown cutting board, and the pinkish dish Franc is cooking in his black skillet. Oh and the little green sprig of THYME in his hand…The rest of the panel is pretty BLANCHED. On the cutting board, clock-wise top left, we can see 🎶Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and…Garlic..🎶 (Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it)! Lying beside the SEASONINGS, we see a large CLEAVER…(Eye candy yet?…No, I’m not going to LEAVE IT TO CLEAVER)…The two “Apprentice Chefs”, who I’m now going to call Charlotte “Truffy” Wortham, and Sean “Sean-dinista” Coffey...just on a whim…are both looking SOUS neat and CRISP,  and are wearing their CHEF HATS...(And it TOQUE me a minute here to notice that Franc is hatless), and Sean at the back has something simmering in his raised skillet…His long blond hair is pulled back into a ponytail…(and MENU must do this while Cooking…please pay attention HAIR)…And I’m going to say that it’s a FILLET of Salmon that’s being cooked as our MAIN DISH...But I think I’ve spent enough THYME on this Eye Candy STEAK out today…I’m ready to WRAP IT UP TO GO... My CHOICE today? It’s CHEF FRANC (i.e.) FRANC ORRALL, the founder, frontman and guitarist for the Rock &  Soul group, POI  DOG PONDERING   –  A favorite of Jeff’s…I gotta hand it to you Jeff…this THYME you’ve really shown your SKILLET 🍳 this! So, There you have it Folks…WELl, DONE! Have a GRATE day, Everyone! And I hope your day PANS out well! 🌿🙋🏻




14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/28/2019

  1. Although done under a SHROUD of secrecy, it was POETIC justice that the GRUMPY FILLET mignon lover had his SALARY cut in half instead of his being CANNED.

    • Good Morning, Chuck! Bravo! WELL DONE! 😉 Very creative! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ..I took a totally different tack. And I love how except for GRUMPY and SALARY, we’ve managed to use alternate use of the other words! I really enjoy playing with the variations of them….Wishing you a great day! On to the NY Times X-Word? 🍳🙋🏻

      🍖 Even though he knew how to FILLET the meat before it was CANNED, and the exact THYME FOR SEASONING, today he was distracted…both by the hanging picture of a cow wearing a SHROUD, and the “POETIC” rumblings of the GRUMPY Union Boss making his SALARY demands…🍖

      • I like yours better than mine, Angela. On to the NY TIMES x-word puzzle, as you indicated.. Hope your day is progressing nicely!

        • Hey Chuck…Thank you, that’s very kind, but I think we both exercised some serious imagination with these words today. Only wish I had waited though until after I finished my meatballs before I thought about a shrouded cow…kind of dampening the mood! 🙄 LOL’ The Times X-word is on hold..I’ve finished the 2 in the NY Daily News, and the Kakuro puzzle, but I’m still grappling with the Sudoku High Five. Do you do these? 5 Sudoku puzzles intertwined into one another? A tad challenging…Good Luck with yours…👍🏻🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. The words were instant reads except for Poetic. That sucker took as long to get as all the other words combined. After contemplating peeking for the cartoon answer,that light bulb finally illuminated my thoughts and thyme didn’t pass me by.
    Nice job Angela and Chuck. We had the perfect song choice which was only the entree for your main course which flowed like fine wine. Quick…….Get the shovels!! All joking aside,your use of the words were great. By the way Angela, went to the Met game last night with part of my family members and froze. We all had two coats on and they had blankets besides and still was not warm. Since the Mets were losing 8-2 at the time in the middle of the seventh inning we left. We missed the three run homer. We have a knack of watching them lose almost every time we go. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • LOL…Brooklyn, you slay me, every THYME, I swear! Thanks for the Shout Outs just the same, shovel worthy or not! 😉 I’m so glad you didn’t throw in the DISHrag on this one. It really wasn’t all that bad, once you put your mind to it…you know really get emBROILed into it…You done good by holding out…And you’re right..the song was the perfect COMPLIMENT to this MEAL! Just like a glass of fine wine! So, the Mets..Yea, you just missed seeing the homer…They fought back, but alas, I guess the STEAKS were too high, and they were just destined to MEAT defeat…I have a nephew like you…Poor kid, they call him the Jinx. Every time he goes to a game…it’s curtains. And he loves the Mets so much too. I VEAL for the kid, really…I don’t know how you lasted that long though..it was so nasty out…Bet the whole THYME you wished you were sitting home, feet up in the recliner…And then to lose on top of it…Ah, life! You’ll get ’em next THYME, Slugger…You ‘Gotta Believe! Have a great day, Brooklyn…Game’s comin’ on in 15! ⚾️🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – I did better than expected with the long answer and words. Just happened to get POETIC from having seen it before. SHROUD, FILLET and CANNED took a little longer than the others, and the quotes gave away THYME and the rest of the answer.

    Too many good puns to note Angela, although I did like eSTEAM and the reference to TOQUE worn also by hockey goalies during outdoor games. Also laughed at Parsley Sage Rosemary and Garlic by Simon and Mario. Is this a new game?

    Have a great Sunday, everyone!

    🎵”And let me try with pleasured hands
    To take you in the sun to (promised lands)
    To show you every one
    It’s the {thyme} of the {seasoning} for loving”🎵
    “Time of the Season”, The Zombies, recorded 1967 at Abbey Road Studios

    “Thoughts of having to serve CANNED FILLET to his unhappy customers would SHROUD the waiter’s GRUMPY mood, but he had no alternative when he considered the meager SALARY his POETIC endeavors would provide.”

    • Hey G…👏🏻👏🏻 Very WELL DONE! I like it…It SERVES you well! And Thanks for the Shout Out…You know I did consider the Zombies for a FLEECEing moment, but I couldn’t sacrifice the 🎶Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Garlic🎶…To CUT that line would’ve killed me…😂 I was literally LOL! …As it was, the post TOQUE me longer than usual, and did you see that I did it piece MEAL, because I needed to get to Mass? The only lift I was getting was for the 7 o’clock one, and I didn’t want to BLOW (on) it… Uh…Just one small thing before I go…The Mario? Hmm…😉 Have a good one, G! 🍳🙋🏻

      • Mario put the garlic in the GRAVY! 😂 He’s a man for all seasonings (recycled joke 🙄)
        Good luck with all the sports outcomes (and everything else) today. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • 🤦🏻‍♀️ Careful here..you’re skating on thin RICE! 😂 Soooo much going on today, right? 🙋🏻

  4. I do the single Sudoku once in a while, Angela.My brain can’t handle any beyond Thursday! Got about half of last week’s Sunday x-word. That’s darn good for me! Thanks, Paul..

    • I do the single ones during the week too. But I’m kind of anal, and I can’t leave any of them undone. They haunt me. Wait…did I say anal? What I really meant was neurotic! 😂😂 🙋🏻

  5. ==

    This Has the Full Version, and Shows the Lyrics As the Song Plays As Well ….


    Tad Better, We Thinks. :–)


    • Thank you, Shelby..it’s a beautiful song. I saw this clip on YouTube this morning, but when possible, I always try to go with one that has a picture of the artists. Have a great night! 🍳🙋🏻

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