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Happy Monday, Jumble fans! Our week of jumbling duties began with four clue words that were returning repeats. When first starting the puzzle, I thought there might have been a printing error because INEPT was used just 6 days ago (4/24/19) and the anagram was exactly the same. Perhaps David couldn’t find another word with the letters he needed or he was just taking it easy on us since it’s a Monday morning. Whatever the case was, I breezed through the remaining three without any trouble. IMPEDE would be my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day because of the double E’s. It was also the oldest clue word of the day and was last used on 7/8/18 and jumbled as DMEIPE.

Cruising over to the cartoon, the setting was a used car lot where we encounter our first two Jumble characters of the week. If you look closely at the sign in the background you’ll notice that Jeff named this establishment “The Wheel Deal”. There are two vehicles that take up the majority of the panel with the main focus being the not so “like new” red one in the front.

The dialogue of our penny-pinching shopper informs us that the condition of the vehicle that he’s interested in doesn’t quite match the advertisement. The car has fifteen dents that we can see — and probably even more where we can’t! In an effort to save the sale, and probably his commission, the salesman states that they can buff them out.

The were plenty of details within the panel to make it visually interesting. There were three shaded vehicles in the background with one of them looking like a Hummer. The string of pennants adorning the sign gave the lot a sense of tackiness and all it was missing was a few of those sail-flag banners for an extra kick of kitsch! The highlight of the panel was definitely the appearance of our unscrupulous salesman. He appears to be in a 1980’s time warp with his oversized purple shades and thin necktie.

The final solution was an anagram consisting of 8-letters. It was a brilliant Jumble that kept the answer well hidden, but the combination of the dents and the wording of the sentence made it an instant solve. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!





17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/29/2019

  1. To IMPEDE the FUNGUS growth, a very INEPT VIPER of a man was hired and immediately displayed his lack of knowledge thereof.

  2. I wasn’t sure of the spelling of fungus,but the anagrams were a snap.Given the obvious dents on the hood of the car,the evi dents solution was obvious,even though a word in quotes, as today ,usually gives me fits.We’ve traded in our snowy Illinois Saturday for a rainy Monday leading off a rainy week.I guess April showers may bring May flowers.

    • Hi, Chuck! We’re getting some much needed sunshine today but the forecast is rain for the rest of the week. I’ll take it because I’ve had it with shoveling!!!

  3. Good morning. Busy past three days with Met game Saturday, celebrating Greek Easter with one of my daughterinlaws and her family yesterday and today to a funeral mass for one of the bocce guys wife. Agree with you Mike on your choice for hardest word but not on the cartoon answer. I hate,hate,hate it when the answer is in quotation marks. I had the answer in around-about way but couldn’t do anything wit vie. I very seldom think the answer is cool when I finally see it. Today is another example. I must admit though as time passes (like hours) it starts to look a little better for me. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • It was a fun way (for some of us) to start the week. The character was pointing directly at the dents so I found it quite obvious. Did you get INEPT right away? Strange how it was the second time we’ve seen it in a weeks time.

    • I agree with Paul and hate when the answer is in quotes,but “evi” dents did come to me after some thought,given the cartoon pic of the dents on the hood.

  4. Hi all – Pretty much an instant solve on everything for a Monday morning. Just took an extra look at FUNGUS to be sure it had the correct letters.

    In addition to the sail-flags, I think the lot could also use a couple of those inflatable balloon figures that move up and down and wave their “arms” around, and possibly a huge “muffler-man” statue for real class (or a giant termite for those around Providence.)

    Buffing out scratches, maybe. Buffing out dents, I don’t think so.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The investigation showed ‘EVI-DENTS’ that the INEPT lab tech had allowed a FUNGUS to grow in the snake antivenom, and it was therefore unable to IMPEDE the poison from the VIPER”.
    Speaking of stinging things, do you still have your bees, Mike?

    • Funny you mentioned those balloon figures, Steve. I thought of them too but couldn’t figure out their proper name and went the flag route.

      Unfortunately the bees didn’t survive the cold winter. We tried our best at insulating the hive but it wasn’t enough. The gentleman at the apiary said we shouldn’t expect them to make it and he was right. We ultimately decided not to order another nuke this year because we’re having some trees taken down where their hive is.

      • That all makes sense, but it was fun hearing about them last year, and I’m sure your kids will never forget the experience.

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