Jumble Answers for 09/07/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!       🎶FLY ME TO THE MOON🎶

🎶 You’re clear OUT OF THIS WORLD...When I’m looking at you. I hear OUT OF THIS WORLD…The music that no mortal ever knew…I cry, OUT OF THIS WORLD….If you said we were through…So let me fly OUT OF THIS WORLD, and spend the next eternity or two… with you…Clear OUT OF THIS WORLD...Clear OUT OF THIS WORLD, Clear OUT OF THIS WORLD…🎶 “Out of This World” – Mel Torme 1988

🌗 The date July the 20th, of 1969… Americans are all glued to TV…
My house was packed as we all sat, no FEWER than thirty…
The night was hot, one felt as if a SHROUD was ‘oer the room,
The AC cranked, but nervousness did all but quite consume.
We first had dined on pasta, a TOMATO sauce divine…
We toasted what was coming with the best of Grandpa’s wine…
Like the lace stitch of a DOILY, my mind was all entwined,
So scared was I for Armstrong…Who knew what he might find?
And then we saw it happen, the Moon Landing unfurled…
And I’ll never forget thinking…This is just OUT OF THIS WORLD…🌗

With today’s words being all Sweet Repeats, we end our week on a HIGH note. With SHROUD being the oldest of the group, last appearing on September 1st, 2016, I think it may also be the stumper…If for no other reason than that it’s a word rarely seen or spoken in everyday conversation, and therefore not easily recognizable…I also noted that two of our words each have four letters being used for the solution, one from a five letter word, the other a six.  Is this HISTORY being made? I’d have to check…Our cartoon: Today we find ourselves in any living room across America, as we watch the first MOON LANDING on July 20th, 1969. Jeff’s showing us a couple, and two children. I’m want to say that it’s parents and their children, but for some reason, the man and woman appear to be “slightly” older, Grandparents perhaps. But for the sake of the SPACE here, we’ll go with it as a family unit. The children are being told by the Father that they’re watching History being made, while they themselves are asking childish questions such as: “Can I see them out the window”, and “Where are the aliens”.  So, with our question asking what did everyone think this Moon Landing was? It was...OUT OF THIS WORLD! Well done, David! You’ve LANDED another good one!

Ok, eye candy. The little boy is holding a toy replica of APOLLO 11. We see a TV, most likely Black and White, rabbIt ears intact, showing NEIL ARMSTRONG standing on the Moons’ surface, as he plants the American Flag. And the couple is dressed rather formally for a hot summer night at home…But what did it for me? If you look real closely, you’ll see that the woman is shown with her left hand grasping her throat, and a tear falling from her eye...With that single tear, Jeff’s managed to truly sum it all up…It was scary, it was exhilarating, it was like nothing we had ever seen before…And could there have been any CRATER detail? So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…And here’s to the PIONEERS of SPACE…🍷They truly took us OUT OF THIS WORLD! 🌗 🙋🏻



29 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/07/2018

  1. The TOMATO coloured DOILY was never meant to be a SHROUD but an armchair covering and FEWER ladies are crocheting these days—sad.
    I know we have had DOILY before but for some reason I want it have an E somewhere, so it caused a momentary pause. At first I was apprehensive about the number of circled letters, but studying the cartoon, I was sure one of the words was WORLD and the rest fell into place.
    Your song by Mel Torme is new to me—but “Fly Me To The Moon” is an old favourite. Thanks.
    Your poem and post pretty much say it all–well done poetess.
    Eye Candy? I did not notice the single tear drop—-very fitting and I am happy you pointed it out.
    Have a fruitful, fun-filled, frivolous, fabulous Friday.

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    • Hi Earl. Good Morning….The answer came to me right away, from the cartoon, as soon as I glanced over and saw the “W”…and all those “O’s”…Thanks for the Shout Outs…The song was recorded by a good number of artists…I only used his because it’s the one I listen to most often. It’s an extremely haunting tune , especially his performance of it, and one not nearly as mainstream as 🎶Fly Me To The Moon🎶. Your beloved Miss Ella does a very nice rendition…Once again, a lot of songs may have fit, but these were the exact lyrics…so, Bingo! As for the tear? It really caught me off guard…and as young as I was, I remember that night…and how ALL the women cried…Tomato colored DOILY is brilliant…For a moment there I had no idea how I’d work Doily and SHROUD into a Moon Landing theme!… Odd word, Shroud…. 😉 So I stretched, especially with Doily! And I like how we both used Shroud in a similar context. Thanks for the alliteration too…You know it always does me good! Have a great day, Earl! 🌗🙋🏻

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  2. DOILY seems almost archaic; I’m surprised to see it as a clue word. “Out of this world” is such a common phrase; surely we’ve seen it as an answer before.
    Did you know that Mel Tormé, along with Bob Wells, wrote the Christmas Song?🎅

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    • Hey Mike…Good Morning. Yes, thanks…I do know about that little tidbit of Musical Trivia! And it’s such a beautiful song too. I agree with you, that DOILY is a very “old-time” word, and we last had it here not too long ago, on this past December 11th. It showed up then as DIYLO.. But it didn’t seem to cause any WRINKLES that day…😉 I guess it beats its counterpart…Antimacassar! .Now that word to me is just soooo unnecessary! 😉 And I’m shaking my head, because I don’t know how I failed to mention that there just so happens to be Doilies in the cartoon…Eye candy! The womens’ chair has one on the back, and one on the arm. Altho…these may be considered to be antimacassars!! 😂😂 I have a ton of doilies that both my Grandmother and my Mother crocheted, some very old, from my Grandmothers’ childhood…and as Earl mentioned, it does seem to have become a dying art. I tried my hand at it..(no pun intended) many a time over the years…but with being so “directionally challenged”? You can just imagine how that all turned out! 😉 Everyone threatened to do me in with the needles! 😂 I guess it is key to know your left hand from your right, when attempting something such as this! 😂😂 And as far as the phrase? Yes, very common, but I don’t know if it’s been used before verbatim. Maybe I can check….Good to see you, Mike…Hope you’re having a good day! 🌘🙋🏻


      • ANTIMACASSAR?? Shirley you jest! I guess you don’t check in every day, huh? Because it’s one of Steve’s favorite words!! 😂😂 He’s COVERED it many times in the past! 😉 And yes, it is funny that the Doily showed up in the cartoon..(even though I’m not laughing)! 😉 😳🙋🏻.


  3. Good morning. Are you sure Angela you had air conditioning back then or was it where you had a bowl of ice and the fan blowing right on it to cool off the room. I remember those days. Also older women wearing doilies on their head when stepping inside a church. I’ll have to check out the song. Your choice is new to me. I immediately was thinking of green eyed purple people eater. Thanks for your contribution as always and the extra hidden treasures. Earl, terrific use of the words. I don’t think I’ve seen a tomato doily. I still use my Mothers and MotherInLaws doilies all around the house. Today’s jumble was fairly easy for me. I was able to go straight down the words without having to go back a second time. The cartoon answer took me about ten minutes starring at the picture before that V-8 moment hit me. Crossing out the letters proved correct. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • ROTFL!!’ Good Morning, Brooklyn! A bowl of ice and a fan!!!! 😂 Paul, we’re talking 1969! I think I saw that in an old movie once! But you got me thinking now…I do remember it was hot…You know, you may be right. Maybe it was 1972 when we got the AC? IDK! I’ll have to ask my brothers..😉 And I have pictures of my Mom wearing those little white lace things on her head going to Church…But she was young! 😉 Did those things have a name? Jeez…You’re giving me wayyyyy too much to try and remember so early in the morning! You’ll see that I was just telling Mike that I too still have a slew of hand made doilies..They’re much too beautiful to ever part with, right? And you’re not alone on the solve…A few people have told me that they were stuck coming up with it…But I’m glad you held out for the V-8! Kudos! Have a good one, Brooklyn…You always make me smile! 😘🙋🏻


  4. Love the tear & hand details that I missed, Angela.
    For the answer, I put the t and h together and looked for two and three letter words. This led me to of and out and then the phrase.
    I was Googling to see if the little boy Jeff could fit the age of Jumble Jeff. I think so. In doing so, I came across this article about David and Jeff creating a custom Jumble as a marriage proposal.
    Wishing everyone a fun weekend.

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    • Good Morning, Caroline. I wondered about the little boy Jeff myself, and just took it as a random name….But I thought he looked about 6 or 7, which would have him being born about 1962- 1963, making him 55-57 today. Somehow I take Jeff for younger than that. But I just went back to look, and maybe the boy is younger. If we peg him at 3ish, then I bet you’re right. So I looked it up. And Wikipedia has Jeff as being born in 1966! Bingo!…Which means it’s a self portrait type of puzzle…Which means I may have very well described his parents as looking “older”..,,Which further means??!! 😳 Jeff…I know you’re reading this…You can take it one of two ways…Be “slightly” offended that I described your parents as looking “slightly” older…(which I’m going back to amend)! 😉 …Or be complimented that I didn’t take you for a day over 45! 😂 (TBT, I always thought 40ish..but now I’m realizing that you do have a daughter in college, which is still doable, but I guess you could be older…Hey..I’ve made no secret of my Math “Foibles”)! Anyway, GREAT catch, Caroline…I’m batting a goose egg today…First I overlooked the antimacassars, and now I’ve overlooked Jeff and his family….From now on, sleep first, then the Jumble!!’…😉 And thanks for the link. We had that puzzle on Sunday, April 8th, and a few days later the couple wrote to us telling about it. It was a very heartwarming story…Ok, let’s hope I’m done with the 2 for 2…I’m soooo not looking for a reverse hat trick today! Again, great work, Caroline! Kudos! 👏🏻👏🏻!


      • Angela, you and Mike catch an amazing amount of details that I always seem to miss.This is one of the main reasons I look at JA. I missed the couple writing in, which was very cool.

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      • Hi Caroline. Thanks, and yes…but this is sort of like missing the forest for the trees! 😉 Hope you’re having a great day! 🙋🏻


  5. Interesting bit…

    “Why was the first moon landing filmed in black and white?”

    It wasn’t, it was filmed in color. The broadcast was black and white.

    Within the industry “filming” means you’re using motion picture film.

    “Taping” or VTR means you’re shooting video and recording it to tape – or a more modern media.

    And then a “live broadcast” means you’re shooting and transmitting live television.

    It’s a bit pedantic, but that’s the biz.

    The famous video of Armstrong going down the ladder was a live broadcast via a remote controlled camera on the outside of the LM. It was black and white because that pushed the technological limits of the day, as others have pointed out.

    The astronauts also shot 16mm motion picture film. This film is color film. The film was shot during the mission, and then the rolls were processed after they landed back on earth. And you can watch all 1:30 that was shot, right here: https://archive.org/details/Apol

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  6. I had to back into tomato,from the final solution having been solved.July,1969, was 2 months before our 9-6-69 wedding.We heard on the radio,the landing was imminent,so doubled back to my Aunt’s house in Euclid Ohio to watch the landing live on thir large screen,for that time,Zenith space command B&W TV.

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    • Hey Prof..How’re you doing? Tomato I saw coming from a mile away..We started jarring from the gazillion that we’ve grown, so I got tomatoes coming out of my ears! 🍅 I like your memory, it’s a sweet one. Thanks for sharing…But a question…Was there Air Condition? 😉😉 Have a good one, Chuck! 🌘🙋🏻


      • Hey Chuck..I was just teasing about Paul…But, Hmm. That’s what he’s saying too…And yet, I think we did have them..I’m going to ask my family and see if anyone else remembers..Have a good one, Prof! 🌘🙋🏻


  7. Hi all – Saw the answer right away. The last two words took a second look, SHROUD after I put the SH together, and TOMATO after seeing A MOTTO.

    Thanks for mentioning my “antimacassar” obsession, Angela. That’s the first thing I thought – “ ‘Doily’ old fashioned? But no, it’s positively modern!”
    I remember gathering with friends from work in the Chicago suburbs to watch this, fresh out of college at my first real job. And yes we had a window air conditioner in an apartment, and a color TV – my first, a 13-inch Sony Trinitron (WITH Rabbit Ears!)
    I guess I remember the TV better than the moon landing, because I thought it was during the week, not on a Sunday.

    Anyway, have a great weekend everyone, and I hope your weather turned cooler.

    🎵”Gazing from my window, to the streets below
    On a freshly fallen silent SHROUD of snow.
    I am a rock; I am an island.
    And a rock feels no pain. And an island never cries”🎵

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    • Hey Steve…Tomato..ToMAHto….or A DOILY by any other name! 😉 And of course it was the first thing you thought! 😂 I know you by now! So, youve earned the Shout Out! Nice memory…Hard to believe that it’ll be 50 years next year, right? That’s a lot of Moon ROCKS! 😉Have a good one, G! 🌘🙋🏻


  8. I was in Helsinki, Finland, during the Moon Landing, and watched it in a hotel lobby with a crowd of people. Wikipedia says that the landing was at 20:17 GMT, which I think would make it 10:17 p.m. in Helsinki, or maybe 11:17 if they had daylight savings time. As soon as they landed, it was announced that they would sleep for several hours before going out on the lunar surface. Everybody where I was was very disappointed, and left to go to their rooms. It was until the next morning that I saw the surreal images of men walking on the moon.

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  9. Easy one today. I agree doily is old fashioned an antimacassar even more so – but I know the word because my grandmother used to have them on her good chars and couches. Sounds like it would be a good SAT word today. Happy Friday everyone.

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    • Hey, Betty, you mean like the SAT entrance exams? Ha!
      You’re giving me flashbacks:
      “ ‘Doily’ is to ‘antimacassar’ as ‘DVD’ is to …” 😂


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