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Good Thursday morning, Jumble fans! Today’s Jumble started off with MUMMY which is a brand new clue word. The three M’s in a row made me take a few extra glances before I finally figured it out. STAND was used yesterday in the cartoon answer so it was no trouble at all. Our final two clue words were both excellent jumbles with FREELY taking me the longest to decipher. We last saw it play on 2/26/17 where it was jumbled as FLYEER. I remember seeing POETIC countless times in the past so I had to choose FREELY as the most difficult anagram of the day.

Our cartoon brings us to what is most likely a museum where we see our Jumble characters looking at an exhibit featuring clocks. There are eight different drawings of clocks on display and they’re pretty much in order of their respective discovery. In the top row, and moving left to right, we see an hourglass, obelisk, sundial, and water clock. In the bottom row, we see a candle clock, mechanical clock, a pendulum clock and finally a digital clock.

My favorite detail of this piece was the smartwatch that the young child is wearing. Zooming in on the watch face reveals that the display is showing a time of 1:12. I also noticed that the tour guide was wearing a timepiece. The time on his watch is showing it to be approximately 1:30. Either the tour guides watch needs a new battery or the child needs to recharge his smartwatch!

The letter layout for the surprise answer was 11-letters in length. It was a very impressive anagram that kept the solution well hidden. Since the exhibit in the cartoon was all about clocks, I figured TIME had to somewhere in there. Crossing out the letters brought MODERN into view with the remaining S placed on TIME for the finish. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. 🎶 Just in TIME, I found you just in TIME, before you came my TIME was running low…I was lost, the losing dice were tossed…my bridges all were crossed, nowhere to go…Now you’re here, and now I know just where I’m going, no more doubt or fear, I found my way…For love came just in TIME, you found me just in TIME…And changed my lonely life that lovely day…🎶 “Just In Time” – Tony Bennett 1960

    ⌛️⏱ To tell Time since the dawn of man, they drew on different ways,
    An Obelisk that they could STAND, a Merkhet ended days…
    Egyptians took a MUMMY, preserved it quite in style,
    Round 1300 BC they gave us the Sundial…
    POETIC license taken here, I’m FREELY stretching words,
    To rhyme this theme is bordering the edges of absurd.
    I just know that where Time’s concerned I’m guilty of such crimes…
    I’m always juggling now and then to keep up MODERN TIMES! ⏱⌛️

    Great words, great cartoon…🎶TIME AFTER TIME🎶 the Jumble Boys always come through!…SECOND to none! But today, I’ve not a MINUTE to spare. My SCHEDULE’s full. So…INSTANT solve all around, and QUICK look for eye candy. Are we at a CLOCK Museum here? TIME will tell…We see that Jeff’s ONCE again this TIME around drawn the male figure, toDAY a Curator, wearing perforated TWO-toned brown and white shoes. But WATER you know? UnFOURtunately ONCE again, the person in charge of coloring the panel has done them as a ONE-colored dark brown pair. That TICKS me off…These shoes are so TIMELESSLY stylish. And I gotta HAND it to you Jeff, for trying again. The woman is sporting a rather DATED hairdo…But I’m ZEROing in on the little boy with the Smart WATCH that reads 1:12…He has sideburns! Jeff, he’s just a little boy! C’mon…WEATHER he has long hair or not, would he have Sideburns like that? A little CUCKOO, no? I mean, how much TIME would it even take for those to grow? So, There you have it, Folks. Done! Have a great DAY, Everyone! …It’s still so hot here in NYC…We’re being told to DIAL back HOUR activities, do just what COUNTS, and not spend any unnecessary TIME outdoors until the Heat Warnings have PASSED. So I’m just going to WIND this up, CLOCK out and WATCH my step toDAY! ⌛️⏱🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. I’ll try to read everybody later. Am in a hurry to get out the door today. Going to be a long day. Just want to say that although I lost $300 at A/C yesterday I still had a nice time with friends. Today’s jumble was another easy one with maybe a slight hitch on Poetic. My choice for hardest word. Everything was an instant read except for that. After writing down the letters that to was a quick solve. Until tomorrow stay well.

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  3. There seems to be POETIC justice in seeing the MUMMY placed in an exhibit where he could STAND FREELY with no cryptic explanations and no stone entombment.
    No difficulty with the clue words, POETIC did take a second and third look–even though we have had it several times. The solution? As you said, Mike, TIME was a fairly obvious word and that left all those consonants spelling out MODERN.
    Thanks for the details—did not notice the SmartWatch or the time on either of the time pieces. I still focus on solution rather than details. Now I’ll go back and find a coloured version to catch up on what I’ve missed.
    Angela—you may be running LATE but you did a great job in selecting a song—and there are many with TIME in the lyrics—I could not get “My Grandfather’s Clock” out of my head. And I think I’ve mentioned this old song before, so I’ll leave it at that.
    Poem and Post were certainly PM quality so early in the AM. I had to smile at your feminine focus on footwear. I’m totally oblivious to what people are wearing in the cartoon—and generally in reality—unless it’s a stylish lady wearing stiletto heels which amaze me: How on earth can she walk in those??
    Yesterday you asked about humidity up here and I did not get back to you.
    The local meteorologists say that this summer has had the most days with a dew point above 70% since 1977. Apparently 70% dew point indicates discomfort and oppressiveness. Yesterday? The Heat Index was over 100 degrees for several hours. Today? Still humid but relief, they say, is on the way. Hope you got all you had to do, done.

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    • Good Afternoon, Earl…I’m so pressed for TIME, but I’m waiting for someone, so I’ll wait with you…You’re so right, there’s a gazillion songs out there with TIME in the title and lyrics, way too many to mention, but this one BEAT the CLOCK! 😉 Thanks so much for the Shout Out and the Poem Nom…I’m juggling like crazy since 5 AM…And yes, you did mention 🎶My Grandfathers’ Clock🎶 to me in the past. Later when I have some time, I’m gong to look in my files…LOL..I’m sorry, but I just can’t get past these shoes…Jeff’s drawn them so meticulously detailed both Monday and today, and whoever’s doing the coloring of the panels is just WHITEWASHING them,,,or BROWN WASHING them, to be exact! 😉 It really does TICK me off! I love them, and remember my Father having a pair…So classy…As for us women and HOUR 👠 Stilettos? I’ve a million pairs…How do we walk? Practice, Earl, practice..to turn a phrase…and not an ankle! 😉 I oft TIMES feel naked without them! ..Yes, same down here, that new sound bite, the Dew Point. I don’t remember it from the PAST, but they’re flinging it around all week. The weather’s almost debilitating…with the humidity creeping up there…I’m heariing relief’s coming also, and rain. Small favors, I’ve got my fingers crossed…Love your sentence, especially the “entombment”. You can surely paint a picture, Sir! Still a few things on the list for toDAY…And unfortunately my TIME’s not my own….I’m just praying I get it all done…Have a good one, Earl! Stay out of the sun…🔥👠🙋🏻

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  4. Mike, thanks for identifying all the devices that measure time. The Jumble and this site can be very educational sometimes.
    Like Paul and Earl, poetic was the hardest word for me. I needed to get the answer first and back in.

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    • You’re welcome, Caroline. The only one that wasn’t obvious to me was the candle clock. I had to do a bit of research on it and found it quite interesting. Have a wonderful afternoon. 🙂


  5. Hi all –
    🎵”Time is on my side, yes it is
    Time is on my side, yes it is
    ‘Cause I got the real love, the kind that you need
    You’ll come runnin’ back (I knew you would one day)
    You’ll come runnin’ back (baby I told you before)
    You’ll come runnin’ back to me, yeah”🎵 Rolling Stones
    Well, time was on my side a bit more in 1964 when the song came out – now, not so much! 😂
    “Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” (Soap opera)

    My trick of putting IC at the end finally worked for POETIC, and Mike’s suggestion to put LY at the end revealed FREELY quickly. (Mike! Use your own tricks! 😂). I see that we need a generalization of the double-letter trick to include triple letters! I thought maybe HANDS would be in the answer, then RECENT TIMES, but had to write the letters to see MODERN.

    I like that a water clock was included, couldn’t figure out what the Washington Monument had to do with keeping time until I presumed it was just a stick in the ground (actually an obelisk), was a bit puzzled at a disembodied (de-clocked?) pendulum, and I still don’t know what the little circles are around the clock face. My favorite detail though is that the digital clock is still set to its default 12:00 – probably flashing also, like so many people’s who didn’t bother or couldn’t figure out how to set the time on their new-fangled VCR’s.

    Great sentence, Earl! You reminded me of the Ray Bradbury story “The Next in Line” about mummies in Mexico.

    Angela, you can never go wrong with a Cindy Lauper reference, however fleeting.

    Have a great day, everyone. The boy’s watch will tell him that the East Coast folks will be in the 70’s tomorrow, so good luck!

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    • Good Catch, Sanchez! 😂 LOL…I was going to leave the 🎶🎶 off, but you know me and the “purity” of the music! 😉 And I was going to mention my runner up, which was the Stones….but I knew it was going to be your choice…I JUST KNEW! Scary! TBT, Tony Bennett’s left the building…It’s the Stones I’ve been singing since this morning! 😉 The 70’s…From your lips to Gods’ ears…Hoping…Have a good one, G…⌛️🙋🏻


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