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Good Morning, Everyone!             ⛱ BEACHY KEEN?

🎶We could walk barefoot in the warm WET SAND...Take a second look at what we had….I’ve been thinking alot since I’ve been here…Pass the neon lights and the LA haze…I’m a different man these days…So come on out, The COAST is CLEAR…🎶 “The Coast is Clear” – Tracy Lawrence 1997

⛱ The warm weather makes people feel more ACTIVE and more free,
They long to get outdoors and spend leisure time by the sea
Some RALLY as a group and have a beach party together
And it’s really important to know if you’ll “have the weather”
CANVAS umbrellas can be seen where people mark a spot,
To play a game of Spikeball, throw a frisbee…and the lot…
So if you’re SWORN to getting out at this time of the year…
Do as the people here did…they made sure the COAST WAS CLEAR

While three of our four words this morning were last seen in 2018, RALLY brings us back to 2015, and as far as I can tell, hasn’t been in play since. ACTIVE, on the other hand, has been just that…Active! We’re seeing it for the 8th time today. And SWORN and CANVAS were each used three times in the past…As for today’s difficultly level? Canvas, masterfully anagrammed, and not a word one sees everyday, caused half of the Early Birds to blink…posSEAbly earning it the distinction of the stumper of the morning. So, let’s WAVE goodbye to David’s portion of our puzzle, and SEA what Jeff has in SHORE for us…

Finding ourselves at the beach today, we see two couples smiling happily with the return of the sun. Having waited out the rain, they appear to have arrived before anyone else…It’s peaceful, and they’re loving the SEAclusion. The day’s now bright and CLEAR, and it turned out to be beautiful at the COAST. The BEACH is back! And they went because the…COAST WAS CLEAR! Good one, David…you’re never one to WAVEr!

Ok, eye candy…Both our men seem ready for some fun in the sun, with one holding a red Frisbee, and the other a Tennis Racket. The blonde woman at right is holding a cell phone. But the details are all beyond…The sun is shown shining brightly, rays emanating downward… Foamed-capped waves can be seen lapping towards the COAST line. And of course, Jeff’s signature sinking sailboat is seen way out at left in the water. There’s a conical seashell, a starfish, some seaweed, and what may be a tiny insect at the waters’ edge…But the best detail of this SEA-SUNal cartoon? Off to the right of our couples, right at the COAST line…if you look real closely, you can CLEARly see a tiny SEAgull…and that’s more than enough to TIDE me over until tomorrow…So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and I hope I’ve TALKED you all into getting some BEACH therapy…it always helps! ⛱🙋🏻






22 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/27/2019

  1. Good morning. He had SWORN to take an ACTIVE part in the RALLY underneath the CANVAS tent.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn….👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo! You’re getting better and better at this…I love it!
      But, check this out…I wrote my poem, and then the sentence here real early this morning…. And I’m looking at CANVAS, and something about it is bugging me, but I fell asleep…And a while ago… realized that I used the wrong CANVASS! So, I’m looking at a re-write…Rookie mistake, too…I’m losing my edge! 😂 🙋🏻

      ° He was determined to RALLY around the ACTIVE Serviceman, and had SWORN to CANVAS the area looking for the ideal location…

    • Ok, I did a quick one, but I still have to re-do the poem on the post….🙄🙋🏻

      ° Because they had assured him that the COAST WAS CLEAR, he began trudging through weeds and mud, and after having SWORN under his breathe the third time, he decided that if he was to remain ACTIVE in this naturalist group, he’d have to get himself a decent pair of CANVAS shoes before the next RALLY…

  2. SHOUT OUT TO MIKE M: Mike, after our conversation about the Subaru commercial, I began seeing this commercial for Extra Gum, with this beautiful tune. It was haunting, and it was haunting me! 😉 The commercial was so touching, it choked me up. So, I started searching, and finally found something, but couldn’t nail down the lyrics because I was going with the title they used in the commercial, https://tinyurl.com/y46drcwj “Max & Bill:New Friends”.. Then I found this. https://tinyurl.com/yyodng3y Supposedly, if I’m following it right, the artist, Jacob Banks, whom I’ve never heard of before, dropped the song just recently for Earth Day. It’s called “Every Age”. Which also fits the commercial to T…I definitely need to look into this guy further…Anyway, have you ever heard of him…and have you seen the commercial? …🙋🏻

    • Angela:
      I have never seen the commercial or heard of Jacob Banks, but I do like this song. Wikipedia says that Jacob Banks is 27, from Nigeria, and lives in Birmingham, England. (Nice to know there’s somebody from Nigeria not trying to scam me out of my money.😁) I’m still trying to get my mind around Paul not liking the Gregory Alan Isakov song, with banjos, for Pete’s sake!

      • ROTFL! Looks like you guys are all doing Stand-Up this morning…The scam comment had me falling out of my chair! I read up on him too. Never crossed my radar before the commercial…wild, right? I know Extra’s had a few of them in the past that tugged at the heartstrings, but this one really got to me…I guess the combination of the storyline and the music…very touching. As for Paul not being thrilled with my choice the other day? You’re too funny…but I know him pretty well by now, and I sensed it wouldn’t STRIKE A CHORD with him…and he did let me down gently…which is a testament to his sweetness…I love a healthy exchange of musical tastes though…It makes life so much more interesting! I hope the commercial starts airing in your neck of the woods…It’s really a keeper…🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Thanks Angela for an early post. A very pleasant song choice. Almost had me looking for my cowboy boots and 5 gallon hat (10 gallon too expensive) and head down to Jersey to the western night club from many years ago. My father-in-laws second wife (first passed away) was the aunt to Sharon Stone and they loved country music. No we never met the actress. I am kidding about the western garb but they both had complete outfits. Hey I got off track here,sorry. Did enjoy your over all post Angela. No problem with the words,they were instant reads. However,it did take a little time because I had Worst stuck in my head for awhile. Once I was able to rid that thought the answer finall came. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • You’re very welcome, Bud…And thanks for the Shout Out. I love the 5-Gallon hat bit! You always crack me up! WORST thing when you get a certain word stuck in your head…you end up going around in circles trying to shake it…But at least you recovered…Enjoyed your story, too…Hoping you have a great day, Brooklyn…The weather finally cleared up! Enjoy! ⛱🙋🏻

  4. Having SWORN to his wife that this would be his last ACTIVE engagement in the ring, the boxer started to RALLY in the eighth round, but eventually found himself flat on the CANVAS.

    • Good Morning, Chuck. RING–A-DING-DING!!!🛎🛎 This one’s a KNOCKOUT! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Great slant…Kudos! I dropped the BEACHball with my meaning of Canvass, and my usage of Canvas…how I didn’t immediately SEA it, I just don’t know…But I really like the CANVASS so much better! 😂😂🙋🏻 Have a good one, Chuck! ⛱🙋🏻

  5. Difficulty in words appears to be related to age, social group, even ethnicity. As an eighty yr old southerner these are the easiest I’ve ever solved, even the answer phrase. Keep it up, I’ll try to get more senior friends involved. Fun!

    • Well shuck my corn. I do believe that age has nothing to do with solving words. Shout out to Chuck,enjoyed the boxing reference. You know I’m just spreading joy. My three best buddies in the Navy were all southern boys.

      • Brooklyn….You got me ROTFL! 😂 You know good and well, that if we start going around saying things like “Shuck my corn”…we’re gonna get arrested! And maybe deported…to like Queens or something! 😂😂 You definitely do spread the joy though, Paul…you’re a Gem! ♦️Have a good one, Bud! 😘🙋🏻

    • Since I’ve no clue as to who you are, I’m not sure how to address you, so I’ll just go with Sir/Madam…I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure, so I’ll start by saying that it’s very nice to meet you. I can agree with you to a certain point. Maybe not the words so much, but with the solutions. Some of them are definitely age-old idioms that may very well be more familiar to an older person, and there are some phrases that are particular to certain regions of the country more so than others. But I love your commenting about it, and I must say that you seem to be a good example of 80 being the new 60! I too found today’s puzzle an easy, breezy walk on the BEACH..and if I didn’t mess up with CANVAS, I’d be kicking up some SAND myself! Thank you for dropping in, and please do so again…and yes, please do bring your friends! The more the merrier! Wishing you a great day, and hoping that you’re not in line of those violent storms I’ve seen on the news, I send you out a WAVE from here in NY! 🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – SWORN was the only word to need an extra look after clearing away the SNOW. Had to write the answer letters, removed the WAS and saw the rest.

    Never would have seen the starfish, shells, seaweed and sailboat without going online. Random thought – if it just stopped raining, isn’t it all muddy? I guess the Sun was strong enough to dry it – he’s a 🎵”Sunshine Superman”🎵.

    “When the COAST WAS CLEAR, the members of the exclusive campus society were SWORN to ACTIVE participation in the big CANVAS tent at the secret RALLY”

    Have a great weekend, everyone!

    • Hey Steve…Without going on line, none of us would ever see any of the details. It’s amazing, the difference once you open it up, right? The beach? I think that’s why Jeff has the Frisbee character mentioning how strong the sun is…and since it doesn’t mention the word “just” anywhere, it’s probably been hours since the rain stopped…That’s my take anyway…Great sentence, I love how you got the solution in there too. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Kudos! Very well done! Have a great day, G. Enjoy! ⛱🙋🏻

      • Thanks, and there was one other thing I meant to include in my post — “Hello Angela!”
        (Can you tell I was still half asleep?) 😂 Have a good evening. I’ll be watching Columbus/Boston, I think – getting Carolina and Columbus confused. 😂

        • LOL! Hello, Steve…No worries, we’d already addressed all that with the quiz…I’m finishing up the Yanks schooling the Giants…and then I’m undecided…depends if I’m home or not ..somethings are harder to watch on the phone.😉 Another shooting..this time San Diego..SMH..😥🙋🏻
          PS: It’s Columbus paying the Bruins…goes off at 8 here…

  7. Coast was clear was an obvious solution to the puzzle which enabled me to work backwards to active.Believe it or not we have a winter weather advisory in N Illinois with 4+ inches of SNOW on the way! When will it ever end?

    • Hey Professor…I heard! That whole area…Chicago may be looking at double digits…Good luck, I hope you’re spared.🙋🏻

    • Hello Chuck and yes, I believe it! I only lived in ChicagoLand for two years, but that was plenty long enough to experience an April 30th snowstorm.
      I saw the weather warning on the Tribune’s online Jumble page today, and the Twin Cities paper said the dreaded “Plowable Snow”!

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