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Good Morning, Everyone!        🚀An ENTERPRISING Mr Rodenberry 🚀

🗣SPACE: the final frontier…These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.” 🗣 – “Star Trek Theme” – Captain James T. Kirk   1966

🚀 The year was 1966, the man was Roddenberry,
A TV show created and ’twas NBC would carry…
The country one of turmoil, the war caused it to HALVE,
He brought people together with the vision he would have…
We heard of ORBIT, Warp Speed and other future things,
Would 2260 be like this…this what the years would bring?
The Galaxy of Milky Way, some craters and a TRENCH,
And viewers quickly loved it, and still do ever since…
And BUSILY behind the scenes producer Roddenberry,
Brought Science Fiction proving he was “TELEVISIONARY“🚀

ANGELA’S LOG: Star date 04/26/2019:  Fact, not fiction…No new words today but all our anagrams are. All four words were last seen in 2018, with BUSILY being our most recent at 12/09/18… And the Early Birds were BEAMing, since nothing caused a pause this morning…

The year 1966, a Table Read at the set of STAR TREK, the TELEVISION SERIES . We see, clockwise, top left…Gene Roddenberry, the shows creator, Leonard Nimoy, in blue, starring as Mr. Spock, William Shatner, in gold, as Captain Kirk, and Nichelle Nichols, in red, as LT. Nyota Uhura….Fact: Having never seen an episode of Star Trek, it’s truly a “strange new world” to me…so I’ll save the SPACE, and just cut right to the chase…As we see from our dialogue, and our question, the brilliant Science Fiction show about Mankind, which Mr. Roddenberry wrote for TELEVISION, giving us as a possible glimpse into the future, tells us he was a true…”TELEVISIONARY“. Nicely done, David…You’re always proving you don’t have a one TREK mind…

Eye candy…In the background, the two large front windshields of the USS ENTERPRISE are easily eye catching. Besides the three scripts that we see, and the Command Badges worn by each cast member, the only other details are the camera and spotlight used in filming the show, shown at back right…And there are Lt Uhara’s hoop earrings…But that’s about it…there’s really nowhere else for me to go…Oh wait, maybe Spock’s pointed ears...We can’t see his right ear, but facing us, we do see the left ear…the FINAL FRONT EAR…So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day Everyone…”Live long, and prosper”… 🚀🙋🏻





28 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/26/2019

  1. Good morning. It amazes me how sometimes the brain just shuts down for a time. I got the six letter words at first glance but struggled on the five lettter ones. After writing down the 13 letters for the cartoon,I decided that to save me grief I’d accept defeat right away. If I didn’t,I would still be at it till I’m old and gray. Oh wait,I am already. They say stress gives you lines and gray hair. I’m just protecting myself from gaining more. Angela enjoyed the video and post. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • ROTFL! Lines and gray hair? I guess you’re NOT eating enough Italian food…All that sauce and carbs helps you avoid them both! 😂😂 Good Morming, Brooklyn…Did you get my reply last nite? You had me laughing all the way across the bridge …That we’ve paid for a gazillion times over already! …😤😤 Don’t be so hard on yourself…two of my friends stared at the answer too…I’m thinking maybe it should have been split..like TELE-VISION-ARY? Just a thought…And I feel there’s a lot of times when the 6 letter words are easier to “see”. Thanks for the Shout Out, Brooklyn, and the laughs! You’re giving me laugh lines!!!!😂😂😂 Stay dry…and have a good one! 🙋🏻

      • I did see your reply yesterday Angela. Since we are on the topic of interracial kissing,don’t forget when Sammy Davis planted a kiss on Archie Bunkers cheek. That befuddled look he had when the picture was taken. That show always stretched the boundary lines. Nice job Chuck and Angela on using the words.

        • My Father loved that show. He would roar laughing…And yea, that was a good episode. You’re right, Norman Lear really knew how to push the envelope…that show was breakthrough. But he definitely succeeded in making people laugh at their own short- sightedness…And thanks for the Shout Out, Brooklyn…I was waiting for your stab at it this morning…🤔🙋🏻

  2. While the space scientists were BUSILY at work trying to HALVE the time needed to ORBIT the moon, one of their team members was in the hospital with a severe case of TRENCH mouth.

    • Good Morning, Chuck…👏🏻👏🏻 Kudos…Very nice take. I TREKked in a totally different direction…But stopped short of getting TELEVISIONARY in there. I really couldn’t get into the words, or the puzzle for that matter. It’s so not a subject that interests me…Love our alternate uses of TRENCH…Hope you’re having a good morning, Chuck. Getting hit with the rain, like we are? 💦☔️🙋🏻

      ° After being BUSILY at work all day, they told him that he needed to HALVE the planting area, and then dig circular ORBIT-like plots, not one big TRENCH as he had done…

      • The subject matter doesn’t interest me either, Angela. It is raining here also. Sad news from Denver.. Enjoy your day.

        • Terribly sad news, Chuck. It seems like there’s some kind of tragedy every single day…I was stunned too this morning seeing the devastation down South with the tornadoes that ripped through, especially in Louisiana. There seems to be no end to the heartache…SMH…As for Star Trek, I don’t know what is it…I’m just totally indifferent! Stay dry, Chuck…☔️💦🙋🏻

  3. Supposedly that was the first interracial kiss in tv history and is alluded here. by Uhura to Kirk.

    • You know something Clay, I need to SMACK myself upside the head with this one! I should have never BRUSHED over it, .especially since Jeff drew the cartoon with both of them flapping their LIPS over it! Definitely dropped the ball. And it was gnawing at me too..but the bell never went off. I guess I had one of those “Forest for the Trees” moments I was telling you about the other day! 😉 And I don’t mean DeForest Kelly, either! 😉 I have read/heard many times over the years about the whole brouhaha with the kiss…And despite my indifference to Star Trek, I still should have addressed it, and I’m surprised myself that I slid over it. It was staring me right in the face…No excuse…Epic fail on my part…🚀🙋🏻

  4. A 1968 episode of Star Trek, “Plato’s Stepchildren”,[2][13] which first aired on November 22, 1968, is often referred to as the first interracial kiss on American television. This claim is disputed by some who contend that in the scene in question, full lip contact between William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols did not occur, as the actors turned their heads away from the camera at the last moment to present the illusion of a kiss, meaning that this scene was not a true kiss.[14] The latter point has been disputed, with Shatner claiming that he and Nichols’ lips never fully touched and Nichols asserting that the kiss was real.

  5. The first interracial kiss on television is a much debated topic concerning who the first two persons of different races to kiss on television were. For a time, it was understood to have occurred during an episode of the British soap opera Emergency – Ward 10 in 1964. However, in November 2015, a Granada Play of the Week, You in Your Small Corner, was uncovered which was broadcast in June 1962; that quickly led to the rediscovery of another play featuring the same young Jamaican actor, Hot Summer Night,[1] televised in Britain on 1 February 1959. The first interracial kiss on U.S. television was broadcast in a 1960 episode of Adventures in Paradise, “Makaha Surfing”, also known as “The Big Surf”, between star Gardner McKay and Filipina Pilar Seurat. Competing claims have also been made in favour of I Love Lucy.

    • Wait a minute…I Love Lucy? Why because Desi was Cuban? Is that the reason? A whole lot of b—s–t LIP service over something so trivial…SMH! 🙄🙋🏻

  6. Supposedly there are 5 races now. Hispanic is not a race. I missed a trivia question one time when they considered Ricky and Lucy an interracial couple. Nope!
    There are now five categories for data on race:
    1) American Indian or Alaska Native.
    2) Asian.
    3) Black or African American.
    4) Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.
    5) White.

    • Isn’t it all such nonsense, though? Maybe if we stopped putting so many labels on one another there wouldn’t be such dissension, for lack of a better word, in the world. Human Race sounds fine to me…Thanks for all the data, Clay….Are you rained in too? 😉🙋🏻

      • Yes I was going to say, as you know the Bible teaches there is only one race, the human race, all descended from Adam and Eve. You are correct, the fallen world might be a better place if we all believed that, instead of trying to point out differences. No rain in Coral Gables today; good thing as my house is being painted!

        • Yep. I mean look…We all have differences..Look at me…I have Sicilians that married into my family…and once I got past the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, (and taught them how to “really” cook).,.I was ok…😂😂😂 There will always be differences…but we’re all still the same. Diferent, but equal…
          Coral Gables? Florida? I don’t know why, I thought you were a maintain man…But I mentioned the rain because I was joking about you having all the time to do the research..figured you were “rained in”. I’m thinking of painting too..but I’m on the fence, because I’m still conseidering knocking down a wall or two and redesigning the SPACE…I have a hard time making up my mind! 🙋🏻

  7. BTW, Lucille Ball passed away 30 years ago today and she is known to some Trekkies as the Mother Of Star Trek. She gave the okay to two new series in 1966, Star Trek and Mission Impossible through her Desilu Studio.

    • See what I mean? You’re doing some serious research here! This is all so interesting. And I never knew any of this…Thank you…you’re a wealth of information! 👏🏻👏🏻🙋🏻

      • I got that info from sirius/xm sixties on 6 this morning! Great wealth of information from the host Phlash Phelps. He even played a clip of Peter Graves calling in a year before he passed away saying, Phlash Phelps…this is Jim Phelps! lol

        • Clay…Sorry I missed this. My mail got a little messed up, and I got shut out of Word Press…I never listen to the radio in the morning, unless I’m in the car. When I’m home, I turn the TV news on at 2:30 ABC, and it runs through until 7 when GMA comes on…But I’m sensing Déjà vu here….I know of Phlash Phelps..but have we spoken of him before? Oddest feeling…I think it was here, on the blog…🤔🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – Only a quick pause at ORBIT to put the ‘O’ first. When I wrote the answer letters I did see VISION first, but also STORY. After a look, saw the ‘ARY’ also, and that just left the TELE for the solve.
    Wow, a 13-letter answer word is impressive, but it still doesn’t beat the 15-letter one I remember from many years back – the question was how Supreme Court Justices stay in shape, and the answer was that they took “Constitutionals”.

    Had to laugh when I saw “Angela’s log, Stardate..” and also at the Final Front Ear! I also smiled at the period-correct huge TV camera.

    Yes, the cartoon nails it in that these are just human stories, but science fiction, fantasy and animation allow the authors to comment on subjects that would be otherwise unacceptable. The comments rightly focus on the kiss since it’s mentioned in the dialog, but it was just as groundbreaking and controversial at the time to show a Russian officer (casually implying that the nations of Earth had united), an alien Spock (showing that other planets had as well) and that women (and women of color at that) were routinely accepted in positions of authority (Uhura being a Lieutenant, among other examples). It can be hard to remember (or imagine, in the case of younger readers) just how shocking all this could be to some of the mainstream TV audience of 1969. (My parents loved the show, though, and in fact, I first heard about it from my mother.)

    Have a great day, tomorrow, and future, everyone!

    • Hey G..Thanks for the Shout Out…As for Star Trek, I knew YOU 😉 were a big fan..Hope you’re having a good one! 🚀🙋🏻

  9. No, I don’t think we spoke about Phlash before but my memory isn’t what it used to be. I can’t think of any context I would have mentioned him before but it could have been something like this incident with special info.

    • Your memory? HA! I have at least 3-4 “short-term” episodes a day! …😂😂😂. You’re sooooo not alone. Maybe it was one of the Early Birds, or my friends here…Or maybe It was Steve…Or maybe I dreamt it!!! 😂😂😂 I swear, I’m a menace. It’s just that it’s so vivid…I hope it comes to me…it’s bugging me now…🤔🙋🏻

    • Clay..Mystery solved…It was a real early morning group Face Time conversation with my out of state friends, and I was in the middle of writing the blog, which explains my associating it with here…Doing too much, too early. I definitely feel better having sorted it out, but it was a little unnerving there not putting it together at first…I think I need to sleep more! 😱 LOL…🙋🏻

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