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Good Morning, Everyone!         ⚓️ HARBOR FIGHTS? ⚓️

🎶 I saw the HARBOR lights…they only told me we were parting…
The same old HARBOR lights, that once brought you to me…
Now I know lonely nights…For all the while my heart is whispering
Some other HARBOR lights will steal your love from me…🎶 “Harbor Lights” – The Platters 1960

⚓️ While harboring resentment a person loses sight,
The negativity one feels can often lead to spite…
One’s HUMOR tends to fade and good moods take a turn,
Like GUAVA they spoil easily and sometimes don’t return.
We see a Tugboat Captain whose anger over a barge,
That maybe carried BAKERY goods still looms within him large…
A DRAGON-like resentment, a fire burning deep…
He holds onto the anger..but what’s he really keep?
No good can come allowing hate to wash ‘oer you like sludge
It’s healthier to let it go and not HARBOR A GRUDGE 🎶

If you would have told me that we had seen DRAGON six times before, BAKERY only once, and yet HUMOR making its first appearance…I’d have told you you were all WET…but that’s what I found while searching this morning…And GUAVA, last seen on New Years Eve, leads the pack…As for a stumper? KNOT a one…But there was a slight TUG at DRAGON…Ok..let’s get underway with our cartoon..

And speaking of UNDERway…That’s where we find ourselves this morning, Down Under. Today Jeff’s brought us to Sydney HARBOUR in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We see our main character, an angrily gesturing Tugboat Captain, sailing with his First Mate…and off in the distance the object of his anger. Sailing also is a second Tugboat, with a Captain WAVING his arm in a similar neFERRYous  gesture…And our dialogue is telling us that the reason for this anTUGonistic behavior is a past ROW over that second SCOWndrel stealing a barge. How foolish! Doesn’t this guy SEA that all that resentment can KEEL him? It’s just KNOT worth it, REELy…All that gREEF over a barge? SAILy man…holding that GRUDGE for so long…while out there on the HARBOR…(wink, wink)…Yep..in answer to our question? He was known to HARBOR A GRUDGE! HA! Well done, David..you SHORE came up with a good one!

Ok, eye candy…Some TUG lines on our first boat, and Jeff’s drawn the wake behind the Tugboat. Nice detail. Way off in the distance, blackened silhouetted skyline buildings. The Sydney HARBOUR Bridge SPANning off to the right…But what’s making the big SPLASH this morning? It has to be that architecturally distinctive building, the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE, with its concrete “SHELLS“…WATER sight! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Mates…And ..🎶Let it Go...🎶 ⚓️🙋🏻








26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/25/2019

  1. Thoughts while observing a wild turkey:

    About the music – first tune coming to mind was Boz – Harbor Lights circa mid 70s

    Rhythmic contribution for this day…

    The cranky tug captain was known for his lack of HUMOR
    Far be it for him to spread a rumor
    No lies no tales no kind of fakery
    Shucks, he even stayed stoic in a sweet smelling Bakery
    The tale he told of losing a GUAVA barge
    Was widely known as a loss quite large
    He maintained his stance and hitched his wagon
    To HARBOR A GRUDGE and let it “DRAG-ON”

    • Good Morning, Jim. Yes, I knew who you meant. And it’s a nice tune. Your “contribution” made me LOL! Especially the “DRAG-ON”.,👏🏻👏🏻 ,I was thinking earlier that I might have to go that way myself…Trying to get these words today to work with a Tugboat wasn’t going so swimmingly! But , I have to ask…Wild Turkey? Are you really seeing one? 🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. The officials saw no HUMOR in the BAKERY tournament with my GUAVA infused DRAGON cupcakes.

    • DRAGON Cupcakes? I bet they taste CLAWful! LOL! Good Morning, Brooklyn…👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Way to go! Kudos! 🐉🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. They say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Spoiler alert…..Also through good music selections. Perfect song choice Angela. I hear that song and I’m transported back to my days in the Navy. I want to thank you again for yesterday’s different takes on the song choice. Enjoyed your overall post. I had no problem with either the words or the cartoon answer today. It was not instant reads but close. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Too bad I couldn’t put a wager down on your reaction to my song choice, Brooklyn…I’d have made some money this morning…I KNEW…Happy you enjoyed it. And I’m right there with you as to a man’s stomach. Do you remember the guy who drove into my mailbox last year? I’m still feeding him!! 😂😂 ..Thanks for the Shout Out, Paul, and again, you’re very welcome for ydays music. I did answer you last night, but it was a little late. Good puzzle today. Made you think a little, but not a KEELer…Have a great day, Brooklyn…I DO hope you get some Bocce in…⚓️🙋🏻

      • I do remember that Angela. The guys lucky. Growing up my wife,then my childhood sweetheart would invite me over next door for family dinner or have a plate delivered every Wednesday and Sunday with macaroni and meatballs. I would finish my dinner and then have a terrific Italian meal.

        • Yea, he’s a nice guy. Not the best driver…but what’d’ya gonna do? 😂 I don’t mind feeding him, he lives alone…Growing up for us it was always Thursday’s and Sunday’s. I still do most weeks. Tradition, I guess. So you literally married the girl next door? That’s adorable…👫🙋🏻

      • I just thought of something that could solve my cravings for Italian meals. I could drive by your house and accidentally knock over your mail box like that foxy guy that’s reaping rewards from that unfortunate but rewarding lapse in steering. But the more I thought it would be cool to get in on some meals. The more I realized it the more I decided the fee alone to cross the Verrazano bridge is $19:00. Add two hours,if lucky on traveling and gas,it didn’t look that appetizing any more. I’ll stick to my own cooking with healthier turkey chop meat.

        • ROTFL!!!!! 😂😂😂 Brooklyn…I swear, you got me dying here! The whole scenario! You’re such a gem…And the funniest part is…I’m in Brooklyn…But just for the record, it’s not a 2-hour trip, and I’m flexible…I do turkey meatballs…Hope you’re enjoying your night Brooklyn…you just made mine better! 😘🙋🏻

  4. The owner of the BAKERY showed little HUMOR when told the GUAVA tree behind his business was teeming with DRAGON flies.

    • Good Morning, Chuck…Dragon flies is brilliant!👏🏻👏🏻 I found myself struggling with that one…Creative indeed! Kudos!…So, I had extra time on my hands this morning..I’m thinking of turning this into a short story…Neighborhood relations…Maybe name it..”All We Are Saying…Is Give Pizza Chance”…Just a working title…😂😂🙋🏻

      🍲🍕The Italian family named Ennisi opened a BAKERY right next door to the Asian restaurant, well known for its GUAVA juice cocktails served in tall chilled DRAGON-like glasses…and after having had a neighbor who was known to HARBOR A GRUDGE, the Asian owner, who had a great sense of HUMOR, was so glad to have a friendly new neighbor…that they both decided to erect a sign across their two doorways that read…🎶RICE-ENNISI…Does it Every Time…🎶.🍕🍲

  5. Apart from not sure what a guava was and not sure of the spelling of humor,the anagrams and final solution went well,though I did back into dragon,originally looking like Gordon, after having the harbor a grudge solution.

    • Hey Prof…Understandable on the Gordon, the anagram does read as Gordan…And as long as you got the solve and could work backwards, it’s all good…Have a great day, Professor.

  6. Do you remember Del Ennis who played for the Phillies? This family was related to him, I would guess!! Seriously, Angela, it took me about a second and a half, but your “play on words” is terrific.. KUDOS!

    • Hey Chuck…Thank you…No, I don’t remember Del Ennis, but they could very well be related..😉 I went thru a few hoops with Dragon, I couldn’t wrap my head around it…again, your flies was a great angle. 🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – I’ve been stumped by DRAGON often enough to finally recognize it quickly this time. Saw the answer from the dialog, but HUMOR took more tries than I expected.

    Really nice song choice Angela. Reminds me of “Old Cape Cod” also, and “neFERRYous” is an excellent pun.

    “Customers of the Yreka BAKERY failed to see the HUMOR when the owner slipped some GUAVA DRAGON rolls in among the doughnuts.”
    There really is such a place in Yreka, CA up north.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    • Hey G….Dragon rolls…sushi? …Not these lips! 😉 Great angle on the sentence 👏🏻👏🏻! Nice. And thanks for the Shout Out…Can’t beat the Platters, and. neFERRYous was inevitable! 😂 Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your morning…⚓️🙋🏻

    • Oh my goodness, Steve, I know Yreka. I grew up in Dunsmuir, CA in the shadow of Mt. Shasta about 30 miles south Yreka.

      • Oh, how cool. I’ve never really spent any time in the north, just a couple of days each in Arcata and Gualala, and drove through a couple of times on my way to Oregon and back.

  8. Dragon has stumped me in the past too but I got it today. Paused a bit at humor but no problem with the cartoon answer. Clever analysis as always, Angela. Happy Thursday.

    • Hi Betty. Thank you very much. I thought the answer to be very clever too. Hope your day’s going well. ⚓️🙋🏻

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