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Good Morning, Everyone!           🌷 FLOWER POWER 🌷

🎶 I heard a bluebird singin’, I heard a bluebird singin’ out my window early in the mornin’ of a bright new day…I heard a bluebird singin’, I heard a bluebird singin’ and I turned and watched until he flew away…And then I understood what he was singin’ about….so sweet so good…SPRING HAS SPRUNG...🎶 “Spring Has Sprung” – Frances England 2008    http://tinyurl.com/yxrv34gw

🌷  The time of PLIGHT with ORNERY weeds is here as winter goes,
We SWITCH from our snow shovels to a trowel and a hoe…
The SEASON takes a warmer turn, and FLUFFY flowers bloom,
The colors bright and beautiful, they brighten any room.
Just as a RUDDER steers a boat by keeping it in line,
It’s warmth and light and flowers that create a good Springtime…
So as the days get longer and Springs’ sun gives us more hours
Let’s take our time and enjoy that it’s time to SPRING FOR FLOWERS! 🌷

I think the biggest surprise for me with this morning’s words is that FLUFFY is making its’ Jumble debut. One would think that such a common word would have shown up before, but I didn’t find it in the Archives. Our other five words, returning favorites all, have run the gamut. ORNERY, in game play 10 previous times, serves double duty today, going back to 2014 (where it was presented as Renoyr), making it our oldest entry, and also placing as our newest, having been played on 02/10/19. PLIGHT has been seen twice before, while SEASON, making its’ 10th appearance is a repeat anagram today, from 07/05/17. SWITCH hasn’t been seen since 2017, and RUDDER was seen last May. And considering that our words have previous appearances totaling 26, I’d say one repeat anagram is a BLOOMING good showing…So, on to our cartoon…

Our scene today takes us to a neighborhood Nursery, FLORAL AND HARDY, where we see seven Jumble characters, of the GARDEN variety. Our female proprietor, whom I’ll call DAISY, is working the register, and PETALing her wares. She’s ENTWINED in conversation with a male customer, BUD. We overhear him saying that after the winter he’s had, he’s looking forward to the FUCHSIA, and that despite the cost, he’s happy to buy two entire flats of what looks like pansies and petunias. Daisy, giving him some SAGE advice, answers that “it’s worth it”...And from the looks of how many customers are lining up…I’d say Daisy has a BUDDING business going! But let me backPETAL a bit…Buddy, mentioning that money’s no object, is the key to our solution today. He’s willing to SPRING for as much as it costs…The expression SPRING for if? Let’s face it Folks, it’s not like POLLEN teeth here…we’re being given a big hint…Anyway, it’s pretty obvious from the smiles on everyone’s face that they’re all glad to see AN END to the “long cold WINTER” once and FLORAL, and that they’re all wanting to…SPRING FOR FLOWERS! Good one, David…Once again, you ROSE to the occasion!

Ok, eye candy. With the entire background of the panel being shaded GREEN, we see two customers at back..a woman at a tulip display, and a man carrying three plants that I’m unable to identify. Lined up behind Bud, we see a woman with two pots of purple tulips, a woman holding yellow hydrangeas, and a man whose purchase is out of view. Off to the right, is a display table with flats of brown flowers. Ironically, with Bud mentioning that he needs to “see some color” I’d think that someone was POLLEN my leg, since all of his flowers are green...but those of us in the GROW, are aware that Jeff doesn’t color the cartoons, much to our disMAY…Ah, MAY…and if we get started planting now, we’ll soon be SEEDing those MAY flowers! And the eye candy? If you look real closely, you’ll see that Bud’s using a Gold Card to pay for his flowers…I guess they do cost a lot of GREEN! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And take some THYME to smell the ROSES…THISTLE definitely brighten your day! 🌷🙋🏻



21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/07/2019

  1. It was boating SEASON time again and the ORNERY old salt with the FLUFFY scarf around his neck confronted a PLIGHT with the RUDDER SWITCH on his cruiser which he had never experienced before.

    • Good Morning, Chuck! Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻 I love the use of the old salt! You’d be surprised how many people aren’t aware of the term…I can tell your a X-word person..we see it used quite often, right? 😉 Once again today, a word like RUDDER throws a monkey wrench into the works, but your take succeeds so well! Major kudos! 👏🏻👏🏻 I got a late start today, and between going to Mass, and being in the middle of meatballs, I only had time so far to do a sentence…I’m still musing over a rhyme…Stay tuned…But heres what GREW out of my imagination this morning…🌷🙋🏻

      ° She couldn’t believe that she threw the entire SEASON away with a SWITCH of that one little letter, typing RUDDER instead of Redder, and she thought to SPRING FOR FLOWERS in an effort to plead her PLIGHT to the FLUFFY-headed ORNERY old Professor…

      • Salt and tar are words I believe crossword puzzle workers are more familiar with than non workers. Enjoy the warmth, Angela. Winter is only 8 and a half months away!

        • Yep, I agree, Chuck. There’s a lot of words that we see repeated time and time again in X-word puzzles, and those are definitely two of them. I remember way back. the first time I came ACROSS salt in this context in a puzzle? …I couldn’t get the connection, so I looked it up. And ironically, the term “Salty Dog” was mentioned…which went on to say that a “Salty Dog” also meant an ORNERY person…You can’t make this stuff up, Chuck! 😂😂 And about winter and the 8 months? What’re you IMPATIENS? WEED still got a long way to go! 😂 Have a good one, Chuck! 🌷🙋🏻

          • One of the all time great songs – the title track from Procol Harum’s third album (with Robin Trower on guitar), “A Salty Dog”:
            🎵”We fired the gun, and burnt the mast, and rowed from ship to shore
            The captain cried, we sailors wept, our tears were tears of joy
            Now many moons and many Junes have passed since we made land
            A salty dog, this seaman’s log, your witness my own hand”🎵


            • I don’t know, G. Procol Harum? IMO, nothing even comes close to 🎶A Whiter Shade of KALE…I mean Pale..🎶 😉🙋🏻

              • Well, they “burned the mast”, so it must have been CHARD. 🙋🏻‍♂️

              • But Procol Harum was English, not SWISS, so I think it’s a WIPEOUT! 😂🙋🏻

    • Ok, Chuck…I almost threw in the TROWEL, but I stood my GROUND, and this TURNED up! 🙋🏻

      🌷 You’d think a Chef so quick to SWITCH from one pot to the next,
      Would keep a closer look at just which SEASON worked the best…
      Instead of growing ORNERY when dishes don’t taste right,
      If she would just get organized she could avoid the PLIGHT…
      With sea decor around her, a RUDDER and a Wheel,
      You’d think that she’d just stick to fish, stay on an even keel…
      But FLUFFY soufflés and the such, besides the sweet and sours,
      Have left her broke and now she can’t even SPRING FOR FLOWERS 🌷

    • Good Morning, Professor…First, I want to say that my using the words.” Fluffy-headed ornery Professor” in my sentence above, was only spoken in need to try and form a humorous, coherent thought using today’s Jumble words. After I posted it, I thought of you, and hoped I didn’t offend you in any way. It’s just poetic license. If anything, from what I know about you, you’re the exact opposite, and you know I’ve always held you in the highest regard. So I hope I haven’t once again put my foot into my mouth! And as for RUDDER? Another one of those words we don’t hear spoken at the cocktail parties…Hope you’re enjoying your time with the Grandkids. Have a good one, Prof! 🌷🙋🏻

        • YW, Prof. Definitely meant nothing personal by it…And you know I’d hate to lose GROUND with you! 😉 Hope you’re enjoying your day! 🌷🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. I only had a problem with ORNERY. The other five words took less time to get combined then that one word. When it came time for the cartoon answer it wasn’t that tough once I examined all the letters. Flowers stood out immediately. Another cute finish for the boys. Angela,nice post. I’ll have to check the song after I finish. Hope all will have a great day on this beautiful morning. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I don’t know if you realize it, but your sign-on is reading differently. Take a look, ok? I think it’s a little too much information…Today’s solution…I agree, it’s a gimme…They PLANTED enough little clues to make it an easy, breezy. And I always remember that phrase growing up..”Ok, who’s SPRINGING for it”? 😂 As for ORNERY, you can see the poll’s showing you’re not alone…Thanks for the Shout Out, BUD…I hope you enjoy the beautiful day! 🌷🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – I would have gotten stuck on ORNERY, but I put the Y at the end and then remembered seeing the word. Same with PLIGHT; the GHT combo gave it away. RUDDER took me the longest. The “don’t care how much it costs” gave “Spring for” and the answer.

    Thanks for all the picture detalis and great flower power puns today Angela. My favorite was “once and FLORAL”.
    I’ve tried to prevent FUCHSIA SHOCK in my flowerbeds many times.

    Have a great Sunday, everyone!

    • Hey Steve…Thanks for the Shout Out…I did the write-up real quick this MORNING. GLORY be- TBT? I was still in BED. And I like your FUCHSIA comment…I COSMOS of my own garden problems by not SEEDing to it on a regular basis myself…It’s not that I don’t enjoy the gardening, and I do try to do a LILY bit more each day, but it’s just that I BEGONIA here and there so much of the THYME, that it just doesn’t matter WATER I do the right thing or not…it seems I still end up PERRENNIALly losing GROUND! What can I say…I guess I’m just not one of those …To the Victor, goes the SOILS kind of girls! 😂 Here’s to a good one, 🍻 G! Enjoy! 🌷🙋🏻

  4. It all fell into place nicely this morning. No problem with the clue words and the cartoon answer was also straight forward once flowers popped into view. Happy Sunday ! Happy Spring!

    • Good Morning, Betty. I definitely agree, I don’t think today’s puzzle gave anyBUDdy any trouble! Hope all is BOUQUET with you, and Happy Sunday in Spring to you too! 🌷🙋🏻

  5. Agree Angela. Just a line to see how it happened. More than likely it was my good.

    • Hey, Paul. Yes, this is much better. I meant to ask you, did you see the Sandra Dee video I put up for you yday? If not, go take a look. I think you’ll enjoy it….🙋🏻

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