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Good Morning, Everyone!        🗣State of the UNION 🗣

🎶Absolutely no one that knows me better…No one that can make me feel so good.,.How did we stay so long TOGETHER when everybody, everybody said we never would?…Whoa-oh, whoa-oh...STUCK LIKE GLUE…You and me baby…We’re STUCK LIKE GLUE...🎶 “Stuck Like Glue” – Sugarland 2010 http://tinyurl.com/yyg2or92

🗣The Unions were a blessing, especially years ago,
When sometimes TWENTY hour days fell on the average Joe..
Ok, maybe not 20, that’s a stretch as you can see…
But I needed for the word to work…you’ll have to forgive me…
And CHIVE don’t look much better..do Chives grow on a GOURD?
These words referring Unions? Relating lacks accord…
But SKETCH now that’s a good one, I’m thinking Norma Rae…
I always loved that movie…I do until this day…
A story that was based on truth, and Sally Field we saw,
Win herself an Oscar for some drama that was raw.
But getting back to Unions, today they still hold strong,
And give American workers safety nets from lots of wrongs…
The Brotherhood that binds them all, perhaps it’s like a tether?
The bottom line, a Union means these workers STICK TOGETHER! 🗣

Now this I found very strange. TWENTY, such a common word is not showing up in the blog’s Archives. Granted, these records only go back to 2014, but it still seems so odd that such an every day word wouldn’t have been used more often. And it does look so familiar…Anyway…CHIVE, has been used twice, once in ’17, and once in ’18, and both times with the same anagram, Vihec. SKETCH, making its’ 5th appearance, was last seen in May of ’18, and GOURD ranks as our newest (06/19/18) and oldest (12/10/14) entry…Ok, we’ve STUCK around here long enough…It’s time to get it TOGETHER, and move on to our cartoon…

Today we find ourselves on the production floor of a GLUE FACTORY. Looking to start a UNION we see a young woman, taking on the role of an organizer. And her four co-workers are giving her her DUES..or is it due? Either way, we can see they’re all on board, and as our friendly rabble-rouser is overheard saying…”We all AGREE“…Now if that’s not STICKing TOGETHER, I don’t know what is…Good one, David..AD HEAR you!

Ok, eye candy. So was it just me? Did anyone else think Sally Field  working in that cotton mill in “Norma Rae“? http://tinyurl.com/y4rehmef Remember the scene where she took that piece of cardboard, and after writing UNION on it, stood on top of the work table and just turned around? And one by one her co-workers stood and turned off their machines…and the place fell deadly silent? That scene is one that always STUCK in my mind, and I get chills to this day, just thinking of it. Well, this cartoon today brought me back there…Anyway, all five of our Factory workers are dressed in Blue work shirts, and of the three people facing forward, we see them wearing name tags, but they’re blank. There’s a huge Glue Making Machine in the background to the right, and lined up on the winding Conveyer belt are bottles and bottles of what looks very much like Elmer’s Glue. And that’s what I’m STUCK on today…As Lionel Ritchie would say… STUCK ON GLUE!..Oh wait…That’s 🎶Stuck on You🎶….https://tinyurl.com/y3kcld66 So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And remember… If given enough time to BOND, most people will always reach a COHESIVE understanding…🗣🙋🏻

Good Morning, Paul…THIS ONE’S FOR YOU…So, I hate second-guessing myself. I have to admit, this DID pop into my head 1:30 this morning, but I like Sugarland, and I just felt the title fit the puzzle better. ..it had GLUE in it…And then Lionel Ritchie starting playing in my head too, so I included that…BUT…5…5 of my Early Birds are all over me this morning…”Are you kiddin’ me”? “You know you blew it”…”You overrode Elvis, are you crazy”? ..etc, etc…EARLY in the morning…Chicago, Indiana, No. Carolina, Vegas, Florida…I’ve disappointed half the country! 😂😂 Soooo..Here it is..and Brooklyn I somehow have a feeling this might make you happier too…(Not to mention…it DID made me happy…Just look at that face)! 😉 “Stuck on You” – Elvis   1960  ENJOY!    http://tinyurl.com/y5msp7fb




15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/06/2019

  1. Good morning. The renowned chef had a rough SKETCH of a cooking show using GOURD smothered with CHIVE that only took TWENTY minutes to prepare. No problem with today’s words. They all were instant reads. Will work on the final answer after a cup of coffee. Will talk later.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! How cool is this! 👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo! I’m soooo loving it!. (and I was just doing one myself.)..And while you’re drinking that coffee, go back and take another look at my post..I added a PS dedicated to you…🙋🏻

  2. 🍆 TWENTY people arrived early at the Farmers Market looking for that unique GOURD that he grew, but all they found was a SKETCH of it next to the CHIVE and Parsley stand, and they decided to STICK TOGETHER and wait for him to show up…🍆

    🍆They always called him crazy..a man out of his GOURD,
    Ok, so he was different…those plastic bags he’d hoard…
    But now that NY thought to SKETCH a law that soon would ban
    The plastic bags from markets…Won’t he now be “The Man”?
    A place to put his CHIVE, and store his fruits and other things
    He won’t be running ragged looking for some bags to bring…
    And he won’t need to worry if his items go past TWENTY,
    He’s saved enough bags…trust me, he’s definitely got plenty.
    And now people are thinking maybe he always knew better,
    The laugh’s on them and all the hoarders now will STICK TOGETHER 🍆

  3. Good morning again. When I first posted I didn’t even see Angela’s terrific post. After first drawing a blank on the cartoon answer I put it aside and had my coffee and cereal with blackberries and strawberries. It must have been brain food because after looking at the scrambled letters the answer appeared. Angela,could it be that the girl in the picture is Norma’s sister Sally Rae and that in these modern times Elmers glue has been replaced by that dynamic but,loving Gorilla. Your THREE song choices were a pleasure to watch. I can see where it was impossible to choose. First time watching Sugarland. As much as I like Elvis,they belong on top in my opinion. My wife still had her roller skates in the box and on the inside cover there was a picture of Elvis. That’s OK because if and I say IF I had one too,it would have Sandra Dee. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Brooklyn…You always manage to make me smile! Sally Rae and Gorilla Glue? Why not? I’m open! And I do love Gorilla Glue! Thanks for the Shout Outs, Paul…I’m glad you enjoyed all the music..And you have a much nicer way of voicing your opinion…These friends of mine? Brutal!!! 😂😂 Familiarity breeds contempt! 😂 As for Sugarland, they are a nice change..but I find that not too many people are hip to them. I like their sound, and I have some of their stuff…So, here’s to the berries..GOURD food! I’m glad they helped you out! Coincidentally, I too ate some strawberries this morning..only mine weren’t in cereal…they were in cheesecake!.🍰 Delicious….And as far as Sandra Dee goes…a little before my time, but I do rememeber one of my Uncles having a crush on her…And, Brooklyn…this is for you.😘..I hope you enjoy it..🙋🏻. http://tinyurl.com/y4rd6ac9

  4. Thanks Angela for the special message. I forgot to give you a shout out on the second round. Loved your use of the words. We will have to wait and see what Chuck or Steve brings to the table.

    • Paul…I think our posts are crossing…You’re very welcome, and thank you again. You’re such a Sweetheart! Too bad you’re into blondes though..😉😉. I hope you enjoy what I just left for you…Have a great day, Brooklyn…You’re one in a million! 😘🙋🏻

  5. The comedy SKETCH the duo has been doing (about the CHIVE and GOURD garden plots) isn’t any funnier now than it was TWENTY years ago.

    • Hi Chuck. Happy Saturday Afternoon! Terrific idea! Chive kind of tied our hands, don’t you think, but in the end, it’s joining with Gourd proved advantageous. I like how despite using the exact same words, and being forced to stay in “a vegetable frame of mind”,😉 we were all able to come up with such novel slants. Great work, Chuck, Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻 And be honest…isn’t this a lot more fun than whatever else you used to spend your early mornings doing? 😂😂 Hope you’re enjoying your day…This entry of yours has certainly brightened mine! 🍆🙋🏻

      • It is a lot of fun, Angela. Sometimes when I can’t get what I want, with the sentence, exasperation sets in and leaves me drained. My old brain doesn’t function like it used to. Thanks for making my day!

        • Hey Chuck…I’d say your brain is functioning just fine! And as I told Paul, this “old” tag has got to go…Around here, the term is “seasoned” ..😉 But I don’t want to think that you’re allowing this to stress you. It’s all in fun…Anyway, you’re not alone. You know what it’s like..Some days we’re the bug…some days we’re the windshield..And I’d say you’re chalking up those “W’s” just fine! As for making your day? You’re welcome, and thanks for saying…but be assured, you guys do a lot of the same for me too…I feel like I’ve created a band of budding Logophiles! 😉 Enjoy, Chuck! 🍷🙋🏻

  6. Chive looking like vice gave me reason to pause but then seeing the cartoon gave a quick instant solve to the puzzle totally independent of the letters.Another away from the hard copy newspaper weekend for this traveling grampa to watch Kate and Jane in Dixon,

    • Hi Professor..Sorry, I almost missed this…i totally agree, the solve today was an easy, breezy…the words were just an added bonus! 😉 Hope you’re having a great weekend with the Little Ones. Enjoy! Prof! 🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – Good to be back, although I’ll also be away a couple of days next week. I was taking care of my wife who wasn’t feeling well, but she’s better now.

    The only thing to take an extra look was TWENTY because I had to boot Tammy Wynette out of my brain first.

    Sorry Paul, I can’t come up with any sentence to surpass or even equal what’s been posted already.

    Angela, like others, the first thing I thought of when I looked at your song was Elvis’ “Stuck on You.” Would have posted it if you hadn’t.
    “AD HEAR you” made me laugh.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    • Yea, today we share the wealth! A little Country, a little Easy Listening, a little Early Rock n Roll! A plethora of good music! Good afternoon, G…And Tks! The guys had me AD HEARing too! 😉 Hope you’re having a good one! 🎶🙋🏻

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