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Good Morning, Everyone!     🐧 THE STRAIT…and NARROW 🐧

🎶STRAITEN up and fly right, STRAITEN up and stay right…STRAITEN up and fly right, cool down Papa, don’t you blow your top…Ain’t no use in divin’. What’s the use of jivin’?…STRAITEN up and fly right, cool down Papa don’t you blow your top….🎶 “Straighten Up And Fly Right” – Nat King Cole 1943

🐧 The moment that the question hit, a thought came into mind…
Remembering Magellan, a past puzzle I must find…
While nowhere near a FOSSIL, a PRIMER place it holds,
‘Twas 7 months ago that we attempted it unfold…
Magellan make a bad turn? Would an ALIBI he need?
I’d quickly tell him DITTO…I’ve made bad turns too indeed…
So channeling that narrow way…and winds that won’t abate?
I understand how Ferdinand would feel in DIRE STRAITS! 🐧

Today, with no new words to NAVIGATE, we do have Repeats of Repeats of Repeats…I’ll just give it to you STRAIT. Starting with ALIBI, used only once before in 2016, it appears anagrammed exactly as it did then. Ditto, DITTO. Making its’ 7th showing, it has been anagrammed as today’s TIDOT, on four previous occasions, dating back to 2016, with a fairly recent appearance on 12/15/18. Coming in as today’s newest entry, it’s doing double duty, since it’s also our oldest, reaching way back to 2014. PRIMER, has been seen twice before, in ’15 and ’17, both times as RRIMPE, and lastly we have FOSSIL. Playing for the sixth time, the anagram of SLOISF has also appeared before, but a while ago in 2015. So, I’ll just REPEAT…These are, of COURSE, definitely old favorites…and the Early Birds found them all easy to SEA

SAILING right along, we come to our cartoon. Finding ourselves out upon the Ocean, we once again visit southern Chile, where we see Ferdinand MAGELLAN, http://tinyurl.com/ydgf9dr6 the Portuguese explorer and navigator, standing upon his ship with three of his crew. Having been here with the Jumble back on September 9th, today we’re not seeing the STRAIT as a present-day tourist attraction, but as the newly named body of water. The MAGELLAN STRAIT, to this day, is the most important natural passage between the Atlantic and PACIFIC Oceans. But when Magellan and his crew first attempted to find a passage way to the Pacific, it wasn’t exactly clear SAILINGhttp://tinyurl.com/y4dnf6mu  The route, very difficult to navigate due to the STRAIT’S narrows and the unpredictable winds and currents, posed major problems for the unsuspecting fleet, and Magella, besides battling the treacherous waters, was also faced with revolt and mutiny. Which is why we hear him saying..”This could be the end...” With only three of Magellan’s five ships making it through, we can see that is was a very DIRE situation…So, in answer to our question…Magellan was in …DIRE STRAITS! WATER you know? Another good one, David…

Ok…eye candy…The top part of our panel, is shaded completely in blue, emphasizing the crashing waves surrounding the ship. Way off in the background to the right, we see a blackened silhouetted land mass. Magellan, dressed in black, and wearing his signature flat beret-type hat, and his First Mate, whom I believe to his brother-in-law, Duarte Barbosa, clad in a rust colored suit topped off with a Fishermans’ cap, are seen at left standing upon the CROW’S NEST, where a piece of the structure seems to have come loosened. (A crow’s nest is a structure in the upper part of the main mast of a ship that is used as a lookout point. This position ensured the best view for spotting approaching hazards, other ships, or land)…They both appear to be nervous WRECKS, wearing looks of utter desperation, SEAing nothing but the thrashing water…We see two members of the crew, garbed in brown and wearing red caps, and the one facing us, is heard saying…”We’re in trouble”…Hmm…He got STRAIT to the point, didn’t he? Water can be seen inside the ship…But what takes WING this morning? The MAGELLANIC PENGUINS seen in black and white along the bottom of the panel. Thirteen of them to be PACIFIC. So named after Magellan, who first spotted them in 1520, they’re on the rocksICE touch, Jeff! So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And keep warm. Here on the Atlantic Coast, SPRING has us JUMPING…A taste of warm weather…and then it’s just turns CHILE again…🐧🙋🏻





9 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/05/2019

  1. Good morning. Had little trouble with the words except that this old FOSSIL did take awhile to get that word. Not knowing that much about Magellan except that I like the melons he brought with him,I was able to solve the cartoon after a few minutes. Angela you can’t go wrong with you choice for the song. I saw the performance in Manhattan with his daughter that did the duet with her late father. It was magnificent,and gave everybody chills. Thanks for a great post from the song to the use of words and everything that followed. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn…How’re you doing? I thought the puzzle was a pretty easy, breezy one too.. Clever, for sure..So…… I got twofold emotions from you this morning…A laugh over the melons, which I love also…but a tear over the memory of that duet. I saw it too, but if I remember correctly, it wasn’t in the city. I’m pretty sure we saw her in Jersey, I think the Bergen Arts Center. But chills? I cried like a baby…And I think half the audience did too. And just now when I went to look for it for you, just the opening bars brought me back…and bought the tears with it…I remember playing that song so many times over and over again when it first came out, that the guy I was with at the time suggested I seek medical help! 😉 What can I say? Father and daughter things tend to destroy me! ❤️💔Thanks for the Shout Outs, Paul, and the memory, however bittersweet. As for the old Fossil? How many times do I have to remind you, that the only thing you are is “seasoned”. And well-seasoned at that…You’re a Sweetheart, Paul, and Aces in my book…Have a great day, Brooklyn…stay dry! And I hope you enjoy this.. http://tinyurl.com/y3t9tolu 🐧🙋🏻 .

      • Thank you Angela for the complements. My wife and I definitely saw it in Manhattan. We had tickets way in the back this time and I didn’t enjoy her singing her fathers songs because she sung them at a different tempo. I usually do not like it when other artists change the original. But when they put her father up on the big screen and they did the duet together it was remarkable. There were a lot of tears in the audience. Just that alone was worth the price of the tickets.

        • Remarkable is right. It was amazing. I felt sorry when she passed away. She had some hard times there for a while..Just goes to show you, money’s not the answer..It’s important, and let’s face it, nobody enjoys being without it, but it doesn’t buy happiness, an it sure as hell don’t buy health…Anyway, you’re very welcome for any complements…they’re well deserved. .Have a great day, Brooklyn…🙋🏻

  2. Saying it was too creepy was the DITTO ALIBI most of the PRIMER kids used for not wanting to visit the ancient FOSSIL display. Morning, Angela. Best I could come up with!

    • Good Morning, Chuck. FOSSIL kind of NARROWed the field, right? But don’t sell yourself short, you’ve managed to come up with a really good one! 👏🏻👏🏻 Creative with a touch of whimsy. And I’m such a sucker for the whimsy! I was thinking along the lines of PRIMER, as in elementary school too! Nice slant. If I get a breather, I may write something up. I enjoy using the words out of the puzzle’s context. Doing it as part of my post is so restricting…FOSSILS and Magellan? Yea, ok…I had to push that envelope so far..I’m lucky it didn’t get washed up with those ships! 😂😂 Have a good one, Chuck. Stay out of the rain! ☔️💦💦🙋🏻

    • Hey Chuck..It only took me half a day to get to it! 😉 🙋🏻

      📚 The new PRIMER distributed at the elementary school had a lot of people thinking DITTO, since some of its’ data was deemed as old as a FOSSIL, and the PTA felt in DIRE STRAITS as a result. and were in no mood for the publishers’ ALIBI…📚

      💲 With Christmas that had just past, he used the ALIBI,
      That overspending couldn’t be helped…there was so much to buy…
      He bought a lot from Amazon, one of it’s PRIMER folks,
      But some of those Black Friday deals were nothing more than jokes…
      He deemed a few a FOSSIL, outdated at its’ best…
      And DITTO seemed a whole more…he dumped them with the rest
      But just the same he spent a ton and now the bill awaits…
      He finds himself in a deep hole and it’s called DIRE STRAITS 💲

  3. Fossil is the word that took me the longest to solve this morning. Kept thinking the cartoon answer would have distress as one of the words but of course there were only two s-es. All of a sudden it dawned on me Straits of Magellan and Dire Straits made sense. It’s been a good week. Happy Friday everyone. We have rain here today. Everything is beautiful and green but I’m so ready for some sunshine. Have a Good Friday.

    • Hi Betty…FOSSIL does look odd, I’ll give you that.. But distress is a good way to go. And with SOS being the international signal of distress….and something I always remember as being associated mainly with the sea, it’s more than a good guess…Alas, not today though! 😉 But you’re right, knowing The Strait of Magellan was the key. We’re having a lot of rain here today also. But I’m good with it…especially after hearing that some of the outlying areas,are getting the “wintry mix”! Still! In April! It looks like once again, Spring remains elusive! Hope you have a great day, Betty! ☔️💦🙋🏻

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