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Happy Thursday, everyone! If you’re new to the Jumble, I’d first like to welcome you to our cozy little spot on the internet where we delve into the minutiae of the game as well have spirited discussions about the cartoon and the often hidden details that are subtly added to each one. Secondly, you chose a great week to start playing the game because the difficulty level thus far has been perfectly matched for the novice Jumbler.

Mr. Hoyt served up four brand new anagrams this morning, but none of them caused much of a racquet. They all solved into tried and true favorites that we saw over the course of last year. The only word to give me a slight pause was ENVOY so it’s my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. TATTLE was jumbled very well but the over abundance of T’s wasn’t enough to throw me off track. It also doubled as our most recently used word with a gameplay date of 9/1/18. DODGE clocked in as the oldest with its last appearance on 2/10/18.

As we pivot our way over to the cartoon, the setting appears to be a bakery where we see several different kinds of bagels on display. A young woman makes her way to the counter and her dialogue gives us the particulars of her order. We see that she’s carrying a bag slung over shoulder and the net and tennis ball logo on the side of it seems to indicate that a tennis racquet is most likely inside.

The baker is extremely happy to greet one of his favorite customers and he does so with a large smile on his face. His dialogue suggests that her order is the reason why she’s ranked number one and it also happened to be the biggest clue for me to complete the puzzle. If you were unable to read his apron, it says “HOLE LOVE BAGELS” with the O’s in HOLE and LOVE in the shape of a heart. Just behind where he’s standing, there are four different kinds of bagels in racks but only three of them are labeled. Today’s assortment seems to be the usual finds of plain, poppy, and sesame. I took the liberty of counting the sesame seeds on the bagels and came up with 346. Please excuse me if I missed a few because they were so tiny!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 9-letters. Although it was five letters shorter than yesterday’s, it still managed to keep the solution well hidden. The aforementioned clue of “ranked number one” and the P&T coupled together brought TOP to mind leaving me to find SEEDED after a few seconds of staring at the rest of the letters. Game, set, match! Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!







13 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/04/2019

  1. I think the young woman in the cartoon is Naomi Osaka, currently the number one in women’s singles. http://tinyurl.com/ycab8954 The character looks Asian, and Naomi is half Japanese and half Haitian. She grew up in the New York area, so she probably knows bagels!

  2. The latest TATTLE around the embassy is that the new ENVOY had to DODGE thrown debris on his recent trip because of the SPOTTY relationship between the two countries.

  3. A clean sweep for me this morning,but being a tennis related puzzle,and tennis not being my thing,gave me reason to pause.I was thinking of an ace serve,or net related answer.But focusing on the bagel revealed the final,top seeded solution,

    • Your summary made remember that “set” was in the letters and is a three letter tennis term. Glad you were able to finish it off, my friend. 🙂

  4. Good Afternoon, Mike. Good Afternoon, Everyone…

    Good Afternoon, Chuck…Envoy kind of TIED our HANDs. It’s a little hard to get aROUND a word like that…so there may be a bit of a MATCH in our sentences..But I took a totally different APPROACH with my poem, and gave Jeff the CENTER COURT! Have a great day, Everyone! I hope it SERVES you well! 🎾🙋🏻

    ° Already known for having a SPOTTY record, and now being labeled one who’s prone to TATTLE, the ENVOY was forced to DODGE myriad rumors amongst the U.N. members, and he was no longer considered a TOP SEEDED candidate for Secretary General.

    🎾 While stopping in this Bagel Shop, it’s not like tennis’s done,
    ‘Cause when you’re playing Tennis, “Love” quite simply means there’s none…
    But knowing Jeff and his sly way of being on the DODGE,
    He’s thrown the word in just to “Jumble” up the old hodgepodge.
    His record’s far from SPOTTY, he always makes his point,
    Today it’s using “Seeds” and bringing us into this joint…
    He’s ever the ENVOY for us, to bring Jumble to life,
    And give us all a nice respite from life’s humdrum and strife.
    I don’t think I’m a TATTLE Tale, most days the Jumble’s needed…
    To make us feel accomplished and that we too are TOP SEEDED! 🎾

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