Jumble Answers for 09/01/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!            🚦THE LIGHT WAY TO DO IT 🚦

🎶 TURN on your heartLIGHT…Let it shine wherever you GO. Let it make a happy GLOW for all the world to see…TURN on your heartLIGHT, in the middle of a young boy’s dream…Don’t wake me up too soon. Gonna take a RIDE across the moon…You and me…🎶 “Heartlight” – Neil Diamond 1982

🚦 We all know about congestion while driving here and there,
There is no GLITZ involved with getting round a thoroughfare…
Sometimes you feel you’re in a TRENCH, ensconced and sinking deep,
It’s all you do to fight the urge to just fall right asleep.
Your mind can tend to wander, you’re thinking of your grille…
You should have taken time to check, you think as you sit still.
You noticed something sticking out…and now you start to wonder,
How come it isn’t spelt as GRILL..another thing to ponder.
You’re starting to lose patience, this traffic’s just insane…
The city needs to come up with a different kind of lane…
The Traffic Board holds meetings, where they TATTLE and they prate,
But nothing seems to change the lights that leave us with this fate…
Please let relief be coming, you’re now thinking as you sit…
What signal does the city need before they’ll GREEN LIGHT IT?🚦

Nothing about today’s words STOPPED us in our tracks, and the only one that may have DRIVEN us to the slightest bit of distraction is TRENCH, last seen back on November 2nd. That day, it appeared as: CNERHT, and caused a little TIE UP for a few of us. So, once again today, with all of our words being Sweet Repeats…(GLITZ the oldest, last seen WAY BACK UP on December 28th of 2016)…let’s just ACCELERATE the process and TURN RIGHT to our CARtoon…Today, Jeff has us SITTING IN (on a) TRAFFIC Board meeting with CITY Planners. We see a TRAFFIC Board Representative STANDINGONLY with a diagram of an Intersection at an easel. A TRAFFIC LIGHT shows at center, highlighted in YELLOW. Three City Board members SIT, two of them with a replica of the Intersection before them. Because of all the congestion at this particular intersection, it’s been decided that a FOUR-WAY STOP needs to be implemented; and to do so, a new “TRAFFIC SIGNAL” needs to be installed…The City Board member at RIGHT, is seen saying, “We’ll all agree to do this”, (while pointing DIRECTly to the TRAFFIC LIGHT in the diagram)…They APPROVE. And our solution is all MAPPED out for us Folks,  RIGHT there in the dialogue and the question and that TRAFFIC LIGHT! So, what’s LEFT?…They needed the City to…GREEN LIGHT IT! Good one, Dave! You’ve DRIVEN home another winner!

Ok, eye candy…Hmm…Pretty pLANE  drawing today, with a Key clue being the TRAFFIC LIGHT drawn at the MIDDLE of the diagram…But I think I’ll GO with the TIE, UP on the guy in front. He’s wearing a String Tie…Haven’t men STOPPED wearing those? So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And here’s to no one getting STUCK in Holiday TRAFFIC this weekend! DRIVE safely, and Enjoy! 🚦🙋🏻

18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/01/2018

  1. Not wanting to TATTLE, the hip-hop star refused to relate how he lost his GRILL with all the GLITZ in an open TRENCH.
    No problem with the scrambled words or the solution. I was a little apprehensive when I saw the sheer number of circled letters, but the cartoon and the dialogue gave it away, at least for me.
    I am not familiar with your song Angela, but the lyrics are right on target. I kept thinking of The Supreme’s “Stop in the Name of Love” when I saw the traffic lights.
    After reading your excellent poem and post, I thought about a solution to the traffic problem that is illustrated—-Roundabouts or as they are called here traffic circles. More and more are showing up and they seem to solve lots of minor crashes.
    Well I didn’t see the Open Match last night but younger sister Serena seems to be on the comeback trail. Congrats to her and let’s hope her winning ways continue.

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    • Good Morning. Earl…His GRILL? Are we talking teeth here? ROTFL! I love it…Today you’ve definitely gone past creative! Brilliant! And spot on trendy! 👏🏻👏🏻Major Kudos! And I see we agree, the clues in the dialogue coupled with the cartoon were just as brilliant! But, your mention of the Roundabouts here? I have to mention this, and I’m going to make you laugh…The Jumble has dealt with Traffic and it’s issues many times during both 2017, and so far this year. Last year, back on August 14th, there was a puzzle dealing with two men driving in a car, and one of them talking too much for the others’ comfort. In my post, I used the word “Roundabout”, instead of traffic circle, going for a pun, and you told me that I made your day…Two weeks later, on August 29th, the puzzle was about an actual Roundabout..This was the question and the answer: “When they built the new Roundabout, they pulled out…ALL THE STOPS”! I mentioned your name, and dedicated my post to you that day, and we both had a good laugh over it…So, I just KNEW you’d mention it today…which is why I didn’t! And you didn’t fail me! 😉 It’s public knowledge, that Jeff lives in Fishers, IN. and a neighbor city to it, Carmel, is internationally known for its network of Roundabouts, over 100 of them. I have friends in both cities, and I thought they were adorable when I first saw them…(I do get excited over the simplest things)! 😉And I think Jeff has an affinity for them…coupled with an inordinately intense dislike for traffic congestion! 😂 Well that’s my take on it anyway! 😉Ok, Sorry..That went on a little longer than I planned! MOVING ON..😉…Thanks very much for the Shout Outs and the Poem Nom, and I definitely like your song choice…Anything the Supremes ever did was ok by me…Now, the Match…I recorded it, and watched it early this morning…All I can say is Miss Serena is one of a kind. Her performance was only topped by her statement after the win…If you can, try to see it…”Amazing” pales…I hope you enjoyed the wedding, and I hope you have a great day! Ciao, Bello! 🚦🙋🏻

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  2. Good morning. Angela, you have me again on your song choice. I’ll have to check it out later. Mine would be Green Onions, an instrumental by Booker T and the M.G.s. Nice overall post. Today’s words were easy again for me but for Trench. I was again stuck so I went to the cartoon and after writing down the letters I had so far, the answer was an instant solve. Now knowing the three letters I needed, I finally got the last word. Have a great holiday everybody. Until tomorrow stay well.

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    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Thanks for the Shout Out. 🎶Green Onions🎶 is one of my all-time favorite instrumentals, and I’m still wearing out that 45! I like your way of thinking…And I notice that you’re beginning to enjoy this “Name That Tune” game 😉 we got going! I love it, and I’m glad to see you throw your hat into the ring! So far this morning…2 for 2, you and Earl! It is fun to have the puzzle trigger a musical memory though, right? As for my choice…I think you’re going to enjoy it, especially if you’re a Neil Diamond fan. Let me know what you think…And 👏🏻 for getting out of that TRENCH! Have a good one, Bud! 🚦🙋🏻


      • I heard your Neil Diamond song and enjoyed it. I noticed that Earl and I crossed each other again. He liked Stop In the Name Of Love. We have the red,green and now we need the yellow to complete the traffic light. For that I give you “The Yellow Rose of Texas “by Gene Autry.

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      • Hey Brooklyn…I thought you might like it. I’m glad you checked it out. Paul, if you check the times on the posts, you’ll see that both you and Earl hit the page at exactly the same time…exactly 9:11…(And how I hate saying 9:11)…Anyway…🎶Yellow Rose🎶? Good one…How about 🎶Goodbye Yellow Brick Road🎶, Sir Elton John? Or 🎶 Big Yellow Taxi🎶? Joni Mitchell? …Or we could go with Texas if you’d like…Hmm.. 🎶San Antonio Rose🎶? Close, but no cigar? I can’t remember who sang it, but I’m throwing it on there because it was one of my Father’s 🍷favorite songs…Ok., Brooklyn…Ball’s back in your court! 😂 🙋🏻


  3. Point of information,the first traffic stop light installed in the US was in my hometown,Cleveland,Oh, on Aug 5 1914, on the corner of E 105th and Euclid Ave. just west of Case Western U,where I graduated from the then Case Tech in 1965.

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    • Good Morning, Prof! How’re you doing out there with the girls? You know mentioning your school and your date of graduation, you may be shouting out to some former classmates! You never know! And since we’re walking down Jumble Memory LANE today, do you remember the first TRAFFIC LIGHT being showcased here? It was on May 4th, 2017…And I remember the car in the cartoon having the rear doors with the handles reversed..The “Suicide” doors…Jeffs’ cartoon was spot on that day as always…Hope you’re having a good weekend, Chuck…Enjoy! 🚦🙋🏻


      • Sad fact. One of the nicest girls I graduated grammar school with never got to go to High School because over the summer she went for a ride in her sisters boyfriends car which had those suicide handles. He got into an accident and somehow being in the backseat the door flew open and she exited the vehicle and died. I still have her Mass card after all these years. Often wonder what her life would be if that never happened.

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      • Oh, Brooklyn…I’m so sorry to open up an old wound…Did cars still have them when you were a kid? I guess so. I only know about them from what I’ve read, and from old pictures of my Grandfathers’ cars…I’m sorry I mentioned it, Bud. It was just stuck in my head because I remembered the detail from the cartoon that day…I hope you can get the thought out of your head. Say a prayer for her…(We Italians believe you have to do that when someone deceased comes into your mind)…and check out my last comment to you…A much LIGHTer subject…🙋🏻


      • Really, Chuck? I had no idea…Wonder why it took so long for the manufacturers to realize the problem they had there…And how many lives it may have cost? I’m going to have to read up on it a little more…But not today…I’m not up for the angst! I’m going to do a Scarlett today instead….😉 (Get it)? 🙋🏻


    • Addendum? Well, excuse me! I love it! 😂 Ok, another good one, “CHAMPION”! ..(Get it)? Well, I’m coming back with..🎶Green, Green Grass of Home🎶..Tom Jones.,..and you want to stay Country? How about..🎶Red River Valley🎶 Marty Robbins..(Oddly enough, ANOTHER one of my Fathers’ favorites…Hmm. The man born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn? What was I missing???😂😂)!! 🙋🏻


  4. Easy one today. Thanks for the history factoid, Chuck. I did not know that information about Cleveland. I can only imagine what a mess it would be trying to get around without traffic signals. To be very honest with you it’s pretty much a mess trying to get around our city even WITH traffic signals. There are so many vehicles, and now we have bicycles and scooters to contend with as well. Happy Saturday everyone.

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    • Hi Betty…Yes, it was an easy, breezy go of it. And you’re preaching to the choir as far as traffic goes…NYC? You don’t want to know! I think all of our major cities have fallen victim to it…and one can’t help but wonder how much worse will it get..😳 Have a good one, Betty. Enjoy! 🚦🙋🏻


  5. Hi all – GLITZ is a little slang-ey, but I saw it. Also got TRENCH by putting the CH together and trying it at the beginning and end, and TATTLE took a second look.

    Not much to comment on in the cartoon, so I’ll just wish you all a good start to the holiday weekend.

    Angela, I’ve got a good coincidence from yesterday, possibly a 6-degree type?
    We saw the reference to the “Whack-a-Mole” game. Then later when I saw the coverage of Aretha Franklin’s service I looked up “Rock Steady”, which referenced an article about its bass player and the bass line. The page had a link to another bass player, Chris Squire of Yes, and this quote started it –
    “From across the stage at a North Hollywood rehearsal hall, Chris Squire looks like a bad***. Sporting lime green leather boots, Squire plays a vicious game of whack-a-mole with his pedalboard, kicking up wild tones.”


    • Hey G…I don’t think Glitz is a slangy word really. Maybe Glitzy is? 🤔 The connection thing? IDK…That’s a lot of stretching! 😉 There’s no connection to Aretha from the cartoon, and you need that jump off point, no? But your imagination is impressive! 😂 Hope you’re having a great day, G…Long weekends can be so relaxing..🙋🏻


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