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Good Morning, Everyone!                  🔝  BAT’S ALL FOLKS! 🔝

🎶 When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…BAT’S Amore…When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine…BAT’S Amore…When you walk in a dream but you know you’re not dreaming, Signore… ‘Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli….BAT’S Amore…Amore…Amore!🎶 “That’s Amore” – Dean Martin  1953

🔝 So Dracula seems quite well known to one Bat we can see,
And he looks JOYFUL and amused as he hangs in a tree…
The other bats sit all enthralled, and WRENCH their necks real close,
To hear the tale of Vampire Lore from this Bat, quite verbose.
A story’s that been hanging ’round for NINETY years at least,
It tells of this guy Vlad who others’ blood upon he’d feast.
A rather DOUGHY fellow, but as Dracula quite svelte…
He’d INVADE others’ lives to suck their blood which gave him health.
He’d RENDER them quite lifeless, their necks marked from his teeth,
Yes, this is what Count Dracula wrought and what he would bequeath…
So up in trees we now know lived a Bat longed to be heard…
As he regaled all the others and they HUNG ON EVERY WORD …🔝 

Ah, Sunday morning…And Jumble 🎶 Love Is In The Hair🎶…I mean the Air
But…BATS! They get into your hair, and they HANG ON for dear life! We’re waking up to BATS! Here we just had Prairie Dogs on Friday…and now today BATS? What’s next? Frogs and Locusts? This reminds me of a stretch we had back at the end of 2017, into the first week of 2018, where we had Goats and Pigs and Deer..and Goats again…I KID you not! And then we did Ducks FOWLed by Chickens back to back this past June!…So I hope this isn’t another BATtern…We’ll just have to wait and see. This Sunday’s words are giving us a few oldies in with our Sweet Repeats, with JOYFUL HANGING AROUND since November 5th, 2014…but none of our scrambled up AlphaBATS are real stumpers. So lets move on, and take a BITE out of our cartoon. Today, we’re up a TREE….And we find ourselves surrounded by COLONIES of BATS, three males and a female, with five others in the distance. COUNT ’em…Yuck! Aren’t you VLAD this is just a cartoon? We see a Ringleader of sorts, the BATMAN, regaling the other BATS with the Tale of DRACULA. It seems pretty obvious too, that all the others are new BLOOD, because they’ve never heard the story before. And they were all so interested, that they HUNG ON EVERY WORD! Good one, David! A real BLIND solve!…We just WINGED it!

Ok, eye candy…All we really have here today are Brown BATS, with Pink ears…There is a silhouette of another COLONY HANGING on another tree, but I’m just going to go out on a LIMB this morning, and SQUEAK by with stating there’s no candy to be had…What can I say? It just wasn’t Love at First BITE! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone..I hope you all enjoyed HANGING OUT with us. And…BATS all Folks! 🔝🙋🏻

17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/02/2018

  1. In NINETY-eight, a JOYFUL night came when the mechanic used a monkey WRENCH to RENDER an attempt to INVADE his garage useless and turned one felon’s head into a DOUGHY mess.
    For a Sunday I was surprised at being able to unscramble all six words quite quickly and come up with the solution without having to write out the letters.
    Oh Angela—“Bats Amore?” That’s caving into a real mammoth pun, isn’t it??? OK I’ll swallow hard and appreciate the reference to one of the Rat Pack.
    Great poem and post. And it reminded me of a visit to my local library a couple of weeks ago when one of the librarians came up to me quietly and mentioned that if I was afraid of bats I might want to be cognizant of the fact that there were two of them resting on the ceiling and an exterminator had been called. I assured her that I was fine with the tiny mammals and checked out the New
    Back to heat and humidity and haze—these “lazy, hazy crazy days” of summer appear not to be over. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl…LOL..Yes, I CAVED in! Good one! 👏🏻 I just couldn’t resist…It started BUZZING round my head, and I couldn’t fight it…RAT pack, Indeed! 😉Same as with the 🎶Love Is In The Air🎶 parody..I know that BATS nesting in ones’ hair is a MYTHtake, with their echolocation ability, but it’s just one of those days! I threw caution to the Rafters, and FLEW with it! I so needed the laughs…And look at you with your mechanics’ macabre glee after RENDERing a man’s head a DOUGHY mess! What’s happening to us? 😂 Brilliant use of these very diverse words! 👏🏻👏🏻 I felt the same way about the puzzle…And used another falsehood, the BLIND BAT one to not just get another pun in, but to describe the entire solve..After the immediate CLICK of the answer, the words didn’t HANG me up at all…Today, a gift from the duo of BATMAN and …BATMAN…(You know there’s no way I’m ROBIN either one of them of the Title)! 😂😂 Thanks so much for the Shout Outs and the Poem Nom…it was an odd effort…I had to make some kind of light out of the DARKNESS of the vermin! You know how I feel about anything that flies or creeps or crawls! 😉 Same downstate, Earl…the oppressive weather’s returned. But after seeing what’s going on across the country with all the flooding? I’m COUNTing my blessings, and just SWEATING it out…And as for your Library encounter? I applaud you for staying…Me ? I’d have been out of there like a BAT outta hell! Have a good one, Earl! Ciao, Bello! 🔝🙋🏻

  2. Good Sunday morning. Who doesn’t love Dean Martin. Good choice! I immediately think of his hour long show and those celebrity roasts were hilarious. Terrific job Angela,between the song,poem and puns you nailed it. Earl,nice work. I didn’t even think of trying to come up with something because it looked too hard. Today’s jumble was enjoyable. For me it was a little hard(about time). Not many words came to mind right away. After writing down the letters and reading the cartoon,the answer came immediately. Another cute finish. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn…Thanks so much for the Shout Outs….You’re right, it was fun…I’ve heard what you’re saying about the puzzle from a lot of people since early this morning…The cartoon gave the answer up easily, but they had to pause on some of the words…Looks like Invade HUNG them UP the most…Hope you’re having a good one! Ciao, Bello! 🔝🙋🏻

  3. Hi all – WRENCH took a second look, but NINETY took me the longest. I kept thinking ENTITY or INTENT. Then I thought the answer would be that they were “all ears”, but the letter layout showed the correct words.

    When the other little bat didn’t believe the story, he said, “Aw, G’wan, no!”

    Great work Angela and Earl, as usual. Have a wonderful Sunday!

    • Hey G…I saw Entity at first glance also…and guess what? We both did last time too…Mediocrity? Hmm..I like all ears…👏🏻👏🏻 Good one…But guano? 😷 Only you!! 😂 Thanks for the Shout Out, Bud! Hope you’re having a good one! 🔝🙋🏻

          • No..More like the “price we pay”.. The ads track our words…like little “Cookie” Monsters…
            Keep playing with guano and see what you’ll get!!!! 😱😂😂

    • Hi Steve. I agree with you on Ninety being the hardest word. That was my last word to get and the runner up for me was the first one,Render. Today’s jumble made you think a little bit,which I prefer.

      • Hey Paul – It always surprises me when a simple word like “eight” is sometimes so hard to see. One of the things I like about Jumble is that all the letters are right out there in plain sight, nothing hidden or tricks, nobody to blame but myself when I can’t see a word or answer. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

      • Oh no…WAIT!!..So…6 was 4? And 5 was 1?….This is RENDERING me soooo confused! 😂🙋🏻

  4. I thought of HUNG, which enabled me to get the rest of the answer and the letter u for my hardest word – joyful.
    Last year we had the first bat ever in our house. We opened the front door and thankfully it soon flew out.
    Wishing all a fun holiday.

    • Hi Caroline.. Another vote for the cartoon giving it away first…And the second Joyful of the day…You were soooo lucky with the bat leaving…There’s been horror stories! Creepy little things, right? 😱 Hope you’re enjoying the Holiday Weekend…Take care! 🔝🙋🏻

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