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Good Morning, Everyone!            🐿 A HOLE LOTTA SHAKIN’ GOIN’ ON…🐿

🎶 Come along my Baby, HOLE lotta shakin’ goin’ on…Yes, I said come along my Baby, Baby you can’t go wrong..We ain’t fakin’, HOLE lotta shakin’ goin’ on…Well, I said come along my Baby, we got chicken in the barn..Woo-huh..Come along my Baby, really got the bull by the horn..We ain’t fakin’, HOLE lotta shakin’ goin’ on…I said shake it, Baby…Shake it..Come on over, HOLE lotta shakin’ goin’ on….🎶 “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” – Jerry Lee Lewis  1957

🐿 So rodents prone to burrow…Prairie Dogs known as ground squirrels,
And to those of you who know me…know already I’m in peril…
Problem here? I’m saying squirrel and then rodent in one sentence?
A pause while I INHALE and try regaining normal essence…
I feel my face turn MEALY, COMFY not the place I’m at,
To greet the early morning with a bunch of burrowing rats…
But I’ll emulate an ORIOLE, and fly above the fray,
That I’ve found myself a part of way too early in the day.
So we’re faced with Prairie Dogs amok, relocating we can see…
But I’m just not digging meeting with today’s “HOLE” FAMILY! 🐿

HOLA!! And welcome to Friday, and the start of a long Holiday weekend! Let’s kick it off…Except for two of my early morning Jumble Crew telling me that they PALED for a quick second at MEALY, today’s words were pretty DOGgone easy. So let’s just DIG in and get to our solution…Today we find ourselves out in a open field. A FAMILY of PRAIRIE DOGS are making a new HOME for themselves, and apPARENTly they DIG their new surroundings…It’s a pretty HOLEsome FAMILY scene, I suppose…We see the Dad, standing at left, telling his wife, who’s “DIGGING the Kitchen” that it’s “great to have the kids helping“. And I’m counting 7 kids!…That’s a lot of kids…They may just GOPHER broke getting this new HOME off the GROUND, right? I wonder if they KNEADed to BURROW any moneyAnyway, with this HOLE FAMILY AFFAIR going on, and all the HOLES we see being DUG…They BURROWED with help from the…”HOLE” FAMILY! Good one, David…I can DIG it!

Ok, eye candy…The two tiny DOGS standing way off in the distance are a cute deTAIL, but I’ll SHAKE it off… I’m going with the Sister and Brother duo at front…He’s whacking her with a Tree Limb…Sibling Rivalry taken to a HOLE ‘nother  level…I’d GROUND him in a minute! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! We’ve the HOLE long weekend to look forward to…Kick up some dirt and Enjoy! 🐿🙋🏻




10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/31/2018

  1. Good morning. Thanks for posting early. By the time I finish pecking I’m sure Earl will be on before me. Angela, nice song choice. I really enjoyed his singing, but I may have topped you with my choice. “You really got a hold on me”, by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. It got stuck in my head while I was reading your post. Another home run on your use of the words, poem and puns. I got stuck on the last word and went straight to the cartoon answer. The answer came right away and it left me with “iol “. Not lol. But the sad part was that I still couldn’t come up with Oriole. Pains me to say I had to look for that word which tells me that it’s my choice for hardest word. It wasn’t hard for me to figure that out. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! You’re first in the house! And I’m as surprised as you that Earl’s not here yet..I hope all is well with him..Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I do like your song choice.🎶 Always loved Smokey…Good job! You’re welcome for the earlier post..but it’s kind of late for me, because.I lost the first one! I have no idea what I did, but the whole thing just disappeared, and I can swear I saved it…Guess not..So I had to start from scratch…and do the HOLE thing over…And I wasn’t exactly thrilled dealing with the little rodents as it was! What’d’ya gonna do? Life! So…you got stuck on ORIOLE? No biggie, you still scored on the solve..And you know OIL you had to do was come here and take a look.😉 Anyway..Here’s ☕️ to the day going better for the both of us..Hang in there, Brookkyn! Have a good one…🐿🙋🏻

  2. The ORIOLE fan was not COMFY with the MEALY worm entree and had to INHALE most of it without chewing.
    No problem with the scrambled words or the solution today–although I was not totally COMFY with COMFY until I wrote down all the letters are noticed that the HOLE FAMILY solution did indeed require the letters in that word.
    Great song Angela, I could not get “He’s got the HOLE world in his paws…..” while reading your post. I know, I know, that’s pretty pathetic punditry, but once in a while I try.
    As Paul pointed out, your poem and post were brilliant and I can add little except to praise you on the number of doggy children and the sibling rivalry in the front–missed all that. What would I do without you guys jabbing me with your elbows and saying “LOOK!”
    As for not being here? It’s Friday morning and I was up late watching the Bills make a great comeback and decided to sleep in–not a common practice for me.
    Angela, I hope my sentence did not make you green with nausea—–I was planning to use ORIOLE in the bird sense, but somehow INHALE just wouldn’t work.
    Hope the coolness has reached Downstate and gives the Open players some relief.

    • Ah..Here you are! I was concerned…Maybe all will be ok with the world now…Hopefully! Glad you got that sleep. Ok, so…Your sentence! Let me see if I got this straight…Until I neared the end of your post, I thought it was an actual ORIOLE fan..a guy who favored eating wild birds! But instead he’s a Baltimore ORIOLE fan? Hmm. Let me put it this way…I was nauseous at 4 o’clock, when I had to deal with these little rodents here…Then I got a little sicker when something personal went awry…and then I lost the post…and that hurt…so when this came along? It’s just the MEALY worm on the cake! 😉 This day HAS got to get better! 😉 Thanks for the Shout Outs; as you said, the words today, albeit easy enough, just didn’t blend together very well…And your song gave me a much needed giggle…especially the “paws”! Valiant effort! As for the eye candy…There wasn’t much else besides the little critters themselves, so I made the best of it…Final day of August..I hope it’s the end of these DOG days! And along that line..Yes, it is cooler here for us today too..I’ve opened all the doors for the first time all week…And I agree, those players could definitely use some relief…Have a good one, Earl…Tonight, Miss Serena goes up against Venus…Can we bear to watch!!? 😳🙋🏻

      • Yes—the ORIOLE fan is a Baltimore native and probably doesn’t have much to crow about this year but he can just keep bobbin along until a winning season comes chirping his way
        P.S. Thought of you when I caught a snippet of Sen. McCain’s funeral. He requested Sinatra’s “My Way” as his casket left the church.
        P.P.S Can’t watch the Open tonight—family wedding to attend. Just as well, I have a very difficult time when those two play each other.
        Hope the day improves.

        • Ok..We cleared that up! LOL…Anyway…Your Baseball ORIOLE fan? He keeps eating those worms? He’ll have a lot more on his PLATE to worry about than a winning season! 😂 I see a definite bout of Gastritis in his future! I too watched McCain’s funeral. Sad, but what dignity and respect. Truly befitting the man himself. Especially considering the mud that was unduly slung at him in recent years…SMH! My Father always taught us..”Consider the source”…Truer words never spoken, IMO. And, of course, I cried at 🎶My Way🎶 The Senator did himself justice with his choice…Earl, I’m going to have a hard time sitting through the match also…Talk about Sibling Rivalry! I could never do it. Compete one-on-one against any of my brothers? Never. It would pain me too much to beat them! 😂😂 Sadly, no improvement yet..Thanks for asking…but hope springs eternal…Enjoy your wedding…and I hope you dance your heart out! 🙋🏻

  3. Words were easy, especially oriole, but solution with a word in quotes is always touch and go, but with the digging of holes, hole came quickly to mind. Off on another weekend with our 4 yr old twin granddaughters Kate and Jane.

    • Good Morning, Prof. You too? The Quotation Trepidation? Say it ain’t so! 😉 Harmless little things! Glad you got over! Save trip, Chuck…Enjoy the weekend with the Littles! 🐿🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – Sometimes the ‘slang-y’ words slow me down, but putting the Y at the end produced both COMFY and MEALY quickly. Got ORIOLE because I’ve been reading about them – the ones in the trees, not the ones who are fifty two and a half games out of first in the AL East. Then the answer was obvious.

    I was expecting Earl to feed the mealy worms to the birds, so the sentence was really a surprise!

    Have a great weekend everyone, hopefully with enjoyable weather.
    I hope you feel better soon, Angela.

    My favorite detail in today’s cartoon was of course the tribute to the arcade game “Whack-A-Mole.” That’s bittersweet locally today, though. There was a beloved amusement park right on Ocean Beach in SF that opened in 1913 called Playland at the Beach. It closed in 1972 just as I arrived here, but many of its pinball machines and other coin-op devices were saved and collected, along with many other things, at a place in El Cerrito called “Playland-Not-At-The-Beach.” In a common story, it’s meeting the same fate as its predecessor this weekend, with everything being sold at auction and being replaced by a condo development. They just couldn’t find any local place with an affordable rent.

    • Hey G..That “development envelopment” is becoming the bane of every city.. It’s happening all over. Soon there may be nothing but condos…🎶 They paved paradise and put up a parking lot….🎶…Thanks for the Shout Out…fingers crossed…Have a good one, Bud! 🐿🙋🏻

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