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Welcome back to another week of Jumble puzzles everyone! Today’s game was exactly what we’ve come to expect on a Monday with four clue words that were on the easier side and a cartoon answer that didn’t take all that much effort to figure out. Mr. Hoyt started it all off by surprising us with a new clue word which was VALVE. I would have thought that it had been used before but looking back at the archives proved otherwise. The next two words both contained an -LY, but the trick of combing the letters to transform the solution into an adverb only worked on one of them. TALLY was a cinch to decipher leaving the LY trick to perform beautifully on CALMLY. Our final word, BYPASS, took one extra glance to come into view so it’ll be my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. Our repeat clue words were all from 2018 with CALMLY being the oldest and TALLY being the most recent. With all of the words completed, I noticed that today’s anagrams were in reverse alphabetical order and their solutions were as well. Double whammy, David!

Our cartoon brings us to a waiting room where we enconter 5 Jumble characters watching a television. On the screen are an additional two characters with one of them being a vampire. My eyes immediately fixated on the woman who is about to be bitten because she wasn’t drawn in Jeff’s usual character style. She had a lifelike appearance with long flowing hair and delicate facial features. She even had a tiny little mole on her upper-left cheek! You really outdid yourself on this panel, Jeff! WOW!!!

The dialogue and cartoon sentence lets us know that these folks are waiting to give blood, but everyone has become lost in the movie and aren’t paying attention to the receptionist calling out names. One of them is yelling for Ms. Jones and you can see by her facial expression that she is becoming increasingly frustrated. Maybe it’s time that they turn off the tv and hand out some magazines instead.

The final solution was an anagram consisting of 8-letters that solved into two words. The letters partially spelled out VAMPire, but the V and T at the beginning of the anagram led me to TV instead. The cartoon sentence indicated that the folks were waiting to give blood which made PLASMA a quick find in the remaining 6-letters. I’m still at a loss for words over the amazing detail of the woman on the TV screen. I guess you could say that I really sunk my teeth into it! Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!



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  1. Good morning. First time looking at the words I drew a blank. After breakfast I returned and that dumb look that was on my face disappeared and I was able to solve the words in order with relative ease. I had Passby stuck in my head until that V-8 moment finally hit me. The cartoon answer was a clever one and the hint for us was that large TV. Thanks Mike for an interesting post. At first I didn’t realize you were on until I scrolled up and saw your work. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Morning, Paul! Looking back at the clue words, a case could be made that David chose VALVE and BYPASS because of the blood donor theme of the cartoon. Overall a fun puzzle and interesting start to the week. Have a good one!

  2. Keeping TALLY of the number of people walking on the overhead BYPASS acted as a release VALVE for my brother who was CALMLY trying to forget the fiasco of his previous marriage.

    • Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone. Good Morning, Chuck…

      ° CALMLY walking through the lobby, amidst the charred remains of the fire, he did his best to TALLY each and every VALVE that erupted, and managed to BYPASS stepping upon the PLASMA TV that lie across the floor…

      °’With BYPASS surgery looming, he knew he must admit, ,
      That he could TALLY many things …there’d be no end of it.
      They tell him face it CALMLY, sure easier to say,
      It’s not them getting surgery within the next few days…
      A new VALVE being put in..he hopes it does the trick,
      Let’s face it, it’s no picnic to always feel so sick…
      So as he lies here hoping that sleep will come to be,
      He stares ahead mindlessly watching his PLASMA TV.

      • Definitely the cartoon answer! I was looking for a two letter word and couldn’t think outside the “idiot” box! lol The last two clue words, even with the double letter trick and LY trick, also gave me trouble. I always give up after 5 minutes but usually get the full puzzle within 3 minutes. Bad day!

  3. Clever puzzle today. Brief pause at bypass but no problem with the cartoon answer. All in all a good one to start out the week. Have a good day.

  4. I also had trouble w the 2 letter solution,where my first choice was at,rather than TV.The ly anagrams came to mind quickly,but with all the consonents in bypass,that word required more thought as did plasma.Speaking of plasma TVs ,they don’t even make those anymore with the flat screen TVs ruling today’s market.

    • Very true, Chuck. Looking up plasma tv’s, I saw that they stopped producing them in 2014. My old Pioneer plasma tv still works beautifully and was top of the line when I purchased it back in the early 2000’s. It’s lasted longer than many of my other LCD models.

  5. Hi all – This was an A+ puzzle, but I had a surprisingly hard time with some of it. It was nice to see a word with its ‘Y’ not at the end (BYPASS). Looking at Dracula, I first saw CLAMMY before realizing it needed two ‘L’s. For some reason, VALVE actually took me the longest. I never did get the answer because I got stuck not seeing a two letter word containing ‘A’. The answer should have been obvious. I was focused on the movie rather than the device showing it.

    I would like to have seen Jeff scatter a couple of Mad Magazines around the waiting room, since one of their standard catchphrases was always “Humor in a jugular vein”.

    Mike, the actress who played Mina in the classic Dracula would have been Helen Chandler, but I don’t see a mole in any of her pictures, so maybe that’s just a burned-out pixel on the screen!

    “The doctor would CALMLY TALLY the fee he received for each BYPASS VALVE he inserted to see when he could afford a new PLASMA TV.”

    Have a great day, everyone!
    I may be gone a few days. I’m having a minor procedure which is supposed to greatly enhance my vision, but it might leave it cloudy an unknown amount of time – everybody’s different. Could be as little as a few hours or could be as long as a couple of days. In any case, carry on and 🎵”I’ll be seeing you”🎵 soon, literally!

    • Hi, Steve! Your detailed explanation, as well as Clay’s, gave me a better understanding as to why this puzzle is causing problems. I figured that the V & T at the front of the anagram would make it a no-brainer, but was I ever wrong!

      When are you having your procedure? I wear contacts and have always wanted laser correction but chicken out at the thought of letting a machine burn holes in my eyes, lol. Your situation sounds like it may not be an elective surgery so I pray that all goes well. Maybe your vision will be so greatly enhanced that you won’t need to zoom in on the cartoons anymore. 😂

  6. This was a tough one for me. I couldn’t figure out bypass and I did get TV but not plasma. Hopi g for better luck tomorrow.
    Theresa Z

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