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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🌽👁️ CORN IT BE ANY CLEARER? 👁️🌽

    🎶 I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW the rain is gone…I can see all obstacles in my way…Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind…It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sun shiny day…🎶 “I Can See Clearly Now” – Johnny Nash 1972 https://tinyurl.com/mr46b9ky

    🌽 👁️He tried to FOLLOW straight lines, but couldn’t get it right,
    The corn was planted all erose…it did look quite the fright…
    So much to be concerned about…the weather and the VERMIN,
    We see that EARl is talking to his fellow farmer, Herman…
    A corn stalk’s showing on his cap, DITTO his friend we see,
    (I’m canning FRISK…it just don’t fit…it’s got me up a tree)
    The bottom line, EARl tells Herman he’s hoping no division…
    Between his rows now that the glasses help his FIELD OF VISION! 👁️🌽

    With both my Mother and Grandmother having had Glaucoma, and me SEEing a very pro-active eye doctor, I’ve used drops for a few years now, and I’ve had my share of VISUAL FIELD tests…And if anyone’s familiar, you know that it definitely gives all new meaning to seeing spots before your eyes…And just when you think you’ve cLICKed it…there goes another one. Not that easy to keep it all aFLOAT, that’s for sure….But EYE digress…

    …So the question on my mind is whether or not EARl here is merely near sighted, or it’s something more serious…we may never ROW, I mean know…But no matter how we LOOK at it…this puzzle’s definitely an EYE OPENER…

    Ok…Today…EARl and Herman, CORN farmers. And EARl, whose VISION has been impEARed for a while, got himself some glasses. And Eureka! He can finally read between the lines, so to speak, and clearly SEE the rows he needs to plow in the FIELD…And he’s happy to get STRAIGHT to it…hoping that now…with the COBwebs out of his eyes…as far as his corn crop goes, he can TRACT ‘OR progress..Yep, that pEAR of glasses definitely made for a great FIELD OF VISION…https://tinyurl.com/5n78pyt3

    So…ThEAR you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And I had a slew of eye jokes, but some seem a little too EYEpalling, while others are just too CORNea…but maybe I can SEE FIT to tell this one… A man goes to his eye Doctor after getting mustard in his eyes. “Doc”, he says, “you have to help me, my eyes feel hot and I can’t see a thing”!
    Doctor: “Any other symptoms”? Man: “No, but I have the strangest feeling that this has happened before”. Doctor: “Was it French mustard”? Man: Yes, it was…why”? …Doctor: “Just as I figured…it’s Dijon view.’”…👁️🌽🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🤷🏻‍♀️Being so unnerved by the thought of any flying (or DITTO crawling creature)…all VERMIN in general…she felt as if they were in her FIELD OF VISION, so she hoped everyone would FRISK through their packages…making sure that nothing could FOLLOW them home…🤷🏻‍♀️

    🤦🏻‍♂️The agent had to FRISK them all…and baggage, yes, a DITTO,
    They knew the rules to FOLLOW before any one could go…
    The past had proven VERMIN types had tried to smuggle wares,
    So now there was suspicion…and they need to be prepared
    The line had stretched so long though, it seemed they lacked all precision…
    All he could see was rows of heads blocking his FIELD OF VISION…🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. Great way to end the week ! One anagram was decaying the rest and I had to look it up , so VERMIN didn’t come to me at all ! But the rest did , and the jumble , when you talk about a farmer plowing and his eyeglasses , FIELD and VISION came right out ! Good one to end the weekdays ! The one song that came to me was the same as yours Angela ! I am a part-time custodian for a place and when I clean the windows and people come in , I sing that song 🎶 I can see clearly now the smudge is gone 🎶 so that song is perfect ! I’ve heard your eye joke before , I think , or am i having a Dijon View ? Everyone have a great Friday !!!!

  4. I like it when the Jumble answer is a common phrase…seems a little easier that way. Given that FIELD was pretty much a slam-dunk, OF VISION followed for a blind solve. Anagrams were easily unscrambled…and am listening to your excellent song choice in my head. And a funny joke, to boot.

  5. Good morning. Back in the grove. I was able to get both parts with relative ease but unable to get the blind solve. Loved your song choice Angela. Saw your song choice and immediately played it and was surprised that it wasn’t Cash. Looked again at what you picked and realized that my mind switched what I read. Until tomorrow take care.

  6. I see it was the right decision
    To improve my faltering vision
    Now the rows are all straight
    And there’s no more debate
    That I’m not sowing my seeds with precision!

  7. After pausing on the anagram, vermin, the cartoon answer came quickly into my ‘ field of vision’ so to speak, without my usual paper newspaper source, since it’s Saturday.
    Wishing a good weekend to one and all.

  8. Easy solve this morning. A few years ago I was driving my sister home the day after her cataract surgery and she sang that song and kept shouting out the names on the road signs – she had worn glasses all her life and had never been able to read them without correction until then. 👁️ 👁️

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