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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 It ain’t been easy…But we’ll make it through…All the UPS AND DOWNS…It ain’t been perfect…But we’re both HERE RIGHT NOW…🎶… “Ups and Downs” – David & Tamela Mann 2018 https://tinyurl.com/4dwuf8ps

    📶 The Staircase is a PARODY of what goes on in life,
    How we all have our moments…the high times vs some strife…
    Life tends to entwine good and bad…(oh, the word should be TWINE,
    Had trouble with the noun/verb thing…sometimes things don’t align)…
    Steps are the GROUND beneath our feet…ascend and/or descend,
    (And SUSHI takes the wrap today for the word that won’t blend)…
    Our Staircase shows us all the feels…and at night wears a frown…
    Longing again for the school day…where there’ll be UPS AND DOWNS! 📶

    I’ve never given much thought to my stairs…they’re not exactly HIGH UP there on my list of priorities…although there are those people who don’t trust them…To hear them say it, they just seem to always be UP to something…But as for me, I guess like with most other things, if something doesn’t make any waves, or set things SPIRALing, they just tend to be ignored…Who knows, maybe after this I’ll have a whole NEWEL outlook towards them…

    Ok. Today we once again meet Kirk Dietz, https://tinyurl.com/2bf2dmv7 the dedicated, much-loved teacher at the Sleepy Hollow Middle School https://tinyurl.com/3f2pzce4 in upstate Tarrytown, NY. Any dedicated Jumble aficionado is familiar with Mr Dietz and his classes…(who have appeared in many past puzzles)…and his friendship and collaboration https://tinyurl.com/3n6h7ae9 with David on so many past projects over the years. And here today we see him offering UP the kind of positive reinforcement he’s so well known for; as he comforts the FLOOR-lorn Staircase giving him a little pick-me-UP, by telling him how important he is to the school. Sure, it must be lonely at night, with no FOOT traffic throughout the building, but hopefully Mr Dietz’s words of encouragement will help RAISE his spirits. And just as Mr Dietz says…”We all have our moments”…(ie) our UPS AND DOWNS https://tinyurl.com/59t33a5n …So maybe we shouldn’t label our Staircase as being moody…he’s just like the rest of us…And I guess we could all use a STEP-BY-STEP guide to overcoming that DOWN feeling that creeps into our lives…It’d be perfect for a little UPLIFTing reNEWEL every now and then…

    Jeff’s Gems? The look on the “face” of the Staircase is hySTAIRical…And you can’t help but love the pouts on each of the three children…that lower lip pushing UP and out shows the compassion they feel for their Staircase….And how they too are trusting that Mr Dietz’s words will HEIGHTen, I mean brighten his day!

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And just in CASE any of you weren’t aware, David’s always put his money where his mouth is https://tinyurl.com/yc2y8zh8 when it comes to children and schooling. He, and his wife Claire, have founded the David L Hoyt Education Foundation, dedicated to making learning fun. And here you can read about it in their own WORDS… https://tinyurl.com/2md78xhm

    …And you know what often tends to freak me out? Escalators… I think I really need to approach the fear STEP BY STEP…I’m just always so worried that I’ll somehow get caught UP in them and fall…I do take steps to avoid it… but that’s sort of the whole problem..📶🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🎭 Yes, they’ve had their UPS AND DOWNS when it came to running the community theatre, but today, sitting and mindlessly playing with a ball of TWINE, he decided to stand his GROUND when it came to the absurd idea of putting on a PARODY about SUSHI…🎭

    🍱 He never did like SUSHI, it just didn’t suit his taste,
    And he watched her wrap the TWINE ‘round Soba thinking what a waste…
    He GROUND his teeth together…(or should the word be grind)?
    To him Sushi’s a PARODY of food…within his mind
    She spent a lot of money, buying seafood by the pound…
    Once more life in the kitchen with her has its UPS AND DOWNS…🍱

  3. It’s taco-Tuesday and I’m definitely rewarding me with some today for answering all the anagrams and solving the jumble without a broken step ! So this jumble was the ‘up’ one and not the ‘down’ one ! And just like the staircase we all have our UPS AND DOWNS with the jumbles ! We’re going into this week so far in a positive fun way ! And Angela your posts about David and his foundation aimed toward kids was very interesting and nice ,thank you ! Let’s hope there is no hump to get over tomorrow ! Great jumble today ! Everyone have a great taco-Tuesday !!!!!!!

  4. I might even celebrate today, too….as a blind solve came my way, with fairly easy anagrams to boot. Thanks, Angela, for pointing out the good deeds of Jumble authors and their foundation. Funny, but it seems like growing up in Kansas City and going to school….it already was a fun experience back then…Things have really changed in that department, so I applaud them for their efforts.

  5. Good morning. Don’t think it could have been much easier on both ends of jumble. One look at the cartoon picture and it was an automatic blind solve. Until tomorrow take care.

  6. Just a slight pause on sushi, then another pause on the cartoon before a clean sweep on a cool but not cold Tuesday. Best wishes for a nice Tuesday to Angela and the other daily Jumble solvers.

  7. Sad to learn the news of the passing of Mr Harry Belafonte. Such a true gentleman. A proud and revered son of Harlem. He touched many lives, and he will always remain the handsome, silky-voiced legend to New Yorkers. God speed, Kind Sir….Rest in power and peace…💔🙋🏻‍♀️

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