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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🪙 BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE A DIME?🪙

    🎶 Say don’t you remember, I’m your pal…Brother can you spare A DIME? …🎶 “Brother Can You Spare A Dime” – Bing Crosby 1932 https://tinyurl.com/35n4w2pm

    🪙 Right off the bat, to coin a phrase, I’ll make this very clear,
    The GECKO needs to slither off…there’s no place for it here…
    For that matter the word CANAL looks not to stand a chance,
    (If we were talking Panama and Teddy I’d enhance)…
    But here it’s Franklin center stage, and dimes throughout the land,
    That were raised for paralysis that sadly caused to STRAND,
    So many little children…as they struggled to EXHALE…
    As FDR did many years …and yet he did prevail
    The year was 1946, and the Mint did arrange…
    For him to grace the 10¢ coin…keeping it EXACT CHANGE…🪙

    Weird. I stood in front of the opened refrigerator last night, and for a moment or two had no clue as to what I was looking for…and yet, I see the name Roosevelt, and the word Canal, and grade school History and the Panama Canal comes to mind in like TEN seconds…Not the same Roosevelt…but you get my drift. Anyway, I really think I need to CHANGE the way I handle the PRESSure and stress in my life…because it may be COSTing me too many brain cells…and I’m SPENDING way too much time worrying about things…But hats off to Sister Christine…she definitely covered Teddy Roosevelt!

    Ok…back to business…FDR, at the age of 39, lost the use of his legs to polio…which prompted him to found the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, https://tinyurl.com/bwka65e3 which eventually became the March of Dimes, https://tinyurl.com/2p87s2h8 Despite raising awareness and money throughout the years, it reached the point where it wasn’t enough, and in 1938, with the epidemic worsening, Roosevelt turned to the American public for help…and at one point, the White House was flooded with almost 3 million dimes…And after he died, in 1945, the US Mint chose to honor him in 1946 by CHANGING the coin from the Mercury dime https://tinyurl.com/2spj9se2 to the Roosevelt. https://tinyurl.com/3hmpz9xd And since it remained the EXACT same size, and of course the EXACT same denomination, the dime, what we know as pocket CHANGE was an EXACT CHANGE… https://tinyurl.com/jtprvjyn …And if you look real closely, you can see the gentleman at left holding a dime…

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, and stay safe out there…🪙🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🦎Playing a game called “Sink or Swim”, with each child having a chance of winning the EXACT CHANGE, they made a tiny CANAL of water in the dirt, and with a collective EXHALE, each placed their GECKO, trying to see who’d be successful and not STRAND the little buggers…🦎

    🦎 The GECKO made her nervous, she hardly could EXHALE,
    She watched twirling a STRAND of hair, knowing that she’d grown pale..
    She hoped the bus would hurry, CANAL St. traffic grim,
    She double checked the schedule…with one eye still on him…
    She hated slimy, crawling things…they made her feel deranged….
    And she’s forced to stand there waiting…clutching tight the EXACT CHANGE…🦎

  3. This was a real hump to get over ! GECKO was not there , and the jumble , short changed me ! Far and few , one of those that I didn’t see , so this Wednesday was a real hump-day ! Everyone have a great day !

  4. Lately I’ve been a one word Jumble solver….and today was no exception. Knew for sure that CHANGE was second word, but couldn’t think of the first one. Even with all the clues abounding in the puzzle cartoon. I even perused the anagrams and saw the X. Anyway, solved the anagrams without difficulty and finished up. Let the hump in your Hump Day be mighty !!!

  5. Good morning. I was stuck on Gecko and went to the cartoon and came up with half a blind solve with Change for the second word. After writing down what letters I had I saw the X and realized if I had ECG then the first word would be Exact which would also gave me Gecko. Enjoyed completing this one. You really dug down deep for this song choice Angela. The good thing about his singing is that you can understand every word. I enjoyed your information, that you put out there. Until tomorrow take care.

  6. Thank you for all the info Angela. I too, worry constantly. My mind is always racing ahead.

  7. This Jumble brings to my mind a memory I had as a child in the 1950s. We children were waiting in line to buy milk or a school lunch, and we pulled out our nickels and dimes to pay for it (I suppose today’s kids produce dollar bills). I talked with another child about the dimes we had. We noted that she had a “girl” dime and I had a “boy” dime. The “girl” dime was the “Mercury” dime. I looked it up and found that instead it was the winged goddess of liberty, which looked like Mercury. That is strange. It means mistaking a woman (the goddess) for a man (Mercury). I would prefer to call it the Liberty Dime. It’s an EXACT CHANGE all right. No mistaking the new coin shows FDR. It was a real EXCHANGE ACT.

  8. Thanks to the gecko insurance commercial, that anagram was a quick solve as was the cartoon,. Change was an obvious choice for the second word, and exact quickly followed for the first word.

  9. Like Chuck I recognized gecko immediately from those insurance commercials which I find totally annoying. Everything else fell into place nicely. I do remember that story about FDR & the huge number of dimes they received at the White House. I also remember the Mothers’ March when women would go door to door collecting dimes to fight polio. Have a good day all.

  10. Love your work ethic and dedication! You’re the best. My husband would be totally lost without his daily Jumble puzzle! So thank you. 🙂

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