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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🗣️THE ONE WITH THE BAD BRAT-ITUDE🗣️
    🎶Don’t be CRUEL to a heart that’s true…🎶…”Don’t Be Cruel” – Elvis 1956 https://tinyurl.com/4punjz45

    🗣️Some kids when they are little sometimes call teachers MOMMY,
    The HANDLE that they’re used to most…and teachers will agree…
    It’s sweet to know they’re comfortable…there’s no reason to snipe,
    In time the mishap ends…like a BANANA that turns ripe…
    It’s all a part of passing time…(and RAVEN takes a pass,
    There’s no way it fits in today…with this a child’s class)
    Today it’s synonyms on tap…our teacher tries to glean…
    The different words like hostile, rude…and how they all MEAN MEAN…🗣️

    Today, a class of grade schoolers, maybe age eight or nine…and how they’re learning the use of synonyms. https://tinyurl.com/46dmpfh9 Words that MEAN the same…And the word of the day is MEAN. And as the teacher’s seen giving examples, the little girl at left takes it a step further…offering up obnoxious to describe her seat mate, who’s chosen to stick his tongue out at her…prompting the little boy at right to agree. The words all MEAN MEAN, and that middle child DEFINEtly fits the bill…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And keep in mind…When it comes to the Golden Rule, it’s just one letter that separates RULE from CRUEL..and if we’ve learned anything from the Jumble…we know that one letter can make all the difference…🗣️🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🍌With their campaign, the “MEAN MEAN”, formed to HANDLE the rise in bullying, the committee dubbed the “MOMMY Tsunami”, led by the RAVEN-haired chairwoman of the PTA, decided to raise funds by holding a BANANA Split party…🍌

    🦅 The story ‘bout a RAVEN, his MOMMY and his Dad,
    Who nested in BANANA leaves that formed a comfy pad…
    And how they’d HANDLE issues, of which others weren’t keen…
    The family of ravens defined terribly MEAN MEAN! 🦅

  3. Thank you Monday ! Great start of the week ! All the anagrams I got a HANDLE on ! So I got a BANANA from that bunch is what MOMMY said ! So quote the RAVEN never more ! The jumble was not MEAN to me and it made me realize two words spelled exactly the same , but with different meanings and half of that one ! Wow ! Always a good song by Elvis ! Perfect one , Angela ! Great start of a new week ! Everyone have a great Monday !!!!!!

  4. It was there for the taking, but….I went a little off track and felt SAME was part of the solution, but no “S”‘s . So diligently unscrambled anagrams to find the easy solution. One of Elvis’s early great hits. Thanks for all, Angela.

  5. This has got to be one of the weirdest Jumbles I have seen. There are 16 solutions! MEAN has four anagrams, namely MEAN, MANE, NAME, and AMEN. So there are 4 x4 or 16 possible ways to put two of these together, including repeating. All have a problem. The intended solution, MEAN MEAN, to me means something like malicious averages, but there is nothing about averages in the cartoon. It can’t be MEAN MANE, because there are no horses. It can’t be MEAN NAME, because these kids are not calling each other names, and so forth. Maybe it’s AMEN AMEN; maybe the students agree with the teacher. But to me this Jumble is MEAN because it has 16 unlikely solutions. And to that, I say AMEN AMEN.

    • Weird Jumble ?? ….don’t think so. Yes, it could have been one of the multitudes of combinations you listed. But in fact, the authors were discussing “synonyms”…and when you think of synonyms, it implies other words that “MEAN” the same….and since the classmate was being MEAN. Well, you know what I MEAN.

  6. Good morning. No blind solve but a fast conclusion on both parts. Can’t go wrong with Elvis for the song choice. I have that record in 45 and 78rpm still. Can’t remember the last time I listened to the records. Until tomorrow stay safe.

    • My thoughts too! The jumble is usually so upbeat and positive that we’re not used to a negative topic. I didn’t like it.

      Please don’t call people a name
      For some, it fills them with shame
      If they’re low on self-worth
      Names won’t fill them with mirth
      And it’s the name-caller who’s always to blame.

      As a child and young person in the UK, I hated the cruel, name-calling habit that was everywhere. I refused to participate. There are some who consider name calling very witty as it often involves superior language skills, coming up with synonyms and rhymes and of course, the British are often very good at that.
      I’ll just stick to limericks!

  7. Hi Angela – I have just posted a comment (about 5 mins ago) in reply to anonymous, and a limerick. No sign of them yet.

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