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  1. Good Morning, Everyone 🪄THE KING OF COMEDY! 🪄

    🎶 You-oo-ve got the MAGIC TOUCH..you make me glow so much…It CASTS A SPELL., it rings a bell…The MAGIC TOUCH” …🎶 …“The Magic Touch” – The Platters 1956 https://tinyurl.com/487ss87n

    🪄Yes, there’s a pet in Mac King’s show, but it’s not a MACAW,
    He does a trick that leaves people in awe of what they saw…
    Some BICKER ‘mongst themselves…with different theories they do flirt,
    Where did that go? From whence it came?…Are things within his SHIRT?
    He’s under no GAZEBO, just the open stage his realm,
    And Mac King’s act is guaranteed to definitely overwhelm
    The audience sits mesmerized by hands that are so quick…
    That trip to Vegas? Make sure to catch Mac WORK HIS MAGIC! 🪄

    MAC KING. https://tinyurl.com/yedn4a95 In Mr King’s line of WORK, illusion and sleight of hand are what forms his MAGIC. A good friend to Jeff and David, we’ve seen him many times before in our puzzles, most notably at Thanksgiving time…Mac is also a close friend to Penn & Teller, (seen in the audience with Teller giving his standard thumbs up), as we can see by Penn’s dialogue*….And speaking of friends, today we see Mac with his good friend, Colonel Sanders, his pet guinea pig. Why is he named Colonel Sanders? Well to hear Mac tell it, it’s because he’s “finger lickin’ good”…

    So…Today we’re seeing what may be Mac “setting the table” for his famous “dining” experience… https://tinyurl.com/3nhyvesj , which dates back many years.… (Again, Penn’s dialogue). Dressed in his signature plaid suit, he has his usual Quaker Oats tin, his usual random audience member (which BTW, is how he met his wife, the lovely Jennifer Sils), and peeking out from the tin, we see the Colonel. And the audience member is just as floored as everyone else (Again…Penn’s dialogue)* at Mac’s twist on “Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat” …Let’s face it, Folks…if you feel you’ve been amazed at that old rabbit trick…and haven’t yet clicked on the link above… Trust me…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Mac definitely knows how to WORK a crowd. His comedic MAGIC show is definitely something to see…

    …And Mr KING HOLDS COURT at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino in Vegas. https://tinyurl.com/bdcwzdwp * And, yes…audiences attend to see him …WORK HIS MAGIC… https://tinyurl.com/2kckdckp

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…. And this past Halloween, as I sorted through the candy my nieces had received, I grabbed a few pieces, teasingly making it seem that I was “stealing” them. I smiled and said,,,”I get my candy bars using sleight of hand!”…To which one of my nieces answered…”Oh, so you have a few TWIX up your sleeve”? …Be still my heart! A punster in the making! I couldn’t be more proud…🪄🙋🏻‍♀️

    * You can see Penn, in REEL life, paying tribute to Mac here…

  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️ When the two sisters began to BICKER about whether or not to keep the MACAW in the GAZEBO…one calling the other a stuffed SHIRT… their brother saw that it was time for him to intervene and WORK HIS MAGIC as the family mediator…🤷🏻‍♂️

    📋 ✏️ He wanted a GAZEBO, a place where he’d unwind,
    To sit with his MACAW and dog…far from the daily grind…
    The two pets didn’t BICKER, they got along quite well,
    He figured a gazebo’d be the perfect place to dwell…
    He took paper and pencil that had been inside his SHIRT,
    And started sketching ideas…with models he did flirt
    Good with his hands, although no pro…results so far not tragic…
    He’d take his time and hopefully find he could WORK HIS MAGIC …✏️📋

  3. Getting a late post , playing pool with my nephew all night ! But here it is , great way to end and cap a good jumble week ! I only had one day this week that made me BICKER ! One anagram I didn’t get cause my mind must have thought it was thirsty Thursday , cause I put down Thirst instead of SHIRT ! Then I said , hello ! , 2T’s in Thirst ! But I got the rest and the jumble was very fun ! MAGIC came right out of the hat ! And WORK HIS MAGIC was a great show ! Never heard the song before , Angela , but the Platters are a very talented group and your song fit this jumble perfect ! Great jumble day to end the week ! Everyone have a great weekend and let’s see some MAGIC !!!!!!

  4. Thanks for a great post, Angela…and so glad the punning is running in the family. Always liked your song…and a nice remembrance of the 50’s. HIS MAGIC flew off the page, but didn’t see first word until anagrams solved. BICKER slowed me up a minute or two. Will revisit this post and see the trick…Amazing what magicians do these days for their trickery !!

  5. Only problem I had,was thinking the first word in the cartoon solution was make rather than work,but after straightening that out the rest was indeed ‘magic’,

  6. Good morning. You really hit a bulls eye with your song choice Angela. That’s one of my top ten favorite songs of all time. Enjoyed todays jumble. The words were of little trouble but I was unable to get the blind solve. I had to put the letters down to get the solution. Enjoyed your post Angela, I had no idea who the guy was or the two in the audience. In the paper it’s just to small to see clearly. Until tomorrow take care.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Thank you. And you’re right, the paper alone isn’t enough to see the details of the puzzles…Enjoy your day. Be well and stay safe out there…🪄🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Angela – IMHO, you work magic everyday with your pick of amazing songs fitting the theme and your very elucidating commentaries about the jumble of the day – I look forward to reading it and get motivated to do the jumble everyday because of that!

    • Hi Atul…Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s greatly appreciated. Be well..and here’s 🍷to tomorrow’s Jumble! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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