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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…⛵️ SEAS THE DAY! ⛵️

    🎶 SAIL on down the line ’bout-a half mile or so…And I don’t really wanna know…where you’re goin’…🎶 “Sail On” – Lionel Richie 1979 https://tinyurl.com/4tp83kkp

    ⛵️The boat not all that FANCY, sporting sails the color of YEAST,
    It suits them fine, they’re happy…glad they bought vs a lease…
    No fuel does this boat GUZZLE, it’s easy on the purse,
    It sails smoothly like BUTTER…with the wind and tide its search…
    So all in all they’re happy, as they set out on the sea…
    A calmness in the air making this sail EASY-BREEZY! ⛵️

    Ok…THIRST order of business…GUZZLE! Making an apPIERance here after more than 20 CHEERS…I mean years… Where has it been all this time?…And trust me, we POURED through the Archives looking… Well, ALE I can say is welcome back…I RAISE MY GLASS! 🍷…And we’ve had a boat-related puzzle just nine days ago…but that’s all water under the bridge…

    Today…Finding ourselves out on a Sailboat…with the right amount of wind = a BREEZE…”Don’t even have to tack” https://tinyurl.com/4asmb8yp = EASY…and sailing’s…EASY-BREEZYhttps://tinyurl.com/89dynwnm …just like this solve! …And just like that, we’ve SAILED another deal!

    Jeff’s Gems?…For a change of pace, theres a jet ski out on the water…But, no…No Sinking Sailboat making an apPIERance today…FERRY interesting…But I’m sure it’ll show up SCHOONER or later…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And this reminds me of a friend of mine who spent his kid’s college fund on a boat…He called it the “Scholarship”…and yes, when his wife found out some ANCHOR management did follow…⛵️🙋🏻‍♀️

    …And come 5:24 PM EDT…Welcome Spring! 💐

  2. 🫰🏻He found it EASY-BREEZY to come up with the new FANCY packaging for the GUZZLE company’s BUTTER and YEAST campaigns…🫰🏻

    🤦🏻‍♂️A FANCY dinner had been planned, an early evening feast,
    He prepped all the ingredients…but found there was no YEAST…
    Making it worse…no BUTTER…whoever shopped messed up,
    Frustrated he reached for some wine…a GUZZLE from his cup
    He’d need now to run to the store…the tension made him queasy…
    This dinner’s turning out to be nowhere near EASY-BREEZY…🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. ⛵️If you’re comfortable out on the sea,
    And you’re looking to break the ennui….
    Just get into a boat,
    On the waves you will float…
    And experience life that’s carefree…⛵️

    🌬️So our couple decided to sail,
    And the day’s free of winds that might wail…
    There’s just a calming breeze,
    Which brings sailing such ease…
    And the perfect day they def have nailed!🌬️

    ☀️With their visors protecting their eyes,
    From the sun permeating the skies…
    They can look worry free,
    At the beautiful sea…
    Not concerned that a glare may arise…☀️

    ⛵️With his hand on the tiller we see,
    That he’s steering so effortlessly…
    He has the perfect breeze,
    To control things with ease…
    And they’re sailing the waters gently…⛵️

    🍷🧀Bottom line, todays puzzle? A breeze,
    And we solved it so quickly…with ease…
    And our couple?…They’re fine,
    Perhaps time for some wine…
    ‘Long with fruit and a wedge of fine cheese…🧀🍷

  4. Today marks a continuation of Jumble Blind Solves for me…Quite exhilarating, to say the least. I say, Blind Solve, but to be honest, while poring over the puzzle cartoon, my eyes couldn’t help seeing that Z in the anagrams…and I think that helped, just a tiny bit. And thanks for the Spring reminder….Gee, didn’t know it happened at a certain hour (but now I do). Thanks for that, Angela !!

  5. Just like the jumble , this week is starting off EASY BREEZY ! All last week and starting this week has been so much fun , I feel like a jumble-pro ! The anagrams were FANCY , I had to GUZZLE them up ! And to make them a complete tasty meal , I added a little YEAST and BUTTER ! The jumble with sailing and the right wind made it definitely EASY BREEZY ! Great start of the week and can’t wait for tomorrow’s and the rest of the weeks ! Love the jumble ! Angela , you’re descriptions and analysis makes them so interesting ! Everyone have a great start of the week Monday !!!!!

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