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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…


    🎶 WEATHER I’m right or WEATHER I’m wrong…WEATHER I find a place in this world or never belong… I gotta be me… I just gotta be FREE…daring to try, to do it or die …I gotta be me…🎶 “I’ve Gotta Be Me” (with apologies to) Mr Sammy Davis, Jr 1968 https://tinyurl.com/ynvd72ht

    ⛺️ They’re going camping well prepared, ‘cause HEAVEN knows they don’t,
    Need to EQUATE this girls trip to disaster…no, they won’t…
    Smartly they chose a campsite, called the “HYPHEN-ish Resort”,
    “Amenities here number TWELVE”…was what ads did report…
    One girl, she is a WRITER, and HOURLY she toils,
    She’d hate to have to come back with a story rife with spoils
    So…they’re looking for top-notch gear…parkas, perhaps a sweater…
    And sleeping bags to keep them warm…as they’ll WEATHER THE WEATHER! ⛺️

    So…Today, we find ourselves in the MIST of a Camping Goods Store, and its proprietor LUMBAR JACK…the name bestowed upon him after he hurt his back and it was too inTENTS for him to continue that wilderness lifestyle he was enDEERed to…So now he runs a shop…FORESTS a lot better as far as his health’s concerned…His name? It did BUG him a little at first, when his friends were RUBBING IT IN, and he swore he wouldn’t take it LYING DOWN…but after a while they BACKed off, and he didn’t have a BONE to pick with them anymore…and any TENTsion was deeSCALEated…He’s OAK k with it now…and he’s WARMed up to the idea of helping campers, looking for the freedom of the wide-open spaces, get aGROUND the ins-and-BOUTS of dealing with the outdoors…Anyway…

    We find our two WOOD-be adventurists shopping for equipment and attire…At left, we see a headstand, with a trapper hat, and a shelved display of scarves, and sweaters. Behind Jack, a tent. On the ground, a portable kerosene burner camping stove/heater, topped off with a frying pan. And we see TREE sleeping bags, one aTHORNed with pine trees and ZZZ simulating sleep, one labeled “Sleep Tight” with a -20° reading, and the third, obviously reading the same, from what’s being said by our writer, LIN WOOD…who seems CAMPtivated by the exTENT of the warmth it offers…Meanwhile, her partner in RIME, IVY NERVOUS, a sculptress, who works in bas-reLEAF, and is testing out a pair of hiking boots, is heard questioning WEATHER or KNOT the parka she’s trying on WOOD be too warm…But Jack assures her that it can also be worn as a vest, FOREST easily able to be converted. All-in-all, it looks like they’ve found everything they’ll need to BEAR up for the outdoors…and they’ll be more than ready to WEATHER THE WEATHER… https://tinyurl.com/ypew54et …And once again, our dialogue comPINEd with the spot-on graphics, allowed us to easily get over this one…to CLIMATE with no trouble at all…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And I hope if our girls decide to paddle out on the river that they’re aware they can’t light a fire…Every good camper knows that you can’t have your kayak and heat it too…⛺️🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. …AND IN OTHER WORDS…🔠🙋🏻‍♀️
    HYPHEN: Last used – 07/19/22 https://tinyurl.com/4kz5mfnu
    EQUATE: Last used – 03/19/22 https://tinyurl.com/yckk5ett
    WRITER: Last used – 01/16/21 https://tinyurl.com/2s6t7yv8
    TWELVE: Last used – 06/02/18 https://tinyurl.com/4ayfmjht
    HOURLY: Last used – 12/22/21 https://tinyurl.com/2p8wnnpd
    HEAVEN: Last used – 08/23/22 https://tinyurl.com/chah9s45

    HNPEYH: Used on – 08/30/16
    TUQAEE: Used on – 09/19/16
    VANEHE: Used on – 08/23/22

  3. 🖊️As a WRITER, he’d EQUATE some of the TWELVE courses he’d taken to an HOURLY slice of HEAVEN, but he had to laugh remembering how he didn’t think he’d WEATHER THE WEATHER when it came to the classes regarding the use of a HYPHEN…🖊️

    🔠 The listing of the new names, he’d EQUATE to quite a mess,
    The WRITER worked slip-shoddily…which caused him to regress…
    At least TWELVE had a HYPHEN…which name took preference?
    The HOURLY toll it’s taking at this point doesn’t make sense
    For HEAVEN’s sake…he’s frustrated…wants to give up altogether…
    He doesn’t think this time around that he’ll WEATHER THE WEATHER…🔠

  4. 🤦🏻‍♀️Our two girls are geared up to embark,
    On a camping trip…figuring…a lark…
    Let’s hope things all work well,
    And not turn into hell…
    And they haven’t just missed the whole mark…🤦🏻‍♀️

    ⛺️So they got themselves a sturdy tent,
    And out into the forest they went…
    Was it all that they thought?
    Were the right supplies brought?
    Were they happy…or at least conTENT?⛺️

    🤞🏻Bought a sleeping bag strong ‘gainst the freeze,
    Crossed their fingers…no wind, just a breeze…
    But what month are they in?
    Here’s to Ivy and Lin…
    And the hopes that they’ll fare this with ease…🤞🏻

    🤷🏻‍♀️Ivy’s worried ‘bout cold vs heat,
    While Lin’s wondering if she’ll need a sheet…
    Gotta figure they’re green,
    And just never have been…
    That far away from the city streets…🤷🏻‍♀️

    👭🏻Here’s to hoping the girls trip goes well,
    And they return with stories to tell…
    That aren’t laden with grief,
    Hopefully there’s no beef…
    And the friendship between them still gels! 👭🏻

  5. First Sunday that I got all the anagrams and jumble without a brain operation ! Wow ! I was in HEAVEN and it only took me minutes , not HOURLY ! Just five letters over TWELVE for the jumble ! My ‘ hats off ‘ to David , the WRITER, to keep them coming that we can EQUATE them without a HYPHEN ! Good job ! The jumble , being about camping and attire and equipment , with all the E’s , and A’s , and W’s, blew right at me to WEATHER THE WEATHER ! Very satisfying Sunday jumble ! First one to get all of it smoothly ! The song Angela , brought back old memories with Sammy Davis jr s music ! Everyone have a great Sunday Funday !!!!!!

  6. Another blind solve to finish off a blockbuster week of Jumble solvings. And like Jim, easy anagrams included. Well, I know it doesn’t always work out this way, but will celebrate with 10 days across the pond on Tuesday. And yes, Sammie can really put over a song…that’s one of his best. Hope your basketball teams are doing well.

  7. Good morning. Little hard posting because I’m in a car but I was able to get all the words and even a blind solve. Until tomorrow stay well and be safe.

  8. Wow a clean sweep of the anagrams w a blind solve of the cartoon, even with the multitude of letters on a frigid 16 degree Sunday morning!As I’ve said before the additional Sunday anagrams and multitude of letters, 17 this morning usually give me trouble, but not this morning!

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