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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🚗GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN TO YOU 🚗

    🎶 Sometimes we don’t know where a ROAD GOES…There’s one thing you could count on…As LONG AS I’M STILL LIVING…I’m always going to bet on us, Baby, THAT’S A GIVEN…🎶 “That’s A Given” – Lewis Brice 2021

    🚗 I’m wondering what color this car will show up in print,
    While Jeff does the great drawing…coloring is not his stint…
    Will it show up as INDIGO, TOMATO red or blue?
    I guess it doesn’t matter…what does is that it’s not new…
    It’s definitely not a FRESH model, the 60’s comes to mind,
    And this young girl is speechless as she savors the old find…
    Her Grandpa owns no VILLA, but he’s generous and driven…
    And as far as our girl thankful? Guaranteed THAT WAS A GIVEN! 🚗

    The phrase “That’s a given”, which means to go without saying…a sure thing…is pretty much a GIVEN, pun intended, as far as being a common one…but maybe just in certain circles…TBT? I’m not sure. The solve came to me immediately, but was it because I’m familiar with the idiom? I’m DRIVEN to thinking that might be the case…

    Today’s puzzle brings us FAR OUT in the suburbs somewhere, into the DRIVEway of a man most likely in his late 60s. And we see him gifting the cherished car of his youth to his granddaughter. And as excited as he is to GIVE it to her, she’s stunned, speechless…thinking…”I’m going to be GIVEN this car that I’ve envied all my life”? Does she want it? Is she happy? That goes WITHOUT SAYING…Of course she is…THAT WAS A GIVEN… https://tinyurl.com/3hfr32ub …And once again, our dialogue, “I don’t know what else to say” is FUEL-proof…putting the PEDAL to the METAL…and giving us our solve…It’s a GIFT!

    Jeff’s Gems? Our characters don’t have that standard generic look…so there’s a chance it wasn’t done AXEL-dentally…The car? Definitely GIVING up the Flower Power https://tinyurl.com/5bfxfshd of the 60s-70s in all its glory…And it looks like Grandpa, the aging hippie, is still a rocker…with his ponytail and his Poi Dog T-shirt…You know what they say…”Old hippies never die…they just go out in a haze of glory”…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And I’ll leave you with a little hippie humor… A hippie, walking around naked, eyes a tailor’s shop. As he walks in, the tailor starts screaming at him… “Hey, get out of my store! You can’t come in here naked”… The hippie just stares at him…and replies, “Aw…c’mon man….cut me some SLACKs”…🎤🚗🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. …AND IN OTHER WORDS…🔠🙋🏻‍♀️
    VILLA: Last used – 10/15/21 https://tinyurl.com/mrxtyzjk
    FRESH: Last used – 12/28/22 https://tinyurl.com/y5d7kfeh
    INDIGO: Last used – 3/11/22 https://tinyurl.com/2p8tjb86
    TOMATO: Last used – 11/24/21 https://tinyurl.com/2p93exxa

    LIVAL: Used on – 10/15/21, 10/07/20, 12/21/19, 12/24/18, 10/06/17, 03/19/15, 04/19/10, 07/08/06, 11/12/02, 04/05/95, 10/18/82, 10/22/79, 01/30/75

  3. 🍅Always in the mood for a FRESH TOMATO…THAT WAS A GIVEN…and now sitting outside under the INDIGO sky at the VILLA enjoying one…was the perfect ending to a beautiful day…🍅

    🍷While dining at the VILLA, atmosphere so FRESH and warm,
    The sultry tune “Mood INDIGO” throughout the air did swarm
    TOMATO basil soup on tap…their taste buds highly driven…
    Accompanied by chilled Merlot…of course THAT WAS A GIVEN! 🍷

  4. Ended the week with a jumble that just didn’t click ! My brain wasn’t giving to the GIVEN and THAT was the same ! I guess I got very spoiled on all the jumbles this week , but I did stay consistent with getting all the anagrams , except that hard to get one ! I was sad and blue cause INDIGO said , not for you ! Oh well after tomorrows Sunday jumble , I’ll be ready for a new week to celebrate my birthday and get all the anagrams and jumbles for a present ! And Angela speaking of hippies , I pretty much fit that picture , with hair down to my shoulders after high school ! Everyone have a great end of the week Saturday !!!!!!

  5. The Jumble didn’t click for me either this morning. There was no blind solve, but anagrams speedily unscrambled. Even then, took awhile to find the exact phrase needed, given that GAVE, GIVEN, THAT and others could be spelled out of the letters. I’ll await Sunday with open arms.

  6. Hi Everyone – I tried Thing first but soon realized “that was a” fit the sentence nicely, with the last word left to unscramble. The puzzle made me think of Betty’s  vintage VW and the  colorful, decorated VW buses of the sixties.

    • You brought a smile to my face this morning, Caroline – for remembering my little Bug, Volksy. She’ll be 57 on March 19th the day I bought her in 1966. Though I haven’t given her to my Grandson, I did teach him how to drive her which he finds great fun.

      • Volksy, very funny, really is from the ’60s. That’s so nice you’ve been able to share her with your grandson. I also thought of you recently when I saw a greeting card with a green VW Beetle on it. There was a cute little bird atop the car along with the famous line, “It’s the journey, not the destination.”

  7. Good morning. Another easy go of both parts of the puzzle but disliked the answer to the cartoon. I look at it that the granddaughter was spoiled. Never expect something is a given. That car might have been his pride and joy that held loads of memories. It should have been no thank you if she didn’t really want it or to make him feel happier, hugs and kisses for thinking of her. Her answer sounded exciting but the final answer doesn’t do her justice. But that’s just my opinion. Until tomorrow stay safe and be well.

    • Hi, Paul. Good Morning…With all due respect, you’re taking the girl’s response wrong. She’s not saying “getting” the car is a given, that she was entitled to it or expected it. What she’s saying is her being pleased by the gift is a given. The question…”She was very happy..” The solve…But “That was a given”. There’s no doubt she’s happy…”I don’t know what else to say”…Her happiness goes without saying…Have a good one. Be well and stay safe out there…🚗🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Total wipeout only word I got was fresh w a wipeout on the other 3 anagrams and obviously no clue on the cartoon. Maybe because I looked at it online Nadine 7 this morning.

    • Agreed but as I attempted to say, it was before 7 and at an online version of the Jumble that I tried and failed at a solution.Thanks for the comment.

  9. No problem with the puzzle this morning. As Caroline already noted, I can totally relate to this cartoon since I still drive my 1966 Bug around the City. Though I never was a Hippie, people do often gesture the ☮️ peace symbol to me when I drive by. My Grandson loves driving her. Safe travels to all of you. 🚙

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