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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🦮 BREEDING A SIGH OF RELIEF! 🦮

    🎶 And they called it PUPPY LOVE …Oh, I guess they’ll never know…How a young heart how it really feels…And why I love her so…🎶 “Puppy Love” – Paul Anka 1960 https://tinyurl.com/r75945uk

    🦮Aunt Jill had cried, “EUREKA” when she had heard the news,
    That her niece went with the same breed when it came time to choose…
    She set the TEMPO for them all, she def made the best choice,
    And Grandma goes along with it…she’s too lending a voice…
    Like matching tents at an ARCADE, it’s unison we hear,
    No need to GUESS with this group…it’s been made very clear…
    They’re great with kids, they’re great watchdogs, they are a special breed…
    When it came to Retrievers…they definitely “PET-AGREED”! 🦮

    So it seems that every time we have EUREKA as one of our words, it DOGgedly stumps people. Maybe today…hopefully, we can BREED more life into it…O, CANINE out of ten says it’ll go ROVER better this time…

    Today’s puzzle brings us into a living room’s sweet setting where we see a somewhat harried-looking Mom, her Mother, her two infant boys, and her two loving, CORGeous, purebred Golden Retriever PETS…who obviously will be friends FURever with the little boys… And the conversation is SETTERed around the family PETS. How Retrievers are great with children, and how the Mom has acquired two who share the same mother as her Aunt Jill’s. The mention of Aunt Jill is what led me to believe that the two women are Mother and daughter…And it was also Aunt Jill’s and the Mom’s and Grandmother’s AGREEment, plus the mention of “purebred” that solved the puzzle for me. Purebred = PEDIGREE. And since we have those quotes, we’re not BARKING up the wrong tree by figuring there’s a play-on-words about to be unLEASHed…So, we’ve checked off all the BOXERS…I mean boxes…On the question of the PUREBRED Golden Retrievers as the family PETS?…The whole family…”PET-AGREED”! And I’ll TAIL you what’s ocCURred here… We’ve unLEASHed another one! And that calls for a round of apPAWS!

    Jeff’s little gems? Jeff’s drawn the Mom with her HAIR looking slightly disheveled, testament to caring for two young infants…and two dogs. Harried, indeed…she’s most likely having a RUFF day…And if you go ROVER the drawing carefully, and look real closely at the child asleep upon the dog on the floor, you can see a tiny droplet of drool coming from his opened mouth… PAWSitively adorable…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And I’m reminded of my friend…who can sometimes be an impatient, PETulant sort…and the time he was trying to train his dog, (on his own), how to RETRIEVE a ball…It didn’t work… I told him it wouldn’t …the whole idea just didn’t seem PAWSible to me…Knowing him?…FUR real…it was just way too far-FETCHed…🦮🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🎶 If he had to GUESS, he’d say that the TEMPO of the music in the ARCADE during the PEDIGREE Dog Show hadn’t been in sync with the presentations all morning…and when it finally was, he yelled…”EUREKA”! 🎶

    🤷🏻‍♀️She tried gauging the TEMPO of the mood of others there,
    Her GUESS was right, there was dissent…’bout dogs and of their care…
    The cost to rent the ARCADE exceeded what they thought,
    And once or twice “EUREKA” heard as finances were fought
    The back-and-forth discussions of all the different breeds…
    It just became a battle of the better PEDIGREE…🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Well I did it ! The jumble said it all with one of the best breeds of dogs ! And who also make great pets ! Now , however , I’m a little disappointed in my ability to get all the anagrams! This week has been an anagram hill to climb ! I felt like I was stuck in an ARCADE and wanted to yell EUREKA !! But I couldn’t and I didn’t get those two ! I GUESS this whole week has been great to me with the jumble solving ! So that put me in a good TEMPO ! And as I said earlier , the dog breed and excellent pets were definitely a PET AGREED ! I loved this weeks jumbles ! And for next week , I start off Monday with my birthday ! And there is no clues or quotation to see how Jumble-old I am ! Everyone have a great Friday , end of the week !!!!

  4. The ginormous clue was certainly “PURE”…which should have led to PEDIGREE. Well…should have. Anyway, that wasn’t the path I took. Instead, solved the anagrams speedily and solved the puzzle that way. Picked up Paul Anka’s bio at the library recently…My Way (of course). An amazing talent. Thanks for the song, Angela.

  5. Arcade gave me some trouble and Eureka even more. My answer – “Pet-dagree” – didn’t seem quite right because it wasn’t. Loved Jeff’s drawing of the sweet dogs and family, as well as your dog-themed puns, Angela.
    Wishing all a fun weekend.

  6. Good morning. I was surprised to remember Eureka rather quick but couldn’t come up with Arcade. The cartoon answer gave me trouble even when I came up with the answer and thought it was to lame to be right. Agree with Caroline, I thought there was a better answer. Really loved your song choice Angela. Brought back fond memories. I had a 6”X3” picture of my then girlfriend under my pillow all through the navy. It was scotch taped so much from being torn it was hard to see her under all that tape. My kids put it in a picture frame for me years ago. You always make me smile Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and be safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. The solve is a clever one if you just take it at face value. The entire family AGREED that the Retrievers made the best PETs….And with these dogs being purebreds, they were PEDIGREES. You know those quotes are always going to make the answer a bit of a stretch…I think it’s a good one…And you know I’ve always told you how much I enjoy your stories. You make me smile too… Be well…and stay safe out there…🦮🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. A clean sweep of the anagrams, even eureka! But I stumbled on the cartoon thinking dog for a first word and not catching on to the purebred hint.Maybe the cloudy overcast morning dulled my brain.

  8. Another clever puzzle this morning. Got all the anagrams without difficulty. Saw agreed right away which left pet. Loved the cartoon drawing. Happy Friday all!

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