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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…
    2️⃣ TUBE BE OR NOT TUBE BE! 2️⃣

    🎶 You and I ‘TIL THE END …don’t need to pretend…Again and again, we’ll STICK TOGETHER…Everything is alright, with you by my side…..We won’t say goodbye, we’ll stick together…🎶 “Stick Together” – Elijah N 1993 https://tinyurl.com/ywe2z7ms

    2️⃣ We see two push-up glue sticks have passed their ROOKIE test,
    And now they’re proudly packaged under Elmer’s well-known CREST…
    The TRUTH, they’d both been nervous, afraid they’d have to part,
    But luckily their PLIGHT rang false…and they’re getting their start…
    They’ve made it to the store for sale…from here things just get better…
    They’re now part of a two-pack…and they get to STICK TOGETHER! 2️⃣

    As you well know, we’ve definitely enjoyed our fair share of anthropomorphic number and letter puzzles o’er the years, and we’ve even had a glue factory puzzle back in 2019, https://tinyurl.com/3429ykud but a puzzle like today’s doesn’t STICK in my memory…And you can’t help but love the whimsy of it…So let’s see what ELSIE we got here…

    Today we find our two little glue sticks hanging on a display in a store. They’ve gotten PASTE the assembly line and managed to STICK it out and still be TOGETHER…And if the cartoon alone, depicting them side-by-side doesn’t BRING IT HOME, the dialogue has to…”We’ll never be apart”…,and “Best friends forever” says it all. Our glue STICKs are happy they could…STICK TOGETHER…. https://tinyurl.com/ywdhw8ae …And we’ve gotten PASTE another great puzzle!

    And since the image of Elmer up top of the package at left may be a MOOt point, since Elmer’s Glue is already mentioned, it made me think of Elsie the cow…it would have been nice to HEIFER here…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and this puzzle reminds me of something that happened to a friend of mine. Being an avid collector of all kinds of things, his wife had reached her breaking point…Determined to clear the house of all the clutter, she started with his antique firearms collection…and put glue all over them. She tried denying it, but there was no way my friend was forgiving her…And he stuck to his guns…2️⃣🙋🏻‍♀️

    • The first song that came to mind when I saw this today was “Stuck on You” by Lionel Richie…but I’m sure it’s been used many times before! Have a wonderful day.

  2. 👬🏻 When the TRUTH about the PLIGHT of the ROOKIE player injuring the CREST of his fibula came to light, his teammate vowed that they’d STICK TOGETHER no matter what…👬🏻

    👨🏻‍🌾The PLIGHT of the poor farmer was going to reach a CREST,
    His ROOKIE years behind him…long ago he passed the test…
    But TRUTH be told things have gone bad, a lot due to the weather…
    And he’s hoping his neighbors help…he hopes they’ll STICK TOGETHER…👨🏻‍🌾

  3. Wow ! Another fun and entertaining jumble ! That makes four in a row ! And to me this week was the same every day that I couldn’t get just one of the anagrams ! So I really felt like a ROOKIE, that i couldn’t get it ! But the TRUTH is , it will never put me in a PLIGHT ! So let’s move off the CREST and all you jumble friends , let’s STICK TOGETHER ! Another fun jumble and everyone have a great thirsty-Thursday !!!!!

  4. Good morning. Another jumble like yesterday that I did when I returned home. Easy breezy words and an even easier cartoon answer that was an instant blind solve. Until tomorrow stay well and take care.

  5. My hot streak continued w a quick solve of the anagrams and a blind obvious solve of the cartoon that was not a sticky puzzle. Have a great day.

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