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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…❤️MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY❤️

    🎶 As I WRITE this letter, send MY LOVE to you…Remember that I’ll always BE IN LOVE with you…🎶 “P.S. I LOVE YOU” – The Beatles (orig) 1963 https://tinyurl.com/2vhyeaff

    ❤️ It’s early in the morning, YELLOW sun is on the rise,
    And Scott has managed to IMPEDE Margie’s Jumble surprise…
    With pen and paper she kept VIGIL…and had for him a gift,
    But jumping the gun he just went and started a small rift…
    (And here’s where PANDA did me in… bamboozled so to speak,
    I tried to make it fit the theme…but ended up the creek)…
    But Margie tried to be so sweet…yet when push came to shove…
    Her gesture of a Valentine? Looking MADLY IN LOVE! ❤️

    Ok…Here goes a Love Story…From what I can make of this, Margie got up extra early (we can tell, because through the window we can see the sun just now rising)…and wanting to give Scott a special Valentine, did the Jumble, in the hopes of getting some inspiration…and then created a Jumble just for him. I looked real closely, and saw that she used the words SPOIL, taking the letters O I L, NOISY, taking O and Y, ENVOY, taking V and E, and UNITY, taking the U. That gave her: O I L O Y V E U…I LOVE YOU. And then she drew two stick figures, holding hands, with their names below, and a large heart…signed Margie. And if I’m READING this WRITE, as she’s approaching him, he doesn’t notice it in her hand, and instead snaps at her, asking why she did the Jumble in the paper without him…Obviously, from the dialogue, they do it together each day, and with him finding it already done, he gets MAD. Which in turn, gets Margie a little MAD too…But they’ve been together a long time, and of course every couple argues here and there…that’s just human nature. Yet, despite it all, they’re still IN LOVE…And today? They’re MADLY IN LOVE!

    So, I’ve given you the Gem Jeff created with Margie’s puzzle…(and you gotta LOVE it)…but let’s take a closer look at Scott. With a hot cup of coffee in his “I ❤️ Jumble” mug, he sits with his paper. And the cartoon of the puzzle he’s looking at is from the Jumble Valentine’s Day puzzle of 2021. https://tinyurl.com/nj9dfzzp I looked real closely at it, and thought it looked so familiar…so I searched. And sure enough…Voilà! Only thing is, that was a Sunday puzzle, and the one in Scott’s paper isn’t. There’s only 4 words…And except for the first word which is SPOIL, same as Margie’s first word, I can’t make out the rest. I do see the letters: O I L T F A U written in the margin …but there’s no question to go by, and what looks to be a 3 word solve, 4-4-and 3 letters…so I got nothin’! …And it’s not my FAULT!…But I can see that on the opposite page of his paper, there’s a Peanuts cartoon and one of Iggy at the bottom, with an animated heart above him. I can’t identify the other two comic strips on the page, so if anyone else can, please let us know….And that about wraps it up. I was really hoping to decipher Scott’s puzzle, but it’s just not clear enough to read. And I did think to ask Jeff, but I didn’t have the HEART to bother him…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. I wish you all a good Valentine’s Day….Be well, be kind, stay safe…And if you’re fortunate enough to be sharing this day with a special someone…remember it’s the THOUGHT that counts…And if you don’t THINK getting a nice gift is important…I’d advise you to count your blessings…you’re going to need them! ❤️🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🐼The child fell MADLY IN LOVE with the antics of the new PANDA at the Zoo, and would try to keep VIGIL at its enclosure each time they visited…but of course, being short, he could only see but so much because of all the YELLOW warning signs that served to IMPEDE his vision… 🐼

    ❤️ He kept VIGIL at the ring-toss booth, and watched the others play,
    Wanting nothing to IMPEDE him on this first Valentine’s Day…
    His girl saw a YELLOW PANDA and she squealed in such delight,
    That he had to win it for her…and he’d try with all his might…
    He watched and was convinced the way to shoot was from above…
    And he stepped up to take aim..this young boy so MADLY IN LOVE…❤️

  3. Wow ! Todays jumble was almost a smitten image of us when we do the jumble and on Valentine’s Day I just gave Suzie her card and flowers and the cartoon was so us ! Very great one and an excellent song by the Beatles Which I’ve sang many times ! I’m overwhelmed ! So it’s taco-Tuesday and I’m getting some to celebrate the jumble answer that I fell MADLY IN LOVE WITH ! The anagrams were so colorful, except for YELLOW , cause I faded on it ! But the rest were there for me ! What a great second day of the week jumble ! I am counting on the rest of the week to follow suit ! So everybody have some tacos , and have a great Tuesday , Valentine’s Day !!!!!

  4. Didn’t quite get the connection this morning; therefore, all I could think of was IN LOVE….and that was quite obvious. Anagrams were easy to finish up the first word. Detective Angela…you did a marvelous investigation into the cartoon minutia, which I found fascinating. My S/O and I do our puzzles separately and compare notes…unless we’re in a bind.

    As I am sure you know, there is another tuneful song out there with the same title, written by prolific composers Gordon Jenkins and Johnny Mercer.

    Make sure you eat heart shaped tacos on this romantic day !!

    • Tk you, Terry…and for SLEUTH…of course I know of the Jenkins-Mercer rendition…I’d lose my card if I didn’t! 😉…but I just wanted to keep things on a more positive keel this morning…and their version does lean more towards a sense of sadness and loss…But for you…a Valentine gift… https://tinyurl.com/yck7267n Enjoy…🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Thanks for Sinatra link.. think the song was played during WWIi years…kinda sums up the sentiments. You’re right, a little maudlin for Valentine’s Day

  5. Easy, clever Jumble, but I had to back into Yellow. My husband never did any puzzles before the Jumble. He only did half the Jumble – the answer – because he didn’t want to take the time to unscramble the anagrams. So I’d finish the puzzle first and give him the letters.

  6. Good morning. Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I was able to get the words without too much difficulty and I scored a touchdown with a blind solve. Good song choice Angela but you know me, I was thinking of Elvis plus two others that I can’t think of their names right now. I had the 78rpm of the original singer. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you…But I’m pretty sure Elvis never recorded P.S.I Love You. A lot of artists did record the version Terry’s speaking of though…Funny you mention 78s…the Sinatra version I have in the vault is a 78…But if you think of the Elvis song you’re speaking of, I’ll try to find it for you…Be well, Paul…and stay safe out there…🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. When metaphorically, those two cooing doves
    The couple still madly in love
    Valentine’s is the day
    When you say what you say
    Knowing push will not become shove

  8. After a pause on impede a quick Valentine’s Day cartoon solve!Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all especially my wife of 53+ years!

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