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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🪴WEED ‘EM AND REAP!🪴

    🎶 Inch by inch, row by row…Gonna make this GARDEN GROW…All it takes is a rake and a HOE…And a piece of fertile ground…🎶 “Garden Song” – John Denver 1979 https://tinyurl.com/2p9hw2me

    🪴They’ve gone through quite a NUMBER of garden tools by now,
    A few gave them a ROUGH time when dirt they had to plow…
    To one another they did PLEDGE to find a better way,
    “ABOUT time this gets easier”…is what we heard them say…
    And now with this new tool they bought, they’ll def reap what they sow…
    And our girl wasted no time…she’s out there feelin’ GUNG-“HOE”!🪴

    To start, we’ve gotten ourselves quotation marks…and you HOE, I mean know that’s a hint in itself…So looking at our cartoon, and reading the leading NATURE of our question…”GARDEN TOOL”….what 3-letter word should immediately take SEED?…

    With thoughts of warmer weather PLANTED firmly in our minds, it looks like David’s decided to SPRING a little gardening puzzle on us unTILL it gets here…And today we see our girl, Hortense, nickname, HORTI and her husband, Argent, nickname AGRI outside in their yard. Yes, HORTICULTURE and AGRICULTURE…you heard it here first…Usually, each year, the Cultures take to planting as a team…as we can see from Agri’s dialogue…”Hey…I thought WEED do this together”…But this year, it looks like Horti proSEEDed to start without him…And why? Because of their new garden tool…It just GRIPped her attention and she couldn’t wait to TOIL the SOIL! DIRTy pool? No, she just got so excited over the tool’s new design, that she PLOWED right ahead without a second thought…Will it cause a ROW between them? No again…. It’s just a little change in their PLANTS! Horti just couldn’t wait to try out the new HOE…She was SOW…GUNG-“HOE”https://tinyurl.com/msn4zskh …So let’s just call a SPADE a SPADE…She definitely had a HANDLE on it…and just couldn’t HERB her enthusiasm! And one more THYME, David’s exSEEDed my expectations…I swear, never a DILL moment with this guy!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And I remember when I first bought my home how I wasn’t all that GUNG-HO about gardening…but then I planted some seeds…and it started to grow on me…🪴🙋🏻‍♀️


    • “The Garden Song” was written by David Mallet, a Folksinger here in Maine. Many recorded it, including John Denver, Pete Seeger and The Muppets.

      • Very interesting ! Credit to David mallet , and John Denver for making it happen ! Still the best song choice for this jumble !

  2. 🤷🏻‍♂️At this point, it was all ABOUT raising the NUMBER of people who’d PLEDGE time not just money…but it was ROUGH finding many that were GUNG HO…🤷🏻‍♂️

    🐎 The ROUGH Riders of days gone by were all ABOUT the war,
    They gave their PLEDGE, they picked up arms…brave men they were for sure…
    Their NUMBER just passed 1K, and Teddy set to go…
    He took 500 of them into Cuba…all GUNG HO…🐎

  3. 🪴Springtime comes and it’s time for new birth,
    Time to pull weeds and turn over earth…
    And the cash that we spend,
    Proves a wash in the end…
    ‘Cause done right we get our money’s worth! 🪴

    👫🏻We see Horti and Agri outside,
    And for Horti there’s no way to hide…
    The excitement she feels,
    This new hoe’s a big deal…
    ‘Specially after the others she’s tried! 👫🏻

    🌱Horti’s lining up row after row,
    Where their plantings in time they’ll see grow…
    And the way this hoe glides,
    It so easily provides…
    Perfect places for what they will sow…🌱

    🪴Agri stands by…his spade in his hand,
    As he watches his wife till the land…
    Feeling slightly left out,
    But he’s not one to pout…
    Horti’s thrilled…and he does understand! 🪴

    👏🏻Guaranteed that the work done today,
    Will result in such rich, lush array…
    ‘Cause this new hoe is tops,
    They can’t wait for their crops…
    Now that they found this easier way! 👏🏻

  4. It’s Monday and start of a new jumble week ! This one didn’t start me off very good ! The anagrams were not too ROUGH ! And I ABOUT had to PLEDGE a to the jumble flag , that I didn’t see that NUMBER ! Then when I looked at the jumble , I saw only 7 letters and said , all right , this is going to be easy ! But I was wrong ! I tried words like Gone , On , Huge , Hung and Enough , and I couldn’t figure it out ! So when I saw it I was GUNGHOE ! Kind of off the jumble train today , but I’ll try harder in the week ! Everyone have a great Monday !

  5. Like Jim, thought it was going to be an easy-peasy Monday morning but it was not to be. There was no blind solve, and with letters in hand, just didn’t put anything together. Am kicking myself over not thinking of the word HOE…but maybe I am still feeling a bit of SuperBowl mania. Taco Tuesday will have to be better !!!

  6. After solving the anagrams, I found the cartoon to be a quick and obvious solve on a sunny post SB Monday. Congrats to the Chiefs on their win.

  7. Good afternoon. Busy morning, Just now able to get at jumble which I found to be a normal Monday start of the week. No blind solve but an easy solution. Just loved your song choice Angela. First time hearing it and enjoyed every minute of it. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  8. In the jumble of tuaob, I spotted a boat, a UBOAT, the horrific German submarine of WWII.

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