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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…☕️BEAN THERE…DONE THAT ☕️

    🎶 My Baby takes the MORNING TRAIN…He works from nine to five and then he takes another home again to find me waitin’ for him…🎶 “9 to 5 – Morning Train” – Sheena Easton 1981 https://tinyurl.com/spjjvheb

    ☕️Commuters they know all too well what travel tends to do,
    There’s often DISMAY coupled with the wish to just get through…
    They CRUSH themselves into a train, they try to rise ABOVE,
    The feeling of monotony…thinking…not much to love…
    But as we see here coffee helps….it does lessen the pain,
    A friendly face behind a cart…(do those things use BUTANE)?
    They grab a cup, the vendor smiles…cordial…but not to pander…
    In the same boat, they sip and wait…for they are all “BUY-STANDERS”! ☕️

    Ironically, I’m running LATTE…and PRESSed for TIME, so I’m gonna try my best to PERK myself up here, not proCAFFEINEate, HOP RIGHT ON this to SPILL THE BEANS, and get us to our destination as quickly as possible …Hopefully in an INSTANT…Let’s face it, Folks…after all this TIME ESPRESSOing myself…it’s all become déjà BREW to me…and BUY now I’m pretty well TRAINed and used to the GRIND…

    Ok…That “Joe To Go” STATIONed on the platform? …Everyone’s BUYing a cup…’cause when you’re forced to just STAND around and wait for a train, especially in the winter? Sometimes it’s the only thing that STOPs you from throwing in the towel and going back home…(Especially after seeing what’s showing on the tracks)! So, with the quotation marks telling us we’re looking for an alternate spelling…our commuters here today? “BUY-STANDERS”… https://tinyurl.com/bdeca7ea …the whole POT, I mean the whole lot of them…And 🎶hit me with your best SHOT🎶…we’ve solved another one!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I think I’ll get back to my book about the origin of Cappuccino even though I’m not all that crazy about it…It just seems to be all FROTH…and not much substance…not enough to STIR the imagination…But since my S.O. enjoyed it, and suggested I read it, well…I’ll LEAF you with what I told him when I decided to give it a SHOT…”Everything I BREW, I BREW for you”…☕️🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🔥Much to his DISMAY, the CRUSH of BYSTANDERS gathered ‘round talking about the BUTANE explosion was getting out of control…and he tried his best to rise ABOVE it…🔥

    💔ABOVE the bridge he stood alone, and much to his DISMAY,
    He couldn’t shake the memories of that sad fateful day…
    He felt the same old pain inside, that day did CRUSH his heart,
    He held the old BUTANE lighter…from which he’ll never part
    The sadness it still lingered…of his sister Alexandra…
    And missing her he looked down at the cars and the BYSTANDERS…💔

  3. ☕️Those of us who just can’t start our day,
    Without coffee…or a hot latte…
    This puzzle hits the spot,
    And we’re glad that we got…
    Caffeine to help us on our way….☕️

    ☕️Morning coffee de rigueur for most,
    Lift a mug to our day as a toast…
    Be it black or with cream,
    It’s all a morning’s dream…
    And we’d be lost without every dose!☕️

    🤦🏻‍♂️Commuting is definitely a drain,
    Standing waiting outside for a train…
    And in winter? It kills,
    So the coffee?…A thrill…
    It alleviates traveling strain…🤦🏻‍♂️

    🚊It’s a waiting game, that is for sure,
    Until you get to enter the door…
    Of a train that was packed,
    As it came down the track…
    And you’re hoping it can fit one more! 🚊

    🚊So our vendor, she’s doing her best,
    And the riders I’m sure will attest…
    That her warm winning smile,
    Helps to shorten the miles…
    ‘Cause those train rides? They definitely cause stress! 🚊

  4. It’s thirsty Thursday ! And what better way to start the day as well as any day than a great cup of coffee !! This one was a tough one , two anagrams I had to look up , DISMAY and BUTANE ! The jumble didn’t click even after I studied the cartoon , and that’s no Java ! I really wanted to get this one because I go to my friends breakfast place for coffee almost every morning and have their coffee and see people I haven’t seen for a long time and they see me at other places all the time and they shake their heads and say wait a minute , weren’t you just at this place a wile ago ? Is this Groundhog Day? So I’m going there today with a t-shirt I had made with Bill Murray’s picture on it and it says Groundhog Day , “and you know where I’m going for coffee “ , I can’t wait to see their faces ! Sorry for the long story! It was perfect timing , just wishing I had gotten the answer ! Everyone have a great thirsty-Thursday and have a cup of coffee on Groundhog Day !!!!!

    • Wasn’t a blind solve day, for sure….a real late start due to ice storms…and no internet (but phone works). Angela picked one of my favorite songs… I’ll be humming that all morning.

      Just went about it the usual way…solved anagrams, pondered more than a few moments, then thought first word was BYE. as in saying goodbye at the station. That got corrected when I had an extra U to place somewhere. Hope y’all stay warm and cozy …an warm up with a cup of coffee !!

  5. Good morning. I had no trouble with the words but the cartoon answer was a different story. I couldn’t come up with anything so I took the high road and went to the source. It’s a good answer, I just had no clue. Enjoyed your song choice and your post which left me smiling. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Thank you…And always happy to give you a smile…Enjoy your day. Be well and stay safe out there… ☕️🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I thought the long second word in the cartoon was bystander, so then didn’t have a solution for the 3 letter first word . Sunny here so if there were a groundhog here, it would be 6 more weeks of winter.Bah Humbug!

  7. Clever puzzle this morning. “Purchased” led me to “Buy” and “Waiting on the train” led me to “Standers”. Good feeling when I can figure out those long ones. Chilly here this morning 48 degrees which is cold for us. I heard that Phil saw his shadow so it’s six more weeks of winter. Stay warm folks.

    • 48°? Chilly???? Puhleeze!!! 😂 Yes, Phil’s calling for winter, but the NY Groundhog, from the Staten Island Zoo, Chuck, went for Spring..so I guess it’s a toss-up! 😉🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Not surprised I got a rise out of you, Miss Angela. 48 degrees is probably balmy weather for you folks. You know that we on the West Coast are weather wimps. For your sake, I hope the New York Groundhog Chuck is right. I actually don’t know what Phil’s track record is.

        • 😂😂Not a rise really…more like a little nudge! 😂 But yes, we’d pay good money for 48°! Tomorrows and Saturday we’re being threatened with Zero °! 😱 As for Chuck? Who knows…Maybe it’ll be a compromise and we’ll shoot for 3 more weeks of winter…😂🙋🏻‍♀️

        • Yep, Staten Island Chuck! Google him! There’s some hilarious history with Chuck! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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