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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…💵COUNTING THEIR BLESSINGS!💵

    🎶 Well we’re movin’ on up to the east side…To a deluxe apartment in the sky…MOVIN’ ON UP…to the east side…We finally got a piece of the pie…🎶 “Movin’ On Up” – Ja’Net DuBois 1975 https://tinyurl.com/6kc26djt

    💵 What made them think to FORAGE in the basement we don’t know,
    But three bricks they removed and there the treasure trove did show…
    His Mom had hoarded money…and her wagon she did HITCH,
    To coffee cans for many years…not trusting a bank’s glitch…
    (I’m leaving OCTANE out of this, and SCARF I’ll do the same)
    They just don’t fit with this here theme…today money’s the game)…
    Our couple hit the jackpot by finding Mama’s stash…
    And now these golden years of theirs? Here’s to this CACHE OF CASH! 💵

    Three things we’ve definitely ESTABLISHED here…1-Mama definitely didn’t trust the banks…2-Mama definitely knew how to pinch a penny…and 3-Mama definitely enjoyed her coffee…most likely one with a very RICH taste…

    So…Today we find ourselves watching as our couple’s ship comes in…They’ve uncovered a treasure trove…6 coffee cans and a shoe box full of money…And our woman’s thinking …”Where have you BEAN all my life”?…CAN you believe it? …Talk about a CUP runneth over! That’s a LATTE money! BREW knew?…And now, figuring Mama must be gone…for these two a new kind of life may be just beginning…’Cause they found a CACHE https://tinyurl.com/4ukw7e9k OF CASH!…And we end the week with another puzzle that WENT DOWN EASY!

    And as far as the cans go…If they’re “real”, they’re before my time, because I don’t recognize them…Two of them show large exaggerated smiling faces with a cup of coffee…one shows a single cup…(could be a Maxwell House)…one reads “Cup O Joe” inside a cup, and the other two have their labels hidden. Could amount to a hill of BEANS, but if anyone recognizes them, please DRIP, I mean drop us a line…

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I’ll leave you with a little something that kind of touches on both of today’s themes…In a local coffee shop, there’s a tip jar on the counter, with a sign that reads…”Afraid of change? Leave it here”…💵🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 💵 Waiting for the bus while reading through the lesson on the OCTANE contents of gasoline, she needed to HITCH up her collar against the cold…and when she went to FORAGE through her backpack for a SCARF she was stunned to uncover a CACHE OF CASH that she’d forgotten about! 💵

    🧣She knew she’d need to FORAGE to find the SCARF of wool,
    Wearing it made her feel “high OCTANE”…her cup def runneth full…
    She’d HITCH it ‘round her neck three times…or wear it as a sash…
    And either way she’d feel as if she’d found a CACHE OF CASH!🧣

  3. It was a fun little Jumble this morning…just difficult enough to get the brain moving along. I did sense CASH could be part of the solve, then started solving anagrams and while unscrambling HITCH, the solution came to me. Continuing the anagrams, paused on OCTANE and backed that word in. Thanks for the coffee can history lesson…..in fact, remember the keys that came with coffee cans back then ?? I always enjoyed opening those for my folks, and especially hearing that whoosh of air, when twisting the key broke the seal !! Happy TGIF

  4. We’ll I can’t wait till next week jumbles , and looking for tomorrow’s cause todays cashed me out ! The anagrams were good except I didn’t have enough OCTANE to go through the FORAGE ! Had to cheat for those two , but the cold weather had me get out a SCARF and I tried to use a HITCH to solve the jumble , but I went bankrupt in the basement ! My patience tends to leave me at the end of jumble weeks , so I’ll stop complaining ! The song Angela was one of my favorites ! So I’m going to Move on up ! And do better ! Everyone have a great Friday and spend that CASH !!!!!!

  5. Good morning. Took some time but I was able to get everything. The cartoon answer was difficult and with the remaining letters CHCAE I used the app to come up with cache. Back in the late 80s a co-workers father had passed away and when he moved into his house and started to remodel he found over $100,00 in the wall he was tearing down. His father as well as himself were not married. Enjoyed the song as well as the show Angela. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you, happy you enjoyed it. Be well and stay safe out there…💵🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I cannot believe my eyes
    All this cash before me lies
    Hidden deep in the wall
    What more can befall
    We’re a couple of fortunate guys!

  7. A double loss, first octane stumped me then the cartoon as even cash was a no go.End of a rather successful Jumble week. Shouldn’t have bragged about my Jumble successes this week in a post yesterday.

    • It’s okay to bask in your successes Chuck. That’s what’s so fun about the Jumble. Just when a person figures “I’ve mastered it – he/she gets stumped”. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi! Just remember Tomorrow is
      Another Day!!

  8. Challenging puzzle. Octane tripped me up today even though we’ve seen it before. Was able to figure out Cash so Cache did follow but it took some work.

  9. Haha. Enjoyed solving this one. Once I stumbled upon the cache (from French cacher for “to hide”), then that revealed the hidden cash.

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