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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…🐝 HIVE I GOT A STORY FOR YOU! 🐝

    🎶 SWEETS for my SWEET..sugar for my HONEY…Your first sweet kiss thrilled me so…Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey…I’ll never ever let you go…🎶 “Sweets For My Sweet” – The Drifters 1961 https://tinyurl.com/bdenxtfe

    🐝They say a STITCH in time saves nine, work smart instead of hard,
    And it’s no TRIPE that it should be this colony’s calling card…
    They just might have an EMBLEM with a STITCH upon their caps,
    Or maybe it’s their mantra…buzzed in unison, perhaps…
    Strike while the iron’s hot for sure…but quality sublime?
    The latest buzz from the Queen Bee? They need take THEIR SWEET TIME! 🐝

    So…Queen BEE, with her daisy (a bee favorite) scepter, Jay-Z…and the rest of the boys…And once again we’ve a puzzle that’s hardly a STINGER…in fact, it took just a second to WORK ‘ER out…So I’ll make it short and SWEET…It’s all right there, Folks…in black and white…or yellow…No need to DRONE on and on because with this one it’s a quick BEEline to the solve…And I’m not POLLEN your leg…The best way to get quality honey? These bees need to take THEIR SWEET TIME! https://tinyurl.com/2f3xy4rp

    So…There you have it Folks…Done! Have a good one. BEE well, BEE kind, stay safe…and SWARM wishes to you all…🐝 🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🧵 They took THEIR SWEET TIME trying to TWEAK the new STITCH for the EMBLEM patches, and considered it TRIPE that it couldn’t be improved…🧵

    🤦🏻‍♀️They spoke about a recipe for TRIPE…red her faced turned,
    Her friend needed to TWEAK her cheek…her stomach it had churned…
    The EMBLEM of the cooking class, a cow…but no way did,
    She think the menu would include something so off the grid…
    Then on her side she felt a STITCH just looking at the slime…
    And she and her friend bolted hardly taking THEIR SWEET TIME…🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. What a way to end the week ! It was perfect to come after 2 days of tough thinking ones ! The anagrams were right there except for TRIPE ! I had to look it up ! I didn’t even know what it meant ! So I put a STITCH on the rest and it let me TWEAK them for a good EMBLEM of anagrams ! As for the jumble , i love anything that has honey in it ! I got the answer right away and I didn’t get stung by the bees ! It came to me pretty quick and they didn’t take THEIR SWEET TIME ! I think the Drifters were and excellent group ! Never heard the song , but was so fitting ! And yes this was a great end of the week jumble ! Everyone have a great weekend !!!!!!!

  4. We’re very familiar with the Drifters….but didn’t think we knew that song. Glory BEE, after a few notes, became recognizable. Out of the starting gates, SWEET came to mind; therefore, a blind solve was quickly on the way. Fairly easy anagrams followed to end up the week on a high note. See you on Sunday !!!

  5. Queen Bee is the one in the know
    Tells the bees to take it real slow
    For the top grade honey
    Brings in much more money
    And for them, that’s the best way to go!

  6. Good morning. Had very little trouble with the words. Tripe came to me right away because every once in awhile we had it for dinner and I hated it. It reminded me of eating those old sponges you don’t see anymore. It would make me gag at times. In our household you eat what was put in front of you. I’m actually glad we had to try everything, there is very little I don’t like. Some of my grandkids always refused certain foods like fish and I made them try just a little and to their surprise most of them like it. Getting back to the jumble at hand, I finally got a blind solve. I couldn’t bee leave it. Loved your song choice Angela. When I saw your choice it put a smile on my face. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Tripe. UGH! 🤮My Grandfather, Buon Anima, would cook it once in a while. And all of us grandchildren would run. Totally gross. I thought it was just an Italian thing…The song? Tk you. I take it out of the vault every once in a while…I enjoy listening to them. And you know I’m always happy knowing I gave you a smile…Have a good one. Be well and stay safe out there…🐝🙋🏻‍♀️( I had to go back and edit this…definitely need to trim the fingernails)! 😉

  7. Tripe? Never heard of it so didn’t think it was a word.Saw it was last used as an anagram in 2011! After guessing tripe, and even w the multitude of letters the cartoon was a virtual blind solve!

  8. Cute Jumble this morning. No problem with the anagrams or cartoon answer. I too thought tripe was just a yucky Italian thing but fortunately it wasn’t anything our family cooked.

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