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  1. ood Morning, Everyone…🌲🎶ASPEN A LONG, LONG TIME🎶🌲

    🎶 You stole the show of my heart without a doubt…Then the neon sign of my love went out…then my arms want you back, Baby…for another encore… 🎶 “Back by Popular Demand” – The Supremes & The Originals 1975 https://tinyurl.com/55pp8un9

    🌲The woman she loves Aspens, and she could feel her eyes,
    GLAZE over as she looks at them…much to her own surprise…
    They simply make her HAPPY, and this MELODY she hears,
    🎶Fir your eyes only🎶 (yes, the pun)…playing within her ears
    She’d love to DRENCH her garden…Aspens all across her land…
    And she’s glad she’s found them again …thanks to “POPLAR” DEMAND!🌲

    Ok…Let’s just get right to the ROOT of today’s puzzle…
    We’re at the ”Tree Nursery” where a woman is looking to purchase Aspens…An Aspen … https://tinyurl.com/mr2vtd47 is a POPLAR tree that grows at a fast rate, with height increases of more than 24″ per year….Which makes it very POPULAR to homeowners. So between our dialogue…”We’re RESTOCKING” = IN DEMAND, the giveaway words in our question…FAST GROWING…and the never disappointing telltale quotation marks? …I’ll just LEAF this here and call it a day…The trees were back by…”POPLAR” DEMAND!https://tinyurl.com/bpfzkc73 …This one was a breeze….

    And there’s a wagon, with just “Green Th” showing. I can’t put my finger on it…but I’m thinking…”Green THUMB”?

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and I’ll see ya back at the BRANCH…🌲🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🍩 They celebrated the reemergence of one of their best selling donuts, brought back by POPULAR DEMAND, and hoping to DRENCH the market with its sales, penned a MELODY titled “HAPPY GLAZE Are Here Again” to promote it…🍩🙋🏻‍♀️

    🎶 He saw her DRENCH the chicken, with some kind of a GLAZE,
    A MELODY went through his mind thinking of HAPPY days…
    When his Mom sang a little tune while cooking meals so grand…
    All favorites of his Father…they were in POPULAR DEMAND! 🎶

  3. Welcome Wednesday hump-day ! Todays jumble was smooth sailing , like yesterdays ! It made me HAPPY ! I wanted to sing a MELODY and im not gonna have a GLAZE in my eye if the weather is even a DRENCH ! Hello happy jumble ! Every time they are like this is by POPLAR DEMAND ! Even when it’s a tree POPLAR ! It just makes me ‘ branch ‘ out ! I didn’t even go out on a ‘ limb’ ! And I certainly was not ‘ barking ‘ up the wrong tree ! I loved todays jumble ! Everyone have a great Wednesday hump-day !!!!

  4. This puzzle passed me by in a whiz !!! All the anagrams were easy, but those letters facing me were so jumbled that I had to give up…Congrats to others who got the solve. Until Thirsty Thursday.

  5. Good morning. The words were a breeze as well as the cartoon answer. I had sort of a blind solve. I automatically said popular demand. Not realizing I had an extra letter in the first word. When I did the letters I realized it was poplar for the first word. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. If you’re searching for fast-growing trees
    For a hedge so that nobody sees
    Then the aspen will do
    Just watch how it grew
    And you can also enjoy its cool breeze!

    Well, maybe the aspen grows too tall to be an effective hedge,,,,,,,,but the leaves are lovely.

  7. An unusual easy Wednesday Jumble w a quick solve of the Anagrams and virtual blind solve of the cartoon. Fortunately I didn’t have a post election hangover.

  8. We were HAPPY yesterday when we saw the rain DRENCH the plants. I felt my eyes GLAZE over and a MELODY played in my head.

    It really did rain here yesterday, the most rain in a day here in SoCal since December! But still only 0.3 inches or so.

    POPLARs are rare to non-existant here.

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