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  1. Good Morning, Everyone …🦬 AND THIS AIN’T NO BULL! 🦬

    🎶Get your MOTOR RUNNIN’ ..Head out on the HIGHWAY..Like a true NATURE’S CHILD …you were born, BORN TO BE WILD…you can climb so high..never wanna die…Born to be wild…Born to be wild…🎶 “Born To Be Wild” – Steppenwolf 1968 https://tinyurl.com/mwcwkx4y

    🦬The definition of a Steer, I think most people know,
    So maybe that’s why he’s leaving…he’s feeling kind of low…
    He once was STRONG and virile…but now could he ENACT
    The things he did in life before?…Uh, no…he’d be off-track…
    (And RADIUS and EMCEE don’t work here on the ranch,
    I gave it my best shot…but finally said there’s just no chance)…
    The bottom line…our bovine here has no reason for cheering…
    And so we see he’s on the road…yes, it’s a sad STEER STEERING! 🦬

    So…ENACT. There oughta be a LAW, don’t you think? We’ve seen this word sixteen times before…HOOVE knows…🤷🏻‍♀️

    Ok, a Male Bovine…A STEER. https://tinyurl.com/2fykmdkx …(And notice how David avoided using the word)…Who I’ve named NO-AH…So what did the rancher tell poor Noah before…well, you know. …“Trust me, I wouldn’t STEER you wrong”? “You’ll get more rest now..you’ll be a BULLdozer”? “Don’t worry…it’ll raise your STEAKS”? Again, HOOVE knows. And we wonder why we see Noah deftly STEERING a car…off on a CATTLE DRIVE? We wonder why he’s got a BEEF with the whole thing? Well, let’s be honest..there’s more than MEATS the eye here….And I can’t blame him one BIT for wanting to STEER clear of the place…

    And as for Spin and Marty, the two ranchers,…with the slyly grinning HORSE…(he must SENSE something)…looking on incredulously? Let’s just CUT to the chase…With all this new-found down time…I guess Noah took driving lessons…I mean how much grazing can a poor steer do? I’m sure he was BOAR-ed to TEARS! And it was all just so NEUTER him…So yes, we have a STEER STEERING! …No BULL…literally…no BULL!

    …And as this all enfolds, three bulls can be seen way off in the background… past the arched gateway to the Jumble Ranch…

    And…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and this ENDS my TESTEment for today! 🎤 🦬🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. …AND IN OTHER WORDS…🔠🙋🏻‍♀️
    EMCEE: Last used – 07/19/21 https://tinyurl.com/2p9hj63d
    ENACT: Last used – 08/12/21 https://tinyurl.com/bdcmjy3f
    STRONG: Last used – 06/01/21 https://tinyurl.com/2s3azmm2
    RADIUS: Last used – 10/30/21 https://tinyurl.com/5n6r3k3x

    CEEEM: Used on – 07/19/21, 07/12/18
    CANTE: Used on – 01/15/21, 12/27/19, 12/27/18, 04/06/18, 11/24/17, 07/29/16, 06/28/16, 06/16/15, 05/04/15, 04/16/15, 12/06/03, 09/20/96, 02/24/89, 05/03/77, 04/07/60, 10/09/58
    DRSUIA: Used on – 10/30/21
    TNGORS – New

  3. 🤷🏻‍♂️ With RADIUS being the lesson for the day, he wanted a student with STRONG speaking skills to act as class EMCEE in order to ENACT examples, and felt he was STEER STEERING trying to pick someone adept enough…🤷🏻‍♂️

    🦬 The cattle needed to line up, to ENACT a good show,
    Chances not STRONG, the EMCEE thought, at this big rodeo…
    They needed a straight line…the RADIUS in play,
    But getting cattle to behave? There’s just no easy way…
    With everyone suggesting things he’s growing tired of hearing…
    “Do this, do that” …as if it’s easy to get a STEER STEERING! 🦬

  4. 🤷🏻‍♂️So poor Noah he woke up one day,
    And unfortunately he had no say…
    His keeper was in charge,
    So this bull strong and large…
    Now would lead life in a different way! 🤷🏻‍♂️

    🚘 On the ranch now he won’t be big man,
    So he figured he’d run while he can…
    Jumped in the rancher’s car,
    Noah hopes to go far…
    Or at least get to the nearest bar! 🚘

    🍺Drown his sorrows in a tall cold beer,
    Try to forget what happened back there…
    He’d heard …”Making the cut”,
    But now knows in his gut…
    It wasn’t something to bring cheer! 🍺

    👍🏻So glad now that he learned how to drive,
    It’ll help him now try to survive…
    His virility gone,
    Coulda been his swan song…
    But at least now he’s feeling alive…👍🏻

    🔪 Bottom line here…he’ll start a new life,
    Though he’ll probably not have him a wife…
    It’s ok in a way,
    He’ll have freedom each day…
    He just needs to stay clear of a knife! 🔪

  5. Though he thinks he’s a very fine steer
    And it seems he knows no fear
    What’s he hoping to gain
    Attention and fame
    And the envy of all his steer peers?

  6. Pretty easy blind solve this morning…It’s usually a giveaway when they use a substitute word (synonym) for the actual word in the puzzle…which led to STEER. Glad for the blind solve, because I had to back in RADIUS, and even had to ponder over that for a few minutes. Have a great start to the weekend. BTW, had to laugh about the CATTLE DRIVE !!! Good one, Angela.

  7. End of week Saturday ! I didn’t have the patience for this one ! I had to look up ENACT and RADIUS ! I remember that Radius was on from a previous jumble , 10/31/22 and I couldn’t get it then ! At least I’m consistent ! So I also looked up ENACT too ! I wanted to be strong ! I just wanted to be announced as a winner like an EMCEE would do ! But I had a “ battle with the cattle “ and didn’t see the male cow STEER STEERING ! So I’m going to get ready for next weeks jumble fun and say to this week ‘mooove’ over cause here I come ! Everybody have a great weekend Saturday !!!

  8. Slight pause at radius but other than that it was an easy solve. Cute puzzle. Don’t forget to “Fall Back” tonight. ⏰

  9. Enact gave me reason to pause then I was confusing bovine with a pig, but after realizing a bovine was a cow, it was a quick solve of the cartoon!

  10. This one is loaded with anagrams and shadow solutions – the second time that the Jumble answers let loose one of these anagram jungles. Yes it looks like a STEER STEERING, but I suspect his wheels are TIRES GREENEST. Lacking hands, the steer probably steers carefully; with TERSE STEERING. For if not then his horn could hit the steering column and RESET STEERING. What kind of fabric is the best for the car’s upholstery? Probably serge, since there has been some SERGE INTEREST. STEER alone has five anagrams including the three above and TREES (that’ll be the day when trees can drive) and ESTER. And I would like to use this Jumble to tell young people what to do by next Tuesday if they haven’t done so already, namely TEENS, REGISTER to vote!

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