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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🌊SO LOW…SOLO! 🌊

    🎶 What age would you call your prime?…I’VE BEEN AT THIS FOR A LONG TIME …That’s a point that I think I could use…I can’t make up another drawn out, vague excuse… And I just want to breathe, is that SO HARD TO BELIEVE?…🎶 “Hard to Believe” – Wallows 2022 https://tinyurl.com/yy7hcs2x

    🌊We all have ways of dealing with the TEDIUM of life,
    But as a rule don’t look for things that could just lead to strife…
    Avoiding HAVOC as a rule, seems like the way to go,
    Unless you’re like James Cameron…who plunged way down below…
    The thought to most…”Yikes! God FORBID…No THANK you…just no way”
    But obviously Cameron don’t play the way we play…
    To those people who entertain things like this I say…let ‘em…
    But I’m not one to understand…it’s way too HARD TO FATHOM! 🌊

    Ok…Just to scratch the SURFACE…a little reference…
    FATHOM – https://tinyurl.com/4tcx4atw Noun and Verb…and James Cameron… https://tinyurl.com/mryu4aew the man of the BOWER…I mean hour…and a puzzle commemorating the 10th Anniversary of his March, 2012 35,787 foot adVENTURE…

    So…Today’s solve may take some DEEP thinking, if you’ve never fathomed yourself using the word FATHOM. Is it a HARD one? Well, let’s just say maybe not as easy as we’ve recently seen…but you can still keep your head above WATER if you concentrate on the lector’s dialogue…and how he’s stressing how unFATHOMABLE Cameron’s FEET was…And here’s a very good article https://tinyurl.com/3wc52jb4 on it, WATER you’ve heard about it before or KNOT…I could explain it all in DEPTH, but I SINK it’s better if you take the plunge on your own,…Besides…DIVE got so much on my plate right now, I feel like I’m DROWNING…The BOTTOM line? Cameron reaching the Pacific’s DEEPEST point…all on his own? HARD TO FATHOMhttps://tinyurl.com/48hwkt6e

    …And at the ocean’s floor, two sea creatures…the one at left with a menacing mouth of teeth, and the other slithering by…But if you look real closely at the hatch of the vessel…you’ll see James’s smiling face…FATHOM that!

    So…There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well. Be kind. Stay safe…and I’m ready to SINK my teeth into the next puzzle…🌊🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🤦🏻‍♀️She always FORBID them from going through that closet, but despite it all, it was HARD TO FATHOM how the kids could have caused such HAVOC…and now she had her husband to THANK for saddling her with the TEDIUM of getting it all back in order…🤦🏻‍♀️

    🩼 The word FORBID a tricky one…and HAVOC it has caused,
    Some take it as a challenge…and rebel ‘gainst it because…
    It can break up the TEDIUM of day-in-day-out life,
    But just the same it also can be a path to some strife…
    He’ll THANK her now for warning him…he’s suffered just a spasm…
    How his leg isn’t broken though? It’s simply HARD TO FATHOM!

  3. Boy , todays jumble was one of the hardest and the anagrams were hard too ! I could only get one THANK you ! First off , when the movie Titanic came out , we had our son ! We were thinking of a name for him . I always wanted our son to share my name , James , but wanted it to be his middle name . So when they were talking about the Titanic and said James Cameron , we said that’s it, ! We turned it around and named him Cameron James ! So , here’s to you , son ! That was the one positive thing about todays jumble ! So let’s end the week on a good note ! Have a great Friday !!!!

  4. Tough day for a blind solve….and yes, paused a few seconds on an anagram or two. But…did solve it in fairly speedy fashion after anagrams completed. The Wallow’s ?? Hard to Believe?? Angela, if you’re happy; I’m happy !!! Amazing your song sources !! See you Saturday.

  5. I couldn’t get Tedium until I tried the ium ending. Because I had no ideas for the answer, I looked for 4-letter and 2-letter words. I found Hard, which worked with To, and then the expression came to mind. Wishing all a fun weekend.

    • Thanks for your help. After I found the “Hard to” I pulled out the other letters and found “fathom”

  6. Good morning. Even though Tedium took as long to get as the other three easy words combined, In hind sight I should have listed it as hardest which I now wish I did. Other than that moment of vanity, it was a successful completion. Not a blind solve but a speedy finish once I got all the letters down. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  7. With the posts, I was in good company being stumped by tedium , but after looking that up, the cartoon was a blind solve on a warming Friday here, w temps approaching the mid 70’s instead of the mid 40 highs we had earlier in the week.
    Go Astros!

  8. Had to put on my thinking cap 🧢today. Like others, I struggled with tedium finally seeing the ium ending. Studied the cartoon dialogue for a bit and eventually associated depth & fathom so it was a successful day after all but a bit of a workout. Happy Friday all!

  9. TEDIUM was the word that took the longest to solve. For the answer, I saw the letters, and guessed HARD TO FATHOM. So almost a blind solve.

    FATHOM is usually used in the context of understanding (or not). Here it has a double meaning, making it a fun answer.

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