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  1. Good Morning, Everyone….🦬 TALK IS…STEEP! 🦬

    🎶 YAKETY YAK…Yakety Yak…🎶 “Yakety Yak” – The Coasters” 1958 https://tinyurl.com/328vusce

    🦬 Some people have a natural KNACK for giving sound advice,
    Their ACTUAL sound reasoning more than throws of the dice…
    Today we see who’s usually referred to as a sage,
    Who sits upon the mountaintop and is known to engage…
    In profound conversation…offers a MEDLEY so diverse,
    But this scene…kind of YUCKY…’cause it’s going in reverse…
    The poor Ox made that long hard climb…and all he gets is flack?
    The wise old man? He won’t talk…but the visitor? YAKETY-YAK! 🦬

    Three Y’s, two K’s …and a “Shaggy haired Ox”?…SPEAKS for itself…no?

    This puzzle reminded me of the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine”, and The Wise Ass on the Hill. https://tinyurl.com/26u28m3f Portraying a grouchy, mean old man, like seen here, he’s a donkey who offers advice to those who climb the mountain…usually Pig and Rat. And what they receive after their arduous treks is on the same SCALE as what our YAK’s getting today…

    Ok…YUCKY. Yes, it’s a “real” word. And ACTUAL brought out the “creativity” of the Early Birds…Occult and Calcutta (Calcutta? 🤦🏻‍♀️) two of the things I HERD being SPOKEN…But as far as our solve goes? You GNU it right away, didn’t you?

    So…Our poor Yak…Now graced with the gift of gab, and after making that long trek up the mountain, we find him suffering the agony of de-FEET, whereas he was expecting an encounter he thought would be the PINNACLE of his life…Because instead of offering some SAGE advice, the SAGE BULLies him, calling him a GNUsance…and “SAYS” he’s taken a vow of silence! The irony! A paradOX!…And we’re faced with an extremely chatty Ox who’ll probably now be feeling the effects of SILLY-YAK Disease…the embarrassing bane of every overly vocal HAIRYed YAK. YAKETY-YAK?https://tinyurl.com/2p62cvue …Is being sent back! ANDES got to be feeling terribly OXtracized…

    So…There you have it, Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…and don’t be like our Yak here today, TREKked into thinking he’d find answers at the top of a hill….To SUMMIT all up? Stay GROUNDed…and away from grouchy old men that are YAK-tose intolerant…🦬🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 🎶YAKETY YAK🎶, the man was heard singing as they played a MEDLEY of 50s music…and they remarked that finally someone had an ACTUAL KNACK for carrying a tune…not sounding as YUCKY as some of the others…🎶

    🆗 He sat down with the Jumble…a MEDLEY of Y’s and K’s,
    And thought that so unusual…he knows…he plays each day…
    He definitely has a KNACK for it, in ACTUAL fact he’s tops,
    And failing to complete one?…Tantamount to YUCKY flop…
    But no need worry today…that aforementioned knack?
    Enabled him to easily see…the solve was YAKETY-YAK! 🆗

  3. What a way to end the week ! Todays jumble was wonderful ! I had no problem with any of the anagrams ! They were so musical , they were an ACTUAL MEDLEY ! That’s right , todays jumble was a KNACK of fun , and nothing about it was YUCKY ! The jumble with all those K’s and Y’s referring to the ox who learned how to speak was ready to YACKETY-YAK ! My song was the same match of yours Angela ! And please 🎵 don’t talk back 🎵 everyone have a great weekend !!!!!

  4. 🦬 So a Yak thought that he’d climb a hill,
    But it turned out to be real high…still…
    He stayed on the course,
    But too soon he was hoarse…
    ‘Cause all the way up words he spilled…🦬

    🦬 Spoke to himself…’cause it was new,
    This talking thing…so he did spew…
    Words just came and went,
    And the Yak was hell bent…
    On a vocabulary that grew! 🦬

    🦬 So determined to get to the crest,
    Where he heard was a man who was best…
    At giving advice,
    That the trek….worth the price…
    Of the long, hard and strenuous quest!🦬

    🦬 Finding that suddenly he could speak,
    The Yak figured he’d climb to the peak…
    Where a wise man did live,
    And he’d hopefully give…
    The Yak all the answers he did seek! 🦬

    🦬 But the sage turned the tables for sure,
    Saying, “Nope…I don’t talk anymore…
    Vow of silence I took,
    And now by hook or crook…
    There’ll be no further wisdom du jour”! 🦬

  5. The hermit meditates on a rock
    And prefers to avoid all talk
    Along ambles a yak
    And tries to distract
    While really just out for walk!

  6. I was looking for the word for that animal and it eluded me…so no blind solve for me this morning. Tackled the anagrams and it was easy after that. Saw the song…and thought for a minute it was also English comedian Benny Hill’s theme song, but looked online and saw his was Yakety-Sax. Anyway, great song pick from your oldies stack today.

      • Yes it did , as soon as I got the answer there was only one song ! And I was just reciting part of the verse ! Great comments !!!

  7. Good morning. At first I was taken back by the first two words and then I took a short break and a few spoonful of blueberries from my cereal and everything was hunky-dory. I breezed through the words and although it wasn’t a blind solve once I put the letters down, the answer was obvious as well as the chosen song for today. Nice going Angela, you didn’t disappoint me and I got a good laugh at your closing line as well. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you…And as always, you know I love giving you a laugh…Be well and stay safe out there…🦬🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. YAKETY-YAK. I wrote a poem Animalphabet a while ago featuring an animal for each letter of the alphabet. For Y I had:

    Y is for Yak
    He runs in a pack
    If you get close
    He’ll give you a whack.

    So that guy better not get too close. The Ys and Ks inhibit shadow solutions, but I did find KAEYTY-KAY, which sounds like KTK, which means the same thing as LOL. This was a YAKETY-YAK? KTK.

  9. Actual gave me reason to pause as did medley but having sorted those anagrams out the cartoon was s near blind solve despite being without a real paper newspaper and having to go online. On Saturdays my local papers don’t deliver a paper paper but only online editions.Yuck!

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