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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…. 🧹A GROUND SWELL…🧹

    🎶Oh Baby it’s you…you’re always up and front and AHEAD OF THE GAME…🎶 “Ahead Of The Game” – Gary Kemp 2021 https://tinyurl.com/4kf99zpf

    🧹 He used to be a GROCER, but his dream job was in sports,
    So he was MADLY happy when they asked him to report…
    Now hired as a groundskeeper, the turf and all its sprawl,
    Looked beautiful as if it had been covered in a SHAWL…
    He’d FORAGE for the best products to keep the grounds top-notch,
    And he took pride in knowing there’d be nothing he would botch
    Behind the scenes he toiled, and to him it had its fame…
    A man content…and always feeling AHEAD OF THE GAME! 🧹

    …Now this one was a CLEAN SWEEP today…Easy, breezy words we’ve seen BEFORE…and a solve that was easily HIT OUT OF THE PARK..If anything, I’d say maybe GROCER posed a little FOOD for thought, since two of the Early Birds AT FIRST had a SWING AND A MISS…but quickly GOT A GRIP ON IT…

    So…Groundskeepers tend the grounds of a Stadium BEFORE each game…AHEAD of it..And our question’s telling us that these two here today finished earlier than usual…they’re AHEAD of time…A DOUBLE PLAY on words… but no matter how you chose to FIELD it…to make a LAWN story short?…This crew was…AHEAD OF THE GAME! https://tinyurl.com/bdepschb …And we’ve chalked up another one for the WIN column!

    And as for the the third member of the Jumble crew (identified by the logos on their caps and polos), seen in the backGROUND still working at chalking out the batter’s box, if you look real closely you can tell by the look on his face that he’s feeling a little pressure doing CATCH up…

    So… There you have it Folks…Done. Have a good one. Be well, be kind, stay safe…And come to think of it, I probably can be called a GROUNDSKEEPER too…I drink a lot of coffee..and I keep the grounds to fertilize my garden…🧹🙋🏻‍♀️


  2. 💕Deciding to FORAGE through the attic, she felt so AHEAD OF THE GAME when she came across the beautiful old SHAWL that supposedly caused her Father, the GROCER, to fall MADLY in love with her Mom…💕

    💁🏻‍♂️The GROCER had a good life, even though his hours were long,
    And yes some things annoyed him…like when patrons acted wrong…
    Some would FORAGE through the produce, rather MADLY in a way,
    One woman in a red SHAWL seemed to do it every day
    But all in all, the corner store that for years bore his name…
    Had served him well, and most times he felt AHEAD OF THE GAME! 💁🏻‍♂️

  3. 👍🏻Taking pride in the task that’s at hand,
    This crew does a great job with the land…
    They’re efficient and quick,
    Their system does the trick…
    For the field’s always looking quite grand! 👍🏻

    🧹Guaranteeing ‘fore every first pitch,
    Things will go off without any hitch…
    The field appears pristine,
    Thanks to Bob and Christine…
    And we’ve turf that’s looking lush and rich! 🧹

    ⚾️ With a system that’s second to none,
    They make short of the job once begun…
    Stay ahead of the game,
    Seems to be the crew’s aim…
    And they finish off with baseball puns! ⚾️

    👍🏻 Most fans when we come to see a game,
    Only care for the team’s claim to fame…
    But we should think of too,
    Giving Groundskeepers due…
    ‘Cause they definitely live up to their name…👍🏻

    ⚾️ Days ago we had similar fare,
    With a puzzle dealing with turf care…
    It was groundskeeping then,
    And it’s here once again…
    Baseball’s on someone’s mind…that’s quite clear! ⚾️

  4. Well hello thirsty-Thursday ! And a toast to a fun and entertaining jumble like the rest of the week’s, except for yesterday’s ! I found the FORAGE of all the past fun jumbles and it was a good feeling ! The weather is starting to cool down and I’m not going to wear a SHAWL ! I will MADLY put on a sweater or jacket ! So after I pick up a few items at the GROCER , I will feel that I am AHEAD OF “ THE “ GAME ! A smooth , fun , and entertaining jumble today ! Loved it ! So I’ll take my glass of tea and toast to you for todays jumble ! Everyone have a great thirsty-Thursday !!!!!!

  5. Well, if Angela says it makes sense, I’ll go with it, but it seems today’s Jumble just wasn’t blind solve material, for me, anyway. All the anagrams fit together nicely, even GROCER…and then the cartoon puzzle was dispatched with ease (with letters in hand). I first pulled out GAME…and then OF. Voila !!

    Not familiar with the song, but the title is so, so apropos. See you TGIF

  6. I tried to figure out Grocer on paper but ended up having to back in. There weren’t many two-letter possibilities, which helped me find Of and then Game.  Wishing all a very good day.

  7. Good morning. I was stuck on shawl and had to look it up. The cartoon answer wasn’t a problem once I put all the letters down. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  8. A bit of a pause at grocer here but, like Caroline, the two letter combination tipped off the rest of the answer. Happy First Day of Fall! 🍁 🍂

  9. I was “MADLY” in love with my new “SHAWL” that I was actually able to knit by myself – it was so cozy to wear as I had to “FORAGE” the isles at the “GROCER” to find the things I needed that were in my budget – then I can be “AHEAD OF THE GAME” ! Challenging puzzle today, but still so much fun – until tomorrow, everyone have a sunny Fall day !🌞

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